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Isis Pyramid (+Pi Ray) Healing


THANK YOU to our clients and patrons for sharing your success stories and inspiring us with your results.

I was alone at home when I suddenly felt really down and weak. A few moments after I felt feverishly hot and started getting chills. I felt ill and dehydrated. Not knowing what to do, I called Kim for help and she performed remote Isis Pyramid Healing on me from her home.  Within a minute, I stopped shivering, and another minute after my symptoms began to clear. In 15 minutes, my body temperature normalized and was able to take a good rest. Thank you, God, for giving me an opportunity to experience the wonders of this method through Kim!

HB, Philippines

After the Isis Pyramid Healing 3 weeks ago, nothing really peculiar happened to me - no physical detox reaction like most have experienced, no change in my psychological or emotional state, nothing. A few days ago, I even asked myself "Did it work for me?" I wondered. Every now and then since, the result of the reading will come into my mind and pass like any other thought. But nothing was really happening. OR so I thought...until the wee hour this morning, when I had AMAZING revelations... my mind was in turbo mode... in a span of minutes, I felt I truly understood my life. I was like a distant observer witnessing my Higher Self reconcile the readings, lectures, travels, and various experiences in my life. I felt such magic inside me as age-old-personal-puzzles were put together on their own, revealing answers to many of my life's questions. The meaning of my past life reading with Monette during the Isis Pyramid Healing was brought to my inner sight in crystal clarity of its very essence. To rewind, during the Isis Pyramid Healing, the Masters & Teachers only revealed one past life to me and then Monette told me, "That is all they want to express for now and they want you to digest it (or reflect about it) for a week or so. I have to admit, I felt teeny weeny bit short-changed by such seeming lack of generosity from the Masters not to give me a bit more. But then remembering some reverberating phrases Monette channeled to me during the session that surely only those who can read my mind would know, I settled with the idea that "This past life just revealed to me must be of immense importance to me that they are asking me to sit on it for a week. I should trust the message, after all they know better." And indeed so! Experiencing more light within, I now know that when I thought nothing was happening after the Isis Pyramid Healing, I was blinded by a low-vibration-expectation because in fact, something, no...A LOT of things happened: an array of synchronicities!

DJ Porlares, Denmark

I wanted to share my experience on the three Isis Pyramid Healings that were performed on me. The first Isis Pyramid Healing I received was done in a group setting of roughly 7 people and I really did not feel any shift in energy. The second and third Isis Pyramid Healing I received were very profound. These healings were done on a one on one session. Both times I was just sitting and relaxed in meditative posture. It took about 10 minutes. I was so amazed at the results. The cocoon of  warmth, comfort, and overall well being energy, lasted long after the session was over. I felt I was in an egg of energy while I was walking around afterward. I have had Reiki done on me for an hour and this still wasn't as strong as the 10 min Isis Pyramid Healing. The Isis Pyramid Healing energy has an intelligence of its own.  I felt it went directly to my personal issues that I was working on and was praying for help with. It definitely lifted me to a higher, happier state. It brought me to a better place, which was my prayer request.  When I used to have my Reiki sessions I would usually become very spaced-out. I haven't experienced any spaced-outness with the Isis Pyramid Healing. I hope this experience has given some information on what an Isis Pyramid Healing feels like.

G. Jafer, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

When I heard about Isis Pyramid Ancestral Healing I felt drawn to experience it. I remember I couldn't really pinpoint the issue... like wanting to ask a question but not really knowing what. As i went through the experience, images and messages came to me. That really resonated. Scenes of not standing up for oneself for the sake of politeness... living in shame afterwards. I remember being in a place of healing where I felt pride, honor, celebration, and the feeling that I’m not alone. That the battles I face are worth fighting for... I remember feeling a slight warmth in my chest, as if I had just won a big battle. The fight is far from over... but the celebration and victory gives us renewed spirit.It’s been about a week since the experience. I noticed a shift in me, and I'm still shifting. Looking back at the week, I could say I’ve become a bit braver. I decided to dive into certain tasks, projects that I’ve been avoiding or else tip toeing around. There were times when I found myself feeling anxious, as if some questions are bugging me. And then there are sudden times when I get back that slight feeling of warmth in my chest.

This is my experience of Isis Pyramid Healing. Others will experience differently. If you, or any part of you, is drawn to experience this healing… don’t let anything stop you from doing so.

Alvin Baldovino, Meta Coach, Philippines

There is a feeling of urgency to cut the limiting belief from my old self being passed from my ancestral lineage up to now. Sometimes, it leads me to doubt the truth. I get confused and suppressed thoughts that tend me to underestimate the gift I have. After the Isis Pyramid Healing, I sensed a new program was replaced inside of me. It is amazing when it brings back some past issues that have to be resolved. A little drama came to surface again. But this time, I learned to let go of the pain easily. It was just nothing to me anymore. The sense of freedom and ability to express the feelings of creativity came naturally to me. Of course, a little bit of detox occurred also. I just let all the toxins out. No worries as I am now fully rehydrated. I also love the part of knowing my ancestors on how it all started. It was pretty exciting and awesome because I don’t know anything about my ancestral history too. Now, I feel great and always ready to be surprised. +Pi-ray Healing is really highly recommended to everyone!

Lizette Jocson, Philippines

My Experience with +Pi Ray Healing: I am a Psycho-trauma Worker for 15 years now. As a co-journier with people who have heavy burdens I tried to equip myself on different debriefing strategies and negative energy releases so as not to absorb my clients emotional pain. But 15 years is 15 years, I breathe and live Psychological Trauma and somehow remnants of energy are left in my aura not to mention my own emotional challenge (the death of my husband). David Montecillo talked to me about +Pi Ray-it having a faster effect than with what I usually do with energies. He said we could do it online. Trusting the process, I saw David doing hand gestures that were intended for me. +Pi Ray lasted a few minutes and I was surprised because I didn’t know that I was carrying a big block of emotions on my back and it was lifted! I felt light and relieved! I recommend that you try +Pi Ray!

Cherrie Rañeses, Philippines (2018)

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