Akashic Master Keys Workshops

Learn To Read Vibrations, Learn To Read Your Book of Life

How To Read Your Own Book of Life

Akashic Level 1 Basic Training

Our Akashic Level 1 class gives participants an easy, simple way to communicate with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTL) of the Akashic Records by means of a sacred prayer, within an atmosphere of the Creator's unconditional love. We will work with the art of asking questions and translating the wisdom received from the Akashic field of information, with a focus on learning how to read one's own Book of Life. Class size limited, on a first come first served basis, so enroll early.

How To Read the Book of Life for Others

Akashic Level 2 Intermediate Training

PRE-REQUISITE: Akashic Level 1 Basic Training

Our advanced training offers participants rich opportunities to communicate consciously and directly with the Akashic Field for others. You will be coached through challenging scenarios when reading the Akashic Records for someone else. You will be shown how an Akashic Records consultation can be skillfully used to balance, uplift and empower another amidst an atmosphere of unconditional love and divine compassion. Class size limited, on a first come first served basis, so enroll early.

Metatron's Palace Retreat

Akashic Intuition Accelerator Program

PRE-REQUISITE: Akashic Level 2 Intermediate Training

Metatron's Palace is the highest level of Akashic Records there is. Metatron describes this retreat/workshop as "a journey with the Infinite Consciousness that created the universe, leaving you with keys to the universe in your pocket." This retreat/workshop offers attunements, recalibrations, alignments, upgrades, and after-effects that will reverberate long after you leave the classroom.


In this retreat, your aura bodies will be aligned so that you can access the planetary records and uppermost levels of Akasha, including the Mind of God. The proper alignment of aura bodies required for access of planetary records normally takes soul-times to achieve (one soul-time is equal to numerous lifetimes), but in this retreat the proper alignment will be done for you by the Lords of Akasha. This alone makes our retreat an exceptional value with everlasting returns on your investment. 


TARGET AUDIENCE: For Lilies only, especially those with high level missions impacting many people. Consult your Akashic Records to see if this program is right for you.

PRELIMINARY SCREENING: applicants are required to perform a 1-hour Akashic Reading for the Akashic Instructor to determine whether or not each applicant qualifies. Applicant will receive a consolation prize from the Lords of Akasha whether or not he passes screening, thus, making this screening a win-win proposition.

Class size limited, on a first come first served basis, so enroll early.

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How To Read the Mind of God

Intuition Accelerator Advanced Program

Pre-requisite: Metatron's Palace Retreat

Train to Be an Akashic Adviser

Akashic Level 3 Advanced Training

Pre-requisite: Metatron's Palace Retreat

Train to Be an Akashic Mentor/Coach

Akashic Level 4 Advanced Training

Pre-requisite: Train to Be an Akashic Adviser

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MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Katherine "Kim" Lopa

No liquor or recreational drugs 36 hours before a workshop (prescription drugs acceptable).


Metatron's Palace Akashic Accelerator Program put me in another level of consciousness. Now that I have learned to connect and communicate with God through this Accelerator Program, it has been incredible to just sit and have a personal conversation with Him whenever I choose to. Absolutely incredible! To be in connection and constant communication with Him permanently cannot be put into words. Pure bliss.  ▪︎ Name Withheld

Our Akashic Master Keys workshops teach people without psychic abilities how to read the Book of Life.  You will learn how to access the Akashic Records by means of a sacred prayer. Students are guided step-by-step to read this vibrational archive, within an atmosphere of the Creator's love.