Lily Activation

for a Metamorphosis Infused by The Infinite

The truth-seeker emerges from a Lily Activation unable to describe how he is changed. He senses he is aglow. Blissfully or mysteriously transformed by God who is the activating force.

What has just occurred is God's perfect and full penetration of the aspirant. The expansiveness he feels is due to a metamorphosis infused by The Infinite. More than transformation from imago to butterfly, it is the inexplicable transfiguration of a human from a mere mortal molded by Earth to a deified human being refined by Heaven-i.e., a "Lily" of the Creator's leading-edge design.

This "Lily" can journey faster and arrive soonest-cruising at high speeds like a Tesla roadster, or soaring to high altitudes like a jet aircraft, with neither toil nor spin. Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was such a "Lily" endowed with these:

Say goodbye to the old "dial-up" connection to God and hello to the latest quintessential wiring-fiber optic, HDTV, broadband, hi-speed, from 4G, 5G, 12G, 144G, up to warp speed. Not only will these quintessential technologies be switched on, they will be upgraded to the most leading-edge standards, completely manufactured and assembled by Source, fully turbo-charged.

He will evolve exponentially, forged ahead by activated Ascension DNA codes, for a lifetime of rapid apotheosis.  So that he can blaze the way for his ultimate renaissance.

It would take a great many lifetimes to achieve all the sophisticated advancements made possible through a Lily Activation. Without these hi-tech advancements, evolutionary progress is handicapped. Fortunately, the Lily Activation allows you to cut to the chase. Imagine shaving off decades or even lifetimes of spiritual hiking, sprinting, and climbing Mt. Everest. With a Lily Activation , you can spend zero time inching to your state-of-the-art Future Self and more time driving it on life's  autobahn today.


Why make life's journey of a million miles on foot when you can drive a Ferrari?


Lily Activations


Ask your Higher Self which of these entry-level Lily Activations is best for you.

White Lily Activation Suite

"The Ferrari"

8 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 4G

For newcomers on the spiritual path who are ready to internalize Christ-consciousness, and embody Peace and One Brotherhood of Man through soul purpose and compassionate service.

Gold Lily Activation Suite

"The Tesla Roadster"

16 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 8G

For intermediate truth-seekers who are ready to internalize and externalize Christ-consciousness, and embody Peace and One Brotherhood of Man through soul purpose and compassionate service.

"The Bullet Train"

Iridescent Lily Activation Suite

"The Jet Aircraft"

31 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 36G

For the leader of leaders, healer of healers, and teacher of teachers. This activation grants the receiver greater potency, acceleration, velocity, and extra abilities far beyond average. Offers greater potency for channeling Christ's miracles. Of all the entry-level Lily Activations, this one carries the heaviest responsibilities, and the direst karma when power is misused. Hence, for safety reasons, this activation requires a soul contract of lifetime surrender to the Will of God (not just lip service). To qualify, prior experience in Oneness Work and Shadow Work required.

Platinum Lily Activation Suite

22 turn-key activations in1-sitting for speeds up to 12G

For advanced initiates whose soul mission impacts large groups of people. This activation grants the receiver great potency, acceleration, high-speed, and extra abilities beyond normal. Offers great capacity to channel Christ's miracles. Hence, for safety reasons, this activation requires a soul contract of lifetime surrender to the Will of God (not just lip service). To qualify, prior experience in Oneness Work and Shadow Work also required.

Lily Activation installs a broadband, fiber-optic cable connection to God.

But isn't everyone connected to God already? Yes, everyone is connected to The Beloved (God). Majority of naturally-evolved humans are connected to Source via TV antenna, metaphorically speaking. Whereas the Lily Activation installs a hi-speed, hi-bandwidth, broadband, fiber-optic cable connection to God.


Majority of naturally-evolved humans are plugged into Source indirectly, much like a household appliance is indirectly connected to the main power plant via a 110v or 220v socket.  Sometimes they are plugged in, sometimes they are not.  

On the other hand, Lilies (those who have had a Lily Activation) are cable-connected directly to Source, much like a high-voltage transformer is directly connected to the main power plant. Thus, a Lily is much closer to Source, and "plugged in" all the time.

What is a Lily Activation?

The Lily Activation is not strictly an energy healing modality or meditation but an "ascension process." It is an Act of Grace so that humans can rise up the Ascension Ladder and share in the perfections of God. Let's use analogies to make this relatable and simple to understand.

  • A Lily Activation transforms the spiritual aspirant (you) from an analogue TV into a digital "Smart HDTV," with cable-direct connection to the cable company.  God is the cable company.

  • As a Smart HDTV, you are now linked directly to the cable company (God) and Lily Cloud servers. 

  • When you are equipped with cable-direct, hi-speed connection, then HDTV channels, programs, and apps can now be unlocked and transmitted to you via wifi (slower) and hi-speed ethernet cable (faster).

  • You now have access to higher HDTV channels and programs. With analogue TV, you can only access 31 channels, but with HDTV you can now access 1000+ channels. Instead of turning the old TV dial, you can now press a few buttons to go from channel 31 to channel 1000 on the fly.

The Lily Activation is an entire suite of ascension processes and deification energies compressed into one zip file, which is then energetically transmitted and downloaded to the truth-seeker in 1-sitting through a guided meditation.


The Lily Activation is not a religious path nor a spiritual practice, just as a Smart HDTV is not a path nor practice. The Lily Activation simply "Lilifies" you-i.e., purifies you; accelerates you; anoints and deifies you; sets you up with leading-edge hardware, apps and programs, wired and wireless technologies not available elsewhere-so you can drive rather than walk on Life's autobahn and arrive at your ultimate destination soonest.

Who is the Lily Activation for?

Thousands of people from all walks of life (except politics) have come for a Lily Activation: lawyers, psychotherapists, movie producers, actors, singers, performers, models, medical doctors, nurses, dentists, business owners, entrepreneurs, energy healers, teachers, thought leaders, mystics, psychics, priests, scientists, etc.

They were educated. Deep-thinkers. Action-takers. Integrous. Pure. 

They came from various backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, social strata, and spiritual disciplines: Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Theosophy, etc.


Whatever it is they sought-wholeness, nirvana, enlightenment, prosperity, self-realization, cosmic consciousness, ascension, liberation from karma, etc.-Providence led them to find The Lily and Beyond. Like moths to a flame, they were truth-seekers responding to a deeper "calling" to be Lily-activated. 

Whoever wishes for a close connection to Our Maker is welcome to apply for a Lily Activation. This can be any human being willing to live in the Creator's undifferentiated Peace, Oneness, Grace, and loving embrace day-by-day. So, if you're asking who the Lily Activation is for, the answer would be: anyone who hears The Beloved's (God's) call.


​How do I determine which Lily Activation is right for me?

If you've never had a Lily Activation before, then you have 4 starting points to choose from: White, Gold, Platinum, or Iridescent. You choose only one.


Begin by consulting your Higher Guidance as to which Lily Activation is right for you. "Higher Guidance" can be God/Source, Higher Self, Akashic Records, angels, spirit guides, saints, ascended masters, Beloveds of the Christ Office, etc.  IT IS NOT YOUR INTELLECT OR EGO-PERSONALITY.

NOTE: the Platinum and Iridescent Lily Activations are advanced levels that require prior experience in the ways of Oneness and Shadow Work (i.e., Romancing the Shadow) in order to qualify.

How many Lily Activations will I need?

That depends on how high up Our Maker's Ascension Ladder you want to go and how close to the top you want to be.  This question should really be answered by your Higher Self/Spirit/Source, not us.  We are here to serve the needs of your soul, not tell your soul what it needs (owing to the right of self-determination by free will choice).

Your Higher Self/Spirit/Source is the one who determines whether to start with a White, Gold, Platinum, or Iridescent Lily Activation. A year or so later, if your Higher Self/Spirit/Source determines that you need a Diamond Lily Activation, then you may approach us again for assistance.


Each particular Lily or Diamond Activation holds Master Keys that unlock secret passages to the Most High G-d so that you can ascend to upper levels of the Ascension Ladder by God's Grace.  See Ascension Master Keys for an overview of how each Lily Activation corresponds to a particular level of Ascension.

​What are the results of a Lily Activation?


The outcome of a Lily Activation is quite unprecedented, so results are not what most people would think or expect. Hence, we clarify things here so that you can manage expectations about our offers.


The outcome of a Lily Activation is, in short, a Lily-a human deified by God, capable of rising fast as a comet to upper planes of enlightened, cosmic consciousness, and dwelling there 24x7. A Lily is able to share in the perfections of deity, collaborate with the Creative Forces, and ascend briskly to the Throne of Grace, Beauty, and Might.


You come out of a Lily Activation like a souped-up model of Man Divine, with state-of-the-art wiring, integrated solid-state circuits, new Lily apps, hi-voltage divine power, and extra capacities far beyond normal. Although this may be hard to believe, it's what occurs in a Lily Activation when God calls the shots.  (As a Lily Activator, Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa has seen indubitable "proof in the pudding" thousands of times, over a decade, so, naturally, she's on the other side of the fence opposite naysayers and doubting Thomases).

After a Lily Activation, results will depend on who's in the driver's seat and navigator's seat. If, for example, the client is ego-driven, then results will be ego-gratification, entitlement, power-seeking, or self-aggrandizement. He will spiral downhill rapidly. This is not the result of the Lily Activation but of his own ill-fated, misguided choices.

So, for the best outcome, we recommend living a life of Oneness and compassionate service to The All, rather than power-seeking, ego-gratification, entitlement, or self-aggrandizement. So that you will love who you become.

A Lily Activation, coupled with the ways of Oneness, leads to the realization of one's inner messiah who is the humblest servant of all and who, like the sun, can light up a dark world in a way that 7 billion human light bulbs cannot do.

For typical results of a Lily Activation, read Lilies Who Neither Toil Nor Spin and testimonials from Lilies themselves. Bear in mind, testimonials do not guarantee that you will get typical results. Individuals are unique so results vary.

Sounds divine! Where do I start?

So you can be divinely changed and divinely life-changing.

Is there a safety switch? Yes, of course.

There is a built-in automatic power safety switch inside every Lily that shuts the power off to prevent misuse or abuse of power. The safety switch is controlled by Divine Intelligence, not by the Lily's ego-intellect, therefore, tampering with the switch is impossible.


Whenever a Lily tries to commit abuse of power (consciously or unconsciously), he is automatically kicked "out of the Garden". His "Lily powers" are automatically shut off in 1/10,000th of a second and he loses divine protection. Thereafter, he becomes prey to malevolent forces, and a slave to the malice that controls him.


However, if the errant Lily repents and mends his ways, then his "Lily powers" can be restored at God's discretion.

Lily Activation is NOT a cure for pre-existing conditions.
Please manage your expectations accordingly.


We have heard talk that some people were disgruntled after their Lily Activation when their pre-existing physical, mental, or material problems did not magically disappear, or the Mercedes Benz they wished for did not materialize on their driveway.

We never claimed that a Lily Activation can cure depression, physical illness, mental malaise, or financial problems. In fact, we do not encourage anyone to have a Lily Activation for those reasons. The Lily Activation is not a magic wand, nor a quick fix, nor a miracle cure, nor a get-rich-quick scheme. Please be aware, there are no quick fixes or magic pills for problems that developed from years of unhealthy habits. Realistically, it takes time, effort, focus, commitment, follow through, reform, and probably multiple professional visits to achieve the healthy results you desire.

If you are secretly hoping for a miracle, or you want to get rich, do not come to a Lily Activation for that. See the appropriate healthcare practitioner or financial planner instead. If you want a Mercedes Benz, please seek a car dealer, not a Lily Activation. If you want energy healing or spiritual counseling, don't book a Lily Activation, book an Akashic Gold session instead.

Much as we want God to award you generously in a Lily Activation, we cannot control Him. We cannot guarantee that God will be "Santa Claus" to you, for that depends on whether you've been "naughty or nice."

If you are the type who turns ungrateful, resentful, or angry when you do not get what you want, or what you believe you deserve (i.e., entitlement), or you expect God to be generous but you are not generous to His people in return, then you're due for a wake up call. God will be a Savior to you, and that can sometimes mean teaching you a lesson or giving you a bitter pill to swallow.

Please read Full Disclaimers to help you manage expectations about our offers.

I'm ready to move up. Where do I start?

So you can be divinely changed and divinely life-changing.

Compare Lily Activations

The comparisons below use subjective metaphors and analogies-e.g., horse power, engine torque, octane fuel rating, and mobile phone communication standards-which help to describe incorporeal phenomena beyond language.

White Lily Tier

Circa 2005 - Jan 2009


Equivalent to V4 race car

≈ Up to 375 HP

≈ Torque: V4

≈ Up to 4G

≈ Featherweight class

≈ Gradeschool

≈ 6th plane of consciousness

Gold Lily Tier

Circa Feb 2009 - Jun 2011


Equivalent to V6 race car

≈ Up to  424 HP

≈ Torque: V6

≈ Up to 8G

≈ Lightweight class

≈ Middle School

≈ 7th plane of consciousness

Platinum Lily Tier

Circa Jul 2011 - May 2012


Equivalent to V8 race car

≈ Up to 1,600 HP

≈ Torque: V8

≈ Up to 12G

≈ Welterweight class

≈ High School

≈ 8th plane of consciousness

iridescent Lily Tier

Circa Jun 2012 - Dec 2012


Equivalent to high-speed train

≈ Up to 6,000 HP

≈ Torque > V8

≈ Up to 36G

≈ Middleweight class

≈ College, Associate Degree

≈ 9th plane of consciousness

Start with a Lily Activation. Upgrade to Diamond Lily when you're ready.

Already Lily-activated? Then consider a Diamond.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Lily Activations

From 1 to 4 Carats for speeds up to 144G (and beyond)

"The Rocket Ship"

In a Diamond Lily Activation, the diamond light infused into Lilies is capable of the most potent miracles. It turns Lilies into virtual rocket ships.

This activation grants the receiver immense potency, acceleration, extra abilities, and velocity (upto warp speed) far beyond most men's reach.  It is suitable for Lilies who are:

  • ready for high-speed ascension along the Diamond Ascension Path  

  • ready for high-speed tight rope walking

  • wish to attain the ultimate goal of all souls: Adam Kadmon

  • prepared for the rights and responsibilities of being a Holy Grail of Christ's transformative and transcendental works. 


Compared to all other activations, the Diamond Lily carries the heaviest responsibilities, also the heftiest karma when power is misused or abused. Hence, for safety reasons, Diamond Lily Activations require a soul contract of eternal surrender to God's Will and commitment to Oneness with God. To qualify, prior experience in Oneness Work and Shadow Work (i.e., Romancing the Shadow) required.

"I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say, it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy I took the Diamond Lily plunge!!!! The Diamond Lily transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle!!! I am beyond grateful!" ~ Chris del Vesco, Writer

Compare Diamond Lily Activations

The comparisons below use subjective metaphors and analogies-e.g., horse power, engine torque, octane fuel rating, and mobile phone communication standards-which help to describe incorporeal phenomena beyond language.

1-Carat Diamond Tier

Circa Jan 2013 - Oct 2014


Equivalent to Boeing 747

≈ Up to 95,710 HP

≈ Torque > V12

≈ Up to 48G

≈ Heavyweight class

≈ Bachelor's Degree

≈ 10th plane of consciousness

2-Carat Diamond Tier

Circa Not Applicable


Equivalent to hi-speed Jet

≈ Up to 110,000 HP

≈ Torque > V12

≈ Up to 72G

≈ Junior Heavyweight class

≈ Master's Degree

≈ 11th plane of consciousness

3-Carat Diamond Tier

Circa Nov 2014 - Sep 2017


Equivalent to rocket ship

≈ Up to 37 million HP

≈ Torque > V12

≈ Up to 144G

≈ Senior Heavyweight class

≈ Doctoral Degree

≈ 12th plane of consciousness

4-Carat Diamond Tier

Circa 2015 to Present


Equivalent to UFO

> 37 million HP

≈ Torque > V12

> 144G

≈ Super Heavyweight class

≈ Baccalaureate Degree

≈ Beyond Penthouse

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