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Merkaba (also spelled "Merkabah") is commonly known as a "light body" or "chariot" used for inter-dimensional travel. To some, it appears as a 3-dimensional star tetrahedron (Figure 1). It is used to transport our subtle light body from one dimension to another, from one celestial academy of knowledge to another.

In the more advanced stages, the Merkaba light body is a crystallized Flower of Life (Figure 2) encasing the physical body. This crystalline Flower of Life looks like a multi-faceted, crystalline ball (Figure 3) rather than a star tetrahedron (Figure 1). The crystalline Merkaba spins at a very high rate of speed-faster than the speed of light-enabling you to accomplish inter-dimensional travel faster than the speed of thought.


There are Merkaba schools that teach you how to artificially construct a Merkaba vehicle piece by piece, step by step. Through meditation, each student builds his own Merkaba vehicle using mantras, mudras, and pranic breaths. What they are constructing is a chariot, not a Ferrari. It is transient, with only a temporary shelf life. The Merkaba vehicle activated in the Lily Activation is an exception.

The Merkaba from a Lily Activation is a Ferrari, not a chariot. It is flawlessly built for you by Divine Source. It never breaks down, never needs repairs, never needs maintenance, and it lasts forever. You never have to re-assemble the vehicle with mantras and mudras, or pump it with gas. Just hop in and ZOOM on the superhighway to Nirvana.

Artificially-constructed Merkaba vs. Lily-activated Merkaba

The artificially-constructed Merkaba has several limitations:

  1. It operates without a fully-evolved Kundalini and Antahkarana. In effect, it is missing vital engine parts.

  2. It's fuel is prana energy—the equivalent of low-octane gasoline, which is sufficient for an underpowered vehicle, but not for a Ferrari.

  3. It's pranic tube is a low-grade fuel line. This means the fuel line is not designed to have fuel in the hose all the time. The implication here is that the artificial Merkaba is not designed to be a "ready on demand" vehicle, and it cannot stay operational for prolonged periods.


Due to above limitations, it is understandable that the artificial Merkaba has only a temporary shelf life. It must be painstakingly re-assembled from scratch every single time you want to use it, e.g., for inter-dimensional soul travel. As a soul vehicle, it is transient.


If you prefer inter-dimensional explorations in a chariot, then the artificial Merkaba works fine for the purpose. If you're ready for a Ferrari, or a rocket ship, then the Lily-activated Merkaba would be your vehicle of choice.


The Lily-activated Merkaba differs from the artificially-constructed Merkaba in several major respects:


  1. The Lily-activated Merkaba operates with a fully-evolved Kundalini and Antahkarana. That means it has complete engine parts PLUS top-of-the-line accessories.

  2. The fuel of the Lily-activated Merkaba is divine light—the equivalent of high-octane fuel in limitless supply.

  3. The fuel line of the Lily-activated Merkaba is a permanent, imperishable Antahkarana, designed to have fuel in the hose all the time, so that your Merkaba can stay up and running, ready to hit the road in an instant. Use your Merkaba anytime or all the time.

  4. No need to build a Merkaba vehicle from scratch every time you want to go out for a drive. Drive it anytime or all the time. Or leave it in the garage. Either way, it won't fall apart. EVER.

  5. Unlike the artificially-constructed Merkaba, which is transient, the Lily-activated Merkaba is PERMANENT.

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 3

A Lily-activated Realtor said:


"It always echoes in my ears about Lilies being on the Autobahn, zooming along. This explains it: I took a sacred geometry class wherein the instructor was teaching us how to construct step-by-step this vehicle for astral travel. There was a ritual for everything, with no end in sight. Nevertheless, I was successful. Later that night, it occurred to me that it was the Merkaba we were constructing in class. I forgot that I have a Merkaba already activated by the Lily Activation. Wow! I never used my Lily-Merkaba before so I timidly hopped in and VOILA! I zoooomed! Initially, I thought the sacred geometry class was a waste of time, but that class was important, for it taught me that I already have what I was seeking, and how fortunate Lilies are!"  


■ Lynette Fraser, Miami, FL, USA

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