Woke up one morning with a migraine headache that lasted till evening. Joined Kim for dinner in a restaurant. She performed a 3-minute God-consciousness Healing and my headache began to fade. Within 15 minutes the headache was completely, utterly gone! Then, in less than a minute, prosperity, good fortune and manna poured from Heaven in the form of complimentary dishes and special, sweet candies from the establishment.   


~ Sherab Chosang, Feng Shui Consultant

God-consciousness Healing

Healthcare Advisory


God-consciousness Healing is subtle but pure and highly potent. It may trigger peak spiritual experiences such as divine revelations, earth-shaking epiphanies, or miraculous healing. These are symptoms of spiritual awakening that needs to be balanced with proper education, grounding, and counseling. Consult a spiritual counselor to help you balance your spiritual experiences with practical realism. See a medical professional for your physical healthcare needs.