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Guanyin Core Light Healing


THANK YOU to our clients and patrons for sharing your success stories and inspiring us with your results.

My life changed on October 16, 2013 when I attended my first Guanyin Core Light Healing session. I knew the Masters were there before the official opening of the session.  It felt like they were waiting for me.  I was so amazed by the powerful energy. I felt renewed and had increased desire to move forward with my life.  After my second session, I felt even better.  Each session brought new excitement with so much peace, love and joy that I decided to become a Lily!  During my third Guanyin Core Light Healing session, the energy on my organs felt so different and powerful.  The Masters knew how painful my “condition” was and how much I wanted it to be resolved. The power of this healing session was great and I felt at ease. One week after my third Guanyin Core Light Healing session, I had a follow-up ultrasound.  The test took longer than the previous one because the technician couldn’t find what had been previously diagnosed.  I knew then that I WAS HEALED!  December 20, during a follow up consultation with my doctor, he compared the results from the previous ultrasound to the recent one and then stated, “The medication worked.”  I responded, “NO, I WAS HEALED!!!!”  He asked me, “You don’t think the medication healed you?” Once again, I responded, “NO, I was healed by the grace of God and the Masters.”  Thank you so much to those in the Lily Community who helped me.  I appreciate everything you have done for me.  I love you all and wish you many blessings.  May the Masters, angels and the rest of the Guanyin's Intergalactic Healing Team arrange even better things for this upcoming year and beyond.  Namaste.

Jessie M. Flores, Miami, FL, USA

I want to share something remarkable that happened to my autistic child. Usually, he just draws lines and meaningless squiggles. After the Guanyin Healing, he drew on a piece of paper and pointed to it, saying, "Eyes! Eyes!" When I looked, he had drawn eyes, a nose and a mouth! It was big and distorted but still!!! Later on, he said, "Snake! Snake!" He was saying the diagonal lines he had drawn were snakes! This is unusual so it excited me! Too bad he cut up the paper; I should have saved it. Kids with autism usually have trouble with 'pretend' play. Its a thing that makes them different from their peers who can play 'house-house' or 'tea time.' Well, awhile ago, he got a strip of paper he had cut, put it around his wrist and said, 'Bandage.' He put another strip of paper on his head, saying the same thing. It amused me and delighted me to suddenly see him doing 'pretend' play. I do believe the Guanyin Healing helped him and I'm excited for the next one! Thank you!

Edlyn Kalman, Manila, Philippines

I became seriously ill with an incurable, terminal disease called Amyloidosis. It was touch and go for a while (9 months) and I did not know enough, well, as in truly trusted my own powers to connect to Source. I went through chemotherapy for 6 months out of fear and doubt. Luckily, I also received many Guanyin Healings until I finally shifted within and released all doubt and fear. So here I am, 10 months later, in complete remission, totally robust and healthy. I am writing a book about my extraordinary journey. Today, I am so aware and connected to Source that I am living in bliss.

Chidi Asika Enahoro, Published Author of

Lifeline: One Woman's Miraculous Journey Through an Incurable Disease

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