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ISIS, Holy Queen, Mother of All, Embodied Manifestation of Love

ISIS SPEAKS: "I know the mysteries of life and death. I know the mysteries of immortality. I know the mysteries of taking creation apart and putting it back together again. I know all of the gods by their first name." 

Source: Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

Ankh of Isis


(Except White Lily Activation)

The Ankh of Isis activation is a special dispensation from Goddess Isis.  She grants ambassadorial power, presence, protection, and prosperity to God's ambassadors of Peace and One Brotherhood of Man.


Everyone recognizes when an ambassador has walked into the room. Her presence is that of statesmanship. You sense her power, nobility, and sovereignty. You sense that she is protected, and she upholds God's Justice. You sense that she is prosperous and has the power to bring prosperity to others. That is the kind of presence Goddess Isis bestows.

Through a Lily Activation (except White Lily Activation), Goddess Isis bestows transcendent qualities rooted in divinity: greater sovereignty over oneself, ease of alignment with highest truths, recognition of sacredness in oneself and others, healing powers, prosperity, and more.

Through a Lily Activation (except White Lily Activation), Isis grants a magnitude of inner FIRE power. Her fire is not to be played with. Her fire is to be used with humility and respect. 

Fire power is a force of nature that can be used for good or evil. The wielder of fire power must be pure of heart, safe in their handling of it, and in control of their own desires. Purity of intent and self-control are required to use fire power wisely. Otherwise, great harm and destruction are the results.


Using the fire power of Isis requires focus and precision, otherwise chaos is the result.

Using the fire power of Isis requires a good knowledge of oneself-not faith in oneself but knowledgebecause fire power combined with lack of awareness is a dangerous combintation. Hence, Isis warns: if you misuse her fire power, whether out of selfish motives, lack of awareness, and unfair advantage, you will pay a great price.

Fire Power

Accepting the Ankh of Isis means taking full responsibility for exercising fire power wisely. Candidates for a Lily Activation must decide between receiving this activation on time-release or full-release.


In TIME-RELEASE, the powers, rights and responsibilities of the Ankh are automatically dispensed to you incrementally over time (up to a 9-month stretch) in proportion to your level of preparation and personal development.


In FULL RELEASE, the powers, rights and responsibilities of the Ankh are given to you immediately, all at once, in lump sum, for you to integrate fully.

If you know yourself to be a "safe driver", especially at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full-release.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.  

Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for, so please choose responsibly. Ask your Higher Guidance (God/Source, Higher Self, Akashic Records, angels, Beloveds on High, etc.) to help you choose the pill that is right for you.

Choose Your Pill

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