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Antahkarana Activation


for Continuity of Consciousness

Antahkarana (variations: antakarana, antankarana, antaskarana) is a line of light (see Figure 1) that connects your "lower personality" to your Higher Self.


According to Alice Bailey, the Antahkarana "facilitates the stream of flow of consciousness and produces that continuity of consciousness, or that sense of unimpeded awareness, which will negate all sense of separateness, and make a man responsive in his brain consciousness to impressions coming to him from higher spiritual realms or from the Mind of God. Thus he will be more easily initiated into the purposes and plans of the Creator."


The importance of the Antahkarana in spiritual development cannot be underestimated. If Kundalini is the stairway to Divine Source, Antakharana is the express elevator.  Without the Antakharana, according to Torkom Saraydarian, "one can never advance on the path of perfection and bring treasures of higher realms to this world."

In his book "Aura: Shield of Protection and Glory," Saraydarian explains: "If a crack exists between the lower and higher minds, you are in total confusion between what is abstract and what is concrete; you are a mentally-suspended being who is neither in contact with heaven nor the world. Thousands of such people are found in various yoga groups, churches and so-called New-Age groups . . . When there is a crack between the Intuitional Plane and the Mental Plane, you are the best customer for psychiatrists and a ripe candidate for an asylum. Hallucination results from such a crack . . . Our advancement depends upon creating a passage between the planes so that our consciousness can travel in any plane without creating problems.  Such a passage is called the Antahkarana, the Golden Bridge, or Continuity of Consciousness."


Presently, majority of humans do not possess an Antahkarana, and the likelihood of them developing a permanent Antahkarana in one lifetime is practically nil.  



In just one sitting, a PERMANENT Antahkarana can now be activated in truth-seekers who undergo a Lily Activation. It happens through a special dispensation of Grace wherein God is the activating force. The Antahkarana of a Lily can be likened to a "direct HDTV cable connection" to his Higher Self, Monad and God. It grants him Continuity of Consciousness which he can use immediately, all the time, for a lifetime.

Figure 1: Antahkarana

Figure 2: the aura photo above was taken after a lady received a White Lily Activation in 2005. The Antahkarana appears as a vertical, white line of light in the middle of the photo (see red arrow).

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