Sacred Lily Activations

Fig. 1: the truth-seeker is transformed from a mere mortal molded by Earth into a luminous being deified by Heaven, i.e., homo deus luminous.

What occurs in a Lily Activation is God's perfect and full penetration of the aspirant. Latent abilities of his Inner Theos are switched on. An etheric white Lily appears in his aura, symbolizing purity. Thereafter, his apotheosis is hastened by exponential leaps and bounds.


Without a Lily Activation, advancement on the spiritual path is handicapped.


The Lily Activation is not a coaching session, not a do-it-yourself program, not a self-improvement course, and definitely not a cure-all magic wand. No hypnotic methods are employed. No dietary restrictions involved. No indoctrinations. No cult-ish rituals.


In a Lily Activation, the aspirant simply sits down in guided meditation to receive mega-watts of Source Light for a metamorphosis infused by The Infinite.

The Lily Activation is a done-for-you activation. An Act of Grace. God is the activating force. Homo deus luminous is the result (Fig. 1)-a truth-seeker transformed and raised by the Infinite from a mere mortal molded by earth into a luminous being defied by heaven.

An Activation in One Sitting with a Suite of Empowerments

Each Lily Activation is actually a suite of bundled activations and empowerments, sort of like Adobe Creative Suite™ or Microsoft Office​™ or iLife​™. Each suite offers its own set of special dispensations, called Native Lily Apps, from Divine Source. They're somewhat like the apps in your smartphone. These Native Lily Apps just wait quietly in the background until you pleasantly discover, with use, what the apps of your inner Theos can do.

Lily Activations come in various weight divisions:

  1. White Lily Activation Suite

    • equivalent to kindergarten level

    • lightweight power, lightweight rights and responsibilities

  2. Gold Lily Activation Suite 

    • equivalent to grade school level

    • welterweight power, welterweight rights and responsibilities

  3. Iridescent Lily Activation Suite

    • equivalent to high school level

    • middleweight power, middleweight rights and responsibilities

  4. Solitaire Diamond Lily Activation Suite 

    • equivalent to collegiate level

    • heavyweight power, heavyweight rights and responsibilities

  5. Triple Diamond Lily Activation Suite 

    • equivalent to a Masters degree

    • senior heavyweight power, senior heavyweight rights and responsibilities

  6. Quad Diamond Lily Activation Suite 

    • equivalent to Doctorate level

    • super heavyweight power, super heavyweight rights and responsibilities.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities


We caution everyone against pursuing a Lily Activation out of curiosity, blind ambition, capriciousness or self-aggrandizement. There is a pre-requisite application and screening process to weed out selfish motives power-seeking.  Everyone is advised to contemplate the rights and responsibilities that come with great power before choosing to receive a Lily Activation. If you are seriously considering a Lily Activation, please heed this warning:



If you misuse or abuse the powers you gain from a Lily Activation for harm or to gain unfair advantage over others, whether willfully or unconsciously, you will meet regrettable karmic consequences swiftly and exponentially.  Not only does regrettable karma befall the offender or wrongdoer, it also ricochets to innocent loved ones as well (e.g., spouse, children, parents, pets). That's just how karma works, whether or not we believe it.

Which Lily Activation is right for me?


That is a question you ask your Spirit / Higher Self, not just the mind or ego-personality.  We offer these comparisons to help you make an informed decision.



  • Diamond Activations are available to Lilies whose mission involves impacting large groups of people. It is for the leader of leaders, teacher of teachers, and healer of healers.

  • Expedient for those aspiring to attain the ultimate goal of all souls: Adam Kadmon.

  • See Diamond Activation by Carats for eligibility requirements.

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Compare Lily Activations


To help you understand the evolutionary upgrades offered by the various Lily Activation Suites, we will use analogies like engine torque, octane fuel rating, mobile phone communication standards, broadband internet speed, and floor elevation to describe incorporeal phenomena. Note that numbers and measurements below are not exact. They are rather metaphors to describe incorporeal phenomena beyond the capacity of language to express.

Choose Your Pill

  1. Time-release

  2. Full Release / Full Integration

You can choose to receive a Lily Activation either on (1) Time-release, or (2) Full Release, Full Integration.

In TIME-RELEASE, the powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you over time, proportionate to your level of preparation and personal development.


In FULL RELEASE / FULL INTEGRATION, the powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you all at once, in lump sum-lock, stock and barrel. 

Either choice will yield consequences that you are fully accountable for, so choose responsibly. 

If you know yourself to be a "safe driver" even at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead" when necessary, then choose Full Release / Full Integration.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.  

Let your Higher Self do the choosing, not just your mind and ego-personality.

Applying for a Lily Activation

There are two ways to get a Lily Activation: (1) apply for a Private Lily Activation, or (2) apply for a Lily Activation Workshop.

A Private Lily Activation is conducted in a private 1-on-1 setting, by appointment, and is customized to your special needs. So if customization, privacy, and sooner-than-later are what you want, then a Private Lily Activation is the way to go.


However, certain exercises and information offered in workshops cannot be offered in a private session due to time constraints. Hence, if you choose to receive a Private Lily Activation, then we recommend re-auditing a Lily Activation Workshop, when available, at a reduced price for re-audits.  ​​

Occasionally, Lily activations are offered in workshops at a lower price, taking advantage of economies of scale to pass on savings to groups. Check our Events periodically for Lily Activation Workshops, or subscribe to be notified by email of upcoming workshops.


NOTE: the Iridescent and Diamond Lily Activations are rarely, if ever, offered in workshops but are always available by private appointment.

To know what's involved in the application process for a Private Lily Activation, just click the button below.



Your body-mind-soul may undergo purification before, during and after a Lily Activation. As your body-mind-soul receives divine influx from (and after) a Lily Activation, it will attempt to cleanse and release biochemical toxins and toxic memories from time to time.  Responsible self-care includes consulting with a physician, mental health counselor, spiritual counselor or alternative healthcare provider to facilitate or ameliorate the uncomfortable symptoms of detox. If you have any concerns about purification and detoxification, please discuss this with your Lily Activator as early as possible.


Detoxification is the body-mind's way of eliminating what no longer serves you.  Purging can occur in many levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual. Diarrhea, mild headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms without the flu, mild and short-lived tachycardia, nasal congestions, throat irritations are symptoms of physical detoxification. Emotional detoxification may include irritability or mood swings. Psychological issues, complexes and fixations may resurface periodically, forcing you to deal with them once and for all. A crisis of faith is a sign of spiritual detoxification. Old gods may be challenged as you find ways to liberate yourself from the ancient dogmas and power games that bind you.  Your choice of friends may change.  Your life may change as you re-prioritize it.  These challenges must be met and painful choices may need to be made if you are to let go of old attachments and security blankets, and transform your life from one of bondage to service.


For safety reasons, every Lily comes with a built-in, automatic safety switch (figuratively speaking). It turns power on or off as needed to prevent misuse and abuse. When a Lily acts outside of integrity, his power is turned off. When a Lily is back in integrity, his power comes back on. 

To protect the public from harm by scam artists and copycats, we recommend you deal only with trained, authorized Lily Activators published in this website.  Great harm can result if activations are done incorrectly so beware of imposters.

Lilies possess a unique kind of spiritual technology and energy "wiring" that enable them to use their divine super powers safely.  Non-Lilies may not experience the same safe results.

Lily Activation is not a magic pill, not a quick fix, not a get-rich-quick scheme, not a cure-all, nor the answer to everything. There are no magic pills or quick fixes for mental, emotional and physical problems that developed from unhealthy habits over a long period. Realistically, it takes time, effort, focus, commitment and follow through to achieve the kind of results you desire. WE DO NOT SERVE AS YOUR GUARANTOR OF RESULTS because we cannot guarantee what you'll do on your side of the fence, but we're here to help you create something that can work for you forever. Individuals are unique so results vary. The testimonials we use do not guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. We offer no guaranties or warranties of any kind. We are not liable for the consequences of your free will choices, decisions, expectations, interpretations, actions, or omissions. Evergreen Blossom is not a substitute for medical advice or therapeutic treatments. Please consult qualified professionals in the fields of healthcare, counseling, jurisprudence, investment and finance before acting on any information related to lifestyle change. These are only partial disclaimers. Please read our Full Disclaimers, Terms & Privacy Policy to help you manage expectations about our offers.