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Last Updated: August 28, 2019

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As ethical professionals of The Lily and Beyond DBA One Brotherhood Chapter, we take our responsibilities seriously. When conducting official business, we are responsible for our own free will choices, but we are not and cannot be responsible for the free will choices of others. We cannot control you, hence, we cannot be responsible for your success or failure when you use information from this website, follow our advice, or avail of Our Assistance. You alone are responsible for your results.

Therefore, we are not liable for damages arising from your free will choices, decisions, expectations, actions, omissions, or consequences therefrom, at any time, under any circumstances.

We do not make any assurances or guarantees as to any financial outcome based on the use of our website or through Our Assistance.

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The testimonials we use are success stories of our clients. Although such testimonials are true and authentic, they are not assurances or guarantees that you will get the same or similar results. Testimonials are meant to showcase what the best, most motivated clients have accomplished with our help. Not all testimonials reflect average or typical results. Individual results vary.

Results vary for each individual due to factors beyond our control-such as your free will choices. We facilitate client achievements but we do not cause them. Client achievements are caused by client's motives, inner work, commitment, consistency, spiritual alignment, and follow-through.

Our information, advice, and Assistance are not substitutes for medical, legal, financial, investment or healthcare services and advice.  For all such needs, please consult qualified professionals in those fields for their expertise and counsel before acting on anything related to a lifestyle change, health, business or finances.

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