Christ Consciousness Activation

Christ is not a man. Christ is rather the Spirit of God that seeks to descend and dwell inside men and women.

What is Christ Consciousness?

When we speak of Christ Consciousness in the context of the Lily Activation, we are referring not to a man but to these attributes a Christ possesses:

  1. A mental unfoldment from ordinary mind to super-conscious mind-one that is expanded, multidimensional, illumined, and integrated (see Fig. 1), thereby, able to communicate faster, more intelligently and comprehensively with the Creative Forces of God.

  2. An inner development from Separation-consciousness to Conscious Oneness.

  3. An evolution from personal consciousness to Universal Consciousness.


On January 2009, the Christ Office added the "Christ Consciousness Activation" to the Lily Activation Suite, wherein the super-conscious mind of the student is activated, or "turned on," so to speak (refer to 1st definition of Christ-consciousness above). It is the activation of the super-conscious mind of a christo, one that is also multi-dimensional and integrated (see Fig. 1).


The 2nd and 3rd definitions of Christ Consciousness (above) are not activated but, rather, attained by diligent, conscious, psycho-spiritual, inner and outer work. The attainment of Conscious Oneness entails a paradigm shift from "unconscious otherizing" to "conscious coupling."  Teachers in the Christ Office (e.g., Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.) may come to help and instruct, so that the aspirant may grow in consciousness towards Heaven. "For you grow to Heaven, you don't go to Heaven," advices Edgar Cayce (3409-1).


In the process of developing Conscious Oneness, Universal Consciousness is eventually attained. What the Christ Consciousness Activation of the Lily Activation does is aid and speed up this growth process. 


When Conscious Oneness and Universal Consciousness are attained, the soul of this rare human being emanates a dazzling white, unpolarized light, like that of the sun. His presence on earth is like sunlight unto nations. In contrast to 7 billion humans on earth who emanate polarized light like incandescent bulbs, he is a "Light Unto Nations," because a sun brightens a dark world in a way that 7 billion light bulbs cannot do.

Commitment is Required

The attainment of Christ-consciousness (i.e., the attainment of Conscious Oneness AND Universal Consciousness) requires sincere commitment, otherwise success is not possible. Therefore, the Christ Consciousness Activation of The Lily and Beyond requires commitment to (1) Christ Consciousness and (2) Christ Service. Without these commitments, the prospective applicant cannot receive the Christ Consciousness Activation, nor any other activations above it.

"I will repeat what I have learnt, and that is, that this being [Messiah] is the one perfect human incarnation of any moment in time. Thus, whilst the role is constant, the person filling it may change from instant to instant, as individuals on Earth reach this flowering of embodied realisation. As such they hold this role only as long as is needed, so that whoever fills this position may complete their earthly destiny. While most of these Anointed ones are unknown they are, nevertheless, the connection between all worlds and the Divine. Thus, according to this understanding, there is a Messiah for every moment and generation. There always has been, is, and shall be as long as Mankind exists." 

■ Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, "The Work of the Kabbalist"

What does it mean to commit to Christ Service?

It means committing to serve the Most High, to serve the Christ Spirit in your fellowmen, and to serve the Christ Spirit in you. We mention this so that an aspirant may reflect well upon the rights and responsibilities of the calling before making a decision to accept.


The Christ Consciousness Activation is an anointing by the Christ Office to be Christ's peace emissary on earth, hence, a commitment to Christ Service. In exchange for your commitment, the Christ Office will hold some of your karmic debt in abeyance so that you can perform the duties of your Christ Service unencumbered. You are given the opportunity to shave away your karmic debt through service rather than through harsh lessons and belligerent catalysts. As long as you keep your commitments, you receive assistance, support and manifold blessings from the Christ Office to facilitate your training, service or mission. If you neglect or renege on your commitments, then your karmic debt is returned to you, leaving you to pay your karmic debt through catalysts. 

No one is forced to do any kind of work in the Christ Office. Free will is in no way infringed. You are free to refuse the commands of your superiors and choose not to do the work assigned to you. You are left alone, free of interference or assistance, to take responsibility for the consequences of your decision.

There is no difference between the will of the Christ and the will of your Spirit. There could be conflicts between the will of the Christ and the will of your ego-personality. If you wish to receive the Christ Consciousness Activation, make sure you are committed to resolving such conflicts when they arise. 

Fig. 1: In Christ Consciousness Activation, the super-conscious, multi-dimensional mind is activated for your immediate, full-time use. Once activated, your super-conscious mind begins to merge with your ordinary 3D consciousness. The result is INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESS:

Your corporeal, 3D, "hour glass" life is integrated with the incorporeal, timeless life of the Spirit.

What does it mean to commit to Christ Consciousness?


A commitment is more than a promise, deeper than lip service, and goes beyond obedient compliance. it is a responsibility.  It is a pledge at the alter that can be summed up in 2 words: "I DO." 

I Do

​For example:

  • I DO commit to seek all possibilities of union even when there seems to be none.

  • I DO commit to the inner and outer work of forging sustainable Oneness daily, for life.

  • I DO commit to serve the Christ Office and give glory to God always, never to me.

  • I DO commit  to refrain from all things anti-christ like selfishness, greed, abuse, etc.

  • I DO commit to ONE LOVE, and loving my neighbor as myself.

  • I DO commit to move from Unconscious Separation to Conscious Oneness.

Christ Consciousness is a consciousness of our Oneness-Oneness of Self, Oneness with All, Oneness with God who is The All. Therefore, a commitment to Christ Consciousness means saying "I do" to Oneness.  It is a commitment to do the inner and outer work of  progressing from personal, limited, lower-self consciousness (column A below) to the universal, all-inclusive consciousness of the Christ (column B below).

Table 1: compares Lower-self Consciousness vs. Christ Consciousness