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Kundalini is a spiritual fire energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is aroused. Sometimes referred to as "serpent power," once it is awakened, the fire begins to rise up the spine, leading to awakening of psychic abilities and higher levels of spiritual consciousness.


If the Kundalini is awakened without sufficient preparation and purification, it's fire power can potentially cause damage to the physical body, emotional body and nervous system. It could deeply disturb the psyche of a truth-seeker, cause disorientation, confusion or even insanity. Not just anyone is able to activate the Kundalini safely. Real harm to a person can result if activation is done improperly or incorrectly. 

Kundalini awakening is just an intermediate step in the human evolutionary process, but an indispensable one. Anyone who chooses to evolve cannot escape it. More and more people are experiencing the awakening of their Kundalini. However, without a Lily Activation, the Kundalini experience is a life-long, arduous, and agonizing process.

As the Kundalini fire rises up the spine, it meets "road blocks", i.e., energy blockages along its path. In majority of cases, these "road blocks" have caused tremendous physical, emotional and mental problems in it's wake. Kundalini problems can go on for decades or a lifetime. This is not the case, however, with people who are Lily-activated.

Our Kundalini activation is a special dispensation from Source that is done for you by God.

Instead of going through a life-long, trial-and-error process of Kundalini awakening, it is done for you by God in one-sitting, so that you can move on to the next stage of evolution. The next stage, a permanent Antahkarana, is also taken care of by God. God's Kundalini and Antahkarana activations are complete, safe, 100% error-free, problem-free and, thankfully, pain-free. I


The Lily Activation provides a time-saving service by accelerating the evolution of your Kundalini without trial and error. If you have pre-existing Kundalini problems, the Lily Activation can repair them.


Thousands of people have had their Kundalini awakened or repaired by a Lily Activation without a hitch.

For more on Kundalini, you can read Kundalini: Awakening to the Treasure Within by Sadhguru.


As wonderful as it is to have a complete and fully evolved Kundalini, your Lily Activation does not stop there.

Lily Activation Goes Beyond Kundalini

In a Lily Activation, decades of Kundalini evolution are compressed into a few minutes. Not only does a Lily Activation activate the Kundalini and clear the road blocks, it fast-forwards your evolution until the next level of transcendence is reached: a permanent Antahkarana. This unique feature of the Lily Activation surpasses all other methods of Kundalini activation in the market today.

The Kundalini + Antahkarana are the missing links to man's ultimate connection with God.


Ordinary humans connect to God through meditation, prayer, reading the Word of God, vegan diets, yoga, etc. All of them provide a connection to G-d akin to a TV antenna reception. It's analog reception.

A cable-connection to God can be built through specific meditation practices. However, the connection is temporary. After the meditation, the cable-connection is gone.


A permanent Antahkarana, on the other hand, can be likened to an HDTV cable-connection to God using fiber optic technology. This is what the Lily Activation provides. Vastly different and way more advanced than the old TV antenna.


The Antahkarana allows Divine Fire to intermingle with your Kundalini Fire. The intermingled force circulates, unobstructed, through all Kundalini channels, meridians, and all major and minor chakras, engulfing the truth-seeker in enlightenment.

Whereas Kundalini is the winding staircase to enlightenment, a permanent Antahkarana is the express elevator.

Among ordinary humans, a permanent Antahkarana is still an extremely rare occurrence. Among Lilies, however, a permanent Antahkarana is standard issue.

As wonderful as it is to have a complete and fully evolved Kundalini and Antahkarana, your Lily Activation does not stop there.

In a Lily Activation, the Kundalini opens the Arc of the Covenant!

At the base of the skull is a doorway to the Ark of the Covenant, called the Seat of Mercy. This doorway remains closed to the unprepared and uninitiated.


In a Lily Activation, the doorway to the Seat of Mercy is opened so that the Kundalini can flow unimpeded to the brain, skull and fontanelle. This, in turn, opens the thousand-petalled lotus in the crown chakra permanently, resulting in a perpetual experience of peaceful bliss, and the beginning of exponential ascent to full-fledged enlightenment.

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