Philosopher's Stone Activation

Philosopher's Stone & The Great Work of Alchemy

For many centuries, the Philosopher’s Stone was the most sought-after goal in Western Alchemy. Alchemists believed that it is possible to transmute impure metals into gold by means of a legendary alchemical substance called the Philosopher's Stone. The alchemist himself was to live through the transmutation process, known as The Great Work, and metamorphose into the Philosopher’s Stone. 

What is the Philosopher's Stone?

In psycho-spiritual alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone, said to grant immortality, is a quintessence permitting intelligent evolution from a lower state of imperfection and vice into a higher state of enlightenment and perfection. In a spiritually elevated person, the Stone brings miraculous powers such as rejuvenation, transmutation, transfiguration, reviving dead plants, or the ability to heal illness and prolong life.


It is said, “The Stone is a blessing beyond all blessings upon Earth... given to but a very few, and to those few rather by revelation of the good angels of God than the proper industry of man."  Efforts to discover the Stone were known as the Magnum Opus, the “Great Work.”

MAGNUM OPUS: The Great Work of Alchemy


The Great Work is a 7-stage process of internal alchemy and metamorphosis.  It follows a 7-step formula in transforming the self, as described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.



In Physical Alchemy, this is the initial breakdown of a base metal, using fire to remove impurities.

In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, this is the stage of self-awareness marked by the constant activity of watching one’s interior world, with the consequence of breaking down what is false, retaining only what is true and pure. It is the breaking down of the ego-self.


In Physical Alchemy, the ashes from Calcination are dissolved in water.

In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, this is the stage of deep-dive into one's dark side (e.g., the rejected part of self, called "the Shadow") for self-purification. Jungian Shadow Work and Romancing the Shadow are examples of this.


In Physical Alchemy, the components of Dissolution are isolated and separated by filtration. Any disingenuous or unworthy material is discarded. 


In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, the alchemist is sorting truth from falsehood, breaking breaking down what is false, taking away impurities, and discarding what no longer serves his spiritual self. An example of this interior activity would be sorting one's values to determine which ones are negotiable and which are not.


In Esoteric Alchemy, this is the stage of sorting one's internal elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), using Spirit as guide and filter to keep the internal elements separate and pure.


In Physical Alchemy, this is the recombination of the saved elements from Separation into a new substance.


In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, this is the stage of Self-realization (the beginning stage of God-realization). The alchemist begins to see the Oneness in all things during peak experiences of enlightenment and bliss. Therefore, he accepts Oneness as the only true reality. Duality appears illusory and unreal to him. He is largely unconscious of his own dualism and internal splits. His Shadow side is either ignored, repressed or denied, and covered up (masked) with spiritual activities such as meditation.


In Esoteric Alchemy, Conjunction is a stage of learning how to bring together one's polarities and periodicities in Sacred Union so that the alchemist's Channel of Grace opens.


In Physical Alchemy, this is the growth of bacteria in an organic solution.

In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, the Self-realized alchemist now finds himself exposed to numerous catalysts (bacteria), both internally and externally. As the enlightened alchemist takes in increasing amounts of Divine Light, the contrast between his light and dark sides is magnified, and his internal battles intensify. It becomes increasingly obvious to the embattled alchemist that his internal separations (his polarization) can no longer be ignored, repressed, denied or rejected. Any illusions or pre-conceived notions he may have had about the nature of Oneness start to decompose.


In Physical Alchemy, this is the purification of a fermented solution by boiling and condensation. Distillation is a powerful process to purify a compound by separating it from a volatile component.

In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, the enlightened but embattled alchemist undergoes agitation and sublimation of the self, which is necessary to ensure that no deeply submerged falsehoods and impurities from a delusional ego are incorporated into the next and final stage of Sacred Union. Any remaining unconscious separations in the enlightened/embattled alchemist are exposed and reconciled in consummating union, resulting in a non-volatile, unpolarized nature. An example of this would be uniting the inner Christ and inner Judas, which neutralizes any volatile reactions toward external betrayers.


In Physical Alchemy, this is the precipitation or sublimation of the purified ferment from distillation. 


In Psycho-spiritual Alchemy, the distilled lower self and Higher Self/God become ONE. The enlightened, unpolarized alchemist is free of corporeal ignorance and has unified his dualistic consciousness. Whereas in the Conjunction stage he may see duality as an illusion, that is now replaced with an enlightened understanding of duality's usefulness, and it's place in Oneness

He is consciously one in his interior world, consciously one with external other-selves, consciously one with all Creation. He has a sense of immortality-not a conviction that he will achieve it but an awareness that he already has it. Adam has finally realized Adam Kadmon, that is to say, the human has finally recognized his likeness with God. 


The God-realized alchemist is the full embodiment of the Philosopher’s Stone, and he contributes to the map of enlightenment AS the Philosopher’s Stone. In the eyes of Heaven, his contribution to humanity is thunderously important. In contrast to 7 billion polarized human beings on earth who emanate light like incandescent bulbs, he who is the Philosopher's Stone emanates unpolarized light like the sun. Hence, he is a "light unto nations" in the truest sense of the word, for he brightens a dark world in a way that 7 billion incandescent bulbs cannot do.


In Esoteric Alchemy, this is the stage of consummate God-realization. The subtle light body of the God-realized alchemist has coagulated, solidified and crystallized to a diamond-hard finish. The lasting result, his diamond light-body, is the Philosopher’s Stone. God Names cover all the orifices of this battle-seasoned alchemist. God Names are affixed on his breastplate. He is now one of the 144,000.

"When man has completed within himself the Great Work, when the number 144,000 is seen as symbolizing his point-of-attainment, then he can stand before God." ~ Alice A. Bailey

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Activation of the Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone is activated in the Diamond Lily Activation (to a lesser degree in the Iridescent Lily Activation) to facilitate the Great Work


The first four steps of the Great Work take place "below," in the realm of matter and lower body-mind. The last three steps of the Great Work take place "above," in the realm of higher heart and higher mind. The final step, and meritorious achievement of the Great Work, is to BE the Philosopher's Stone in whom the forces of "above" and "below" come together as one.