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Lily Activation

for a Metamorphosis Infused with The Infinite

What occurs in a Lily Activation is God's perfect and full penetration of the aspirant. God is the activating force. What follows is a metamorphosis infused with The Infinite. In the end, the receiver is speechless, unable to articulate his transformation. The return on investment is an inexplicable transfiguration by The Infinite-from a mere mortal, molded by Earth, to a deified being refined by Heaven-i.e., a "Lily" of the Creator's leading-edge design.

This "Lily" can journey faster and arrive soonest-cruising at high speeds like a Tesla roadster, or soaring to high altitudes like a rocket ship. Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was so endowed with the priceless treasures of Lilies of the Field that neither toil nor spin. The wealth of kings and billionaires cannot produce these:

Say goodbye to the old "dial-up" connection to God and hello to the latest quintessential wiring-fiber optic, HDTV, broadband, hi-speed from 4G, 5G, 12G, 144G up to warp speed. Transformative technologies all completely manufactured and assembled by Source. Not only will these quintessential technologies be switched on, they will be upgraded to the most leading-edge standards. Fully turbo-charged.

Without these state-of-the-art spiritual technologies, one's evolutionary progress would be handicapped. It would take a great many lifetimes to achieve all the technological advancements made possible through the Creator's Lily Activation.


Fortunately, our Beloved Maker offers the Lily Activation as an Act of Grace. The Lily Activation empowers you to ascend the proverbial Mount Everest, shaving off decades and lifetimes of "toil and spin," making exponential progress like a phoenix blazing the way towards it's ultimate renaissance.

Imagine a lifetime of rapid apotheosis, powered by activated Ascension DNA codes, and the insane airlift of the Creator's Embrace.


With a Lily Activation, you can spend less time hiking the dirt road and more time driving on life's autobahn today. Why make life's journey of a million miles on foot when you can drive a Ferrari?


Lily Activations


Ask your Higher Self which of these entry-level Lily Activations is best for you.
Lily 4 Newbies
White Lily Activation
Gold Lily Activation
Platinum Lily Activaion
Iridescent Lily Activation

White Lily Activation Suite

"The Ferrari"

8 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 4G

For newcomers on the spiritual path who are ready to internalize Christ-consciousness, and embody Peace and One Brotherhood of Man through compassionate service.

Gold Lily Activation Suite

"The Tesla Roadster"

16 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 8G

For intermediate truth-seekers who are ready to internalize and externalize Christ-consciousness, and embody Peace and One Brotherhood of Man through compassionate service.

Platinum Lily Activation Suite

"The Bullet Train"

22 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 12G

For advanced initiates whose soul mission impacts large groups of people. This activation grants the receiver great potency, speed, acceleration, and extra abilities beyond normal. Hence, lifetime surrender to God's Will is required (not just lip service) to prevent abuse of power. Prior experience in Oneness Work and Shadow Work also required. Please heed WARNING.

Iridescent Lily Activation Suite

"The Jet Aircraft"

31 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 36G

For the leader of leaders, healer of healers, and teacher of teachers. This activation grants the receiver immense potency, acceleration, velocity, and extra abilities far beyond average. Hence, lifetime surrender to God's Will is required (not just lip service) to prevent abuse of power. Prior experience in Oneness Work and Shadow Work also required. Please heed WARNING.

Lily Activation installs a broadband, fiber-optic cable connection to God.

Isn't everyone connected to God already? Yes. Majority of naturally-evolved humans are connected to Source via TV antenna, metaphorically speaking, like a household gadget is plugged into a 110v or 220v socket. Sometimes they're plugged in, sometimes they're not.

On the other hand, people who have had a Lily Activation (i.e., Lilies) are cable-connected directly to Source, like a high-voltage transformer is directly connected to the main power plant. Their cable connection is hard-wired, hi-speed, hi-bandwidth, broadband, and fiber-optic. Thus, a Lily is much closer to Source and "plugged in" all the time.

What is a Lily Activation?

The Lily Activation is not strictly an energy healing modality or meditation but an "ascension process." It is a special dispensation from Source so that humans can rise up the Ascension Ladder and participate in the perfections of God. Let's use analogies to make this relatable and simple to understand.

  • A Lily Activation transforms the spiritual aspirant (you) from an analogue TV into a digital "Smart HDTV," with cable-direct connection to the cable company.  God is the cable company.

  • As a Smart HDTV, you are now linked directly to the cable company (God) and Lily Cloud servers. 

  • Once you are equipped with cable-direct, hi-speed connection, then HDTV channels, programs, and apps can now be unlocked and transmitted to you via wifi (slower) and hi-speed ethernet cable (faster).

  • You now have access to higher HDTV channels and programs. With analogue TV, you can only access 31 channels, but with HDTV you can now access 1000+ channels. Instead of turning the old TV dial, you can now press a few buttons to go from channel 31 to channel 1000 on the fly.

The Lily Activation is an entire suite of ascension processes and deification energies compressed into one zip file, which is then energetically transmitted and downloaded to the truth-seeker in 1-sitting through a guided meditation.


The Lily Activation is neither a religious path nor a spiritual discipline, just as a Smart HDTV is neither a path nor discipline. The Lily Activation simply "Lilifies" you-i.e., purifies you; accelerates you; anoints and deifies you; sets you up with leading-edge hardware, apps and programs, wired and wireless technologies not available elsewhere-so you can drive on life's autobahn rather than hike, and arrive at your intended destination soonest.

Who is the Lily Activation for?

The Lily Activation is for anyone who is willing to grow in alignment with one's soul blueprint and put The Beloved (G-d) in the driver's seat.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have come for a Lily Activation: lawyers, psychotherapists, movie producers, actors, singers, performers, models, medical doctors, nurses, dentists, psychotherapists, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, energy healers, teachers, thought leaders, mystics, psychics, priests, scientists, artists, authors, etc. The Lily Activation has touched every field of human endeavor except politics.

They came from all backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, social strata, and spiritual disciplines: Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Theosophy, etc.


Like moths to a flame, they were truth-seekers responding to a deeper "calling" to be Lily-activated. The Lily Activation is for anyone who hears The Beloved's Call.

​What are the results of a Lily Activation?


The Lily Activation is groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind, hence, results are not what people might assume or imagine.


The outcome of a Lily Activation is, in short, a Lily-a human deified by God, capable of rising fast as a comet to the upper stratosphere of cosmic consciousness, and dwell there 24x7. A Lily is able to share in the perfections of deity, collaborate with the Creative Forces, and scale the ascension ladder swiftly if so desired.


You come out of a Lily Activation like a turbo-charged Ferrari/Tesla model of Man Divine, with state-of-the-art wiring, integrated solid-state circuits, new Lily apps, hi-voltage divine power, extra-abilities and extra-capacities beyond normal. Although this may be hard to believe, it's what occurs in a Lily Activation when God calls the shots.  (As a Lily Activator, Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa has seen "proof in the pudding" countless times for over a decade. So, naturally, she's on the other side of the fence opposite naysayers and doubting Thomases).

After a Lily Activation, results will depend on who's in the driver's seat. If, for example, the client is ego-driven (i.e., the driver is ego), then results will be ego-gratification, entitlement, power-seeking, or self-aggrandizement. He will spiral downhill rapidly. This is not the result of the Lily Activation but of his own folly. Client is responsible for the ill-fated consequences of his misguided, willful choices.

For the best outcome, we recommend living a life of Oneness and compassionate service to The All rather than service to self so that you will love who you become.

To know the typical results of a Lily Activation, click on buttons below. There is no guarantee, however, that you will get typical results because individuals are unique so results vary.

How many Lily Activations will I need?

You start with one entry-level Lily Activation, and then decide later if you want to upgrade to Diamond Lily (it depends on how high up the Ascension Ladder you want to go). 


This question should really be asked of and answered by your Higher Self/Spirit/Source, not us.  We are here to serve the needs of your soul, not tell your soul what it needs.

Your Higher Self/Spirit/Source is the one who determines whether to start with a White, Gold, Platinum, or Iridescent Lily Activation. A year or so later, if your Higher Self/Spirit/Source determines that you need a Diamond Lily Activation, then you may approach us again for assistance.


Each particular Lily or Diamond Activation holds Master Keys that unlock secret passages to the Most High so that you can ascend to upper levels of the Ascension Ladder by God's Grace.  See Ascension Master Keys for an overview of how each Lily Activation corresponds to a particular level of Ascension.