Christ-consciousness Activation

On January 2009, Source added the Christ-consciousness Activation to all Lily Activation Suites.  In order for an aspirant to receive this activation, a commitment to Christ-consciousness is required.

What is Christ-consciousness?

Christ is not a man.  Christ is rather the Spirit of God that seeks to descend and dwell inside men and women, just as He dwelled inside Jesus.

"I and my Father are ONE," said Jesus. (John 10:30-34)

"To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father," according to Edgar Cayce (900-331). This was affirmed by those who knew Jesus: "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God."  (Philippians 2:5-6​)


Christ-consciousness is a consciousness of our oneness with God.  Since God is The All, then Christ-consciousness is a consciousness of our oneness with all. A consciousness of our integral Oneness.

What does commitment to Christ-consciousness mean?

When the betrothed walks down the aisle of matrimony, it's a lifetime commitment.  Now, imagine that the betrothed is you, and the one waiting at the alter to take your hand in marriage is Christ. 

To commit to Christ-consciousness means saying, "I Do."

"I will repeat what I have learnt, and that is, that this being [Messiah] is the one perfect human incarnation of any moment in time. Thus, whilst the role is constant, the person filling it may change from instant to instant, as individuals on Earth reach this flowering of embodied realisation. As such they hold this role only as long as is needed, so that whoever fills this position may complete their earthly destiny. While most of these Anointed ones are unknown they are, nevertheless, the connection between all worlds and the Divine. Thus, according to this understanding, there is a Messiah for every moment and generation. There always has been, is, and shall be as long as Mankind exists." 

■ Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, "The Work of the Kabbalist"


I Do

​For example:

I do commit to seek all the possibilities of union even when there seems to be none.

I do commit to loving my neighbor as myself.

I do commit to surrender to the Will of God.

I do commit to be an instrument of Christ's service and works.

I do commit to Oneness.

Commitment to Christ-consciousness is a commitment to progressing both inside and out from a personal, limited, lower-self consciousness to the universal consciousness of the Christ.

From Lower-self Consciousness

"I am unique, therefore, incomplete."

"I see the trees and the forest."

"I am afraid."

"This is ME."

"I am not like the others."

"I am selfish."

"I embrace the Light, reject the Dark."

"I am polarized light (incandescent bulb)."

"I am split." (Separation-consciousness)

"I am personal and limited."

"My ego is in my bank account."

To Christ-consciousness

"I am the All, therefore, complete and whole."

"I am the trees and the forest."

"I am fearless."

"I Am Me, I Am You, I Am WE."

"There is no other."

"I Am Self-IS."

I am the Union of Light and Dark."

"I am unpolarized light, like the sun."

"I am One." (Conscious Oneness)

"I am universal."

"My ego is with God."

Without commitment to Christ-consciousness, Christ-consciousness is unattainable and success on the path is not possible.


Without commitment to Christ-consciousness, the applicant of a Lily Activation cannot receive the Christ-consciousness Activation nor any other activations above it.

There is no difference between the will of the Christ and the will of your Spirit, for your Spirit is already on the same page as Christ.  However, there could be conflicts between the will of Spirit and beliefs of your ego-personality.  We mention this so that an aspirant may reflect well upon the hiccups of taking the Christ-consciousness path.  Make sure you are committed to resolving such conflicts when they arise.

Christ-consciousness Activation Explained

In the context of the Lily Activation, when we speak of Christ-consciousness from a technical standpoint, we are referring to:


  1. A "mental unfoldment" from ordinary mind to super-conscious mind-illumined, expanded, multidimensional, and integrated (see Fig. 1).  Such a mind oscillates at warp-speed, thinks in universal abstractions, and communicate rapidly with the Creative Forces.

  2. A progression from personal, limited consciousness to the universal consciousness of the Christ.

The first item is taken care of by the Christ-consciousness Activation.  The activation turns on the super-conscious mind of the student (see Figure 1) so that the "mental unfoldment" of Christ-consciousness can begin, and support your development towards Christhood.

"Any man acting in complete super-consciousness, the implication is, would be as a god. This has been the goal of all mystics through the ages and the story of their seeking. This is the explanation of the state of Christhood." 

▪ from Revelation: A Commentary Based on a Study of 23 Psychic Discourses by Edgar Cayce, A.R.E. Press, p. 256.

The second item is not activated but rather attained through your commitment and follow-through.  Attainment of Christ-consciousness entails a paradigm shift from "unconscious otherizing to conscious coupling."  By making the unconscious conscious, much progress can be made in the area of psycho-spiritual soul work.


Teachers in the Christ Office (e.g., Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.) may come to help and instruct, if asked, so that the Lily aspirant may grow in consciousness towards Heaven.  "For you grow to Heaven, you don't go to Heaven." ~ Edgar Cayce (3409-1)

In the process of developing Conscious Oneness, consummate Christ-consciousness is eventually attained.  The soul begins to emanate a dazzling white light, unpolarized like that of the sun.  Such a rare attainment balances the negativity of millions of people, thereby, decreasing the chances of planetary annihilation, and uplifting humanity's consciousness energetically-like a sun that brightens a dark world in a way that 7 billion human light bulbs cannot do.

Integrated Consciousness

Fig. 1: In Christ-consciousness Activation, the super-conscious, multi-dimensional mind is activated for your immediate, full-time use. Once activated, your super-conscious mind begins to merge with your ordinary 3D consciousness. The result is INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESS.  Your corporeal, 3D, hour glass life is integrated with the incorporeal, timeless, eternal life of the Spirit.