We help people become divinely changed and divinely life-changing.



Be One with The Force

Any kind of pain, illness, and suffering is rooted in the unconscious separation of that which is ONE.  The only sustainable solution is to restore to Oneness.  We help people become One with The Force.


Energy-sensitive people suffer far more than others because they don't just have to deal with life's chaos, they are also deeply and painfully affected by the negative energy at the root of that chaos.


Energy-sensitive people have the potential to not only absorb energy but also radiate it. By helping energy-sensitive people radiate an inner Oneness, they can find relief from the painful, chaotic energy and ultimately become a source of balance, stability, peace and joy in their world.

Transformative ways to help you be One with The Force:


Transform old to GOLD 

Alchemy is the science of miracles. When any kind of miracle happens, the hidden mechanism behind it is the precise application of these five elements-Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit. These are the five pillars of Alchemy.

Through command of the energies of the 5 elements, you become a siddha, a supernatural saint. You can transform illness, sorrow, pain, and even physical matter, through the synergy of these 5 elemental forces, i.e., you can transform old to gold through supernatural means.

As each committed lightworker radiates an inner Oneness, individually and collectively, they become catalytic and alchemical-capable of transforming our planet from old to gold. The inevitable outcome of the Oneness solution is the awakening of one's inner alchemist-that is, your miraculous inner messiah who is the humblest servant of all and who, like the sun, can light up a dark world in a way that 7 billion human light bulbs cannot do.

Transformative ways to help you turn old to GOLD:

You can 100% count on us taking care of your energy.

So you can be

divinely changed,

divinely life-changing.

If meditation is your music, then join us for immersions into celestial symphonies.  We're unconventional.  We don't just guide you into a relaxed, peaceful state.  We guide you into deep immersions with the Subtle Divine for a metamorphosis infused by The Infinite.  Get a heads-up by email to our LIVE online meditations.


In the satsang meditation, I experienced God in me LIVE! I feel divine energy all over my body. I feel so connected! It was so profound that I’m choosing to now live my life in alignment with what God wants me to manifest in the world, with compassion for myself and humanity.   ~ Weng Busteneyra, Registered Financial Consultant, Philippines


Get a heads-up by email to our
An e-Course for Beginners:
Intermediate Course for Novices:
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It's a prayer from the Blessed Mother that switches on remarkable, love-happy intuition.  Thanks to this amazing prayer, even non-psychic people can now enjoy live-stream conversations with celestial divinities, and get supernatural help anytime, anywhere.  You can have 2-way conversations with Heaven-sent divinities, like the Blessed Mother, within an atmosphere of the Creator's Love.


On days when you feel sad, lonely, lost, anxious or depressed, the Evergreen Blossom Prayer is an antidote of heavenly love, intuitive guidance, and healing.  Useful for those days when you're mentally burdened or emotionally troubled.  It can also help you define, refine, and fulfill your soul purpose.


So now you can say "Bye-bye" to the blues and "Hello" to conversations with beings in Heaven within an atmosphere of the Creator's Love.  Is that not Heaven on Earth?




Imagine the outcome when we build on a foundation of soul purpose:

​Step into the future. Planet healed.

People awakened. Life transformed.


Unlock the secrets of your Book of Life

Akashic Master Keys

We help people unlock the secrets hidden in their Book of Life, so they can transform life, love, and career in step with their higher calling. We hand over the keys so you can uncover blueprints, maps, action plans, timeless wisdom, quantum inner power, and Soul Purposeall stored in your soul archives-under the guidance of immortal Masters, Teachers, and Lords of the Akashic Records.


We teach people how to read the Akashic Records for personal, career & soul development.
Deep-dive with Immortal Masters & transform from "old" to "gold" as they unleash the power of your inner savior.
It is the Book of Life, containing soul blueprints & autobiographies of all souls from the beginning of Creation.
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I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pin point the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from, and only asked a few and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking ... Thank you to the Akashic Lords and to Kim Lopa for your loving service.  ~ ToniAnn Hanna-Batista, FB Digital Consultant


Give us 1 day to activate your ultimate renaissance.


Lily & Diamond Activations

Advanced level for Lilies only

Newcomers can start here

Newcomers can start here

Newcomers can start here

Make no mistake, a Lily Activation will change your life.  God is the activating force, so a life change is certain. To be Lily-activated is to be transformed into a deified human of the Creator's leading-edge design.  Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was adorned like this.  Every Lily and Diamond Activation delivers high-octane, high-voltage, alchemical technologies to you.  These are just a few:

    Say goodbye to the old "dial-up" access to God and hello to the new quintessential wiring-analogous to fiber optic + HDTV + broadband technology, capable of speeds up to 144G and beyond.

  • Go beyond Kundalini, beyond Merkabah, beyond Antahkarana, beyond DNA Activation, and more.  Not only will these quintessential technologies be switched on, they will also be scaled up to the most cutting-edge "Tesla roadster" model, fully turbo-charged.

    Without a superconscious mind fully operating 24x7, expanded consciousness and cosmic consciousness are not sustainable.

The final outcome of a Lily Activation is the latest, greatest, brightest, Super Soul version of you-homo deus luminous-with activated Ascension codes for a lifetime of exponential soul evolution and rapid apotheosis. It's the ultimate renaissance of Man.

Normally, it would take a great number of lifetimes to achieve the spiritual advancements offered by a Lily Activation, but the Lily Activation allows you to cut to the chase... in only one sitting.  Imagine chopping off decades of toil and lifetimes of spiritual bike pedaling so you can realize the magnificent, divine wonders of your Future Self starting today.

With a Lily Activation, you can journey faster and arrive soonest-cruising at high speeds like a Tesla, or reaching high altitudes like a rocket-as the new quantum human of the Golden Age, molded by Earth and deified by Heaven. 

So you can forget about piecing together a Do-It-Yourself, Tesla-esque soul vehicle.  Spend zero time pedalling to your Future Self and more time driving it on life's Autobahn today.

Why make life's journey of a million miles on foot when you can drive a Tesla?

To learn what's involved in procuring a game-changing, soul-quickening Lily Activation, just click the button below.  We'll email you all you need to know + price tag so that you can prepare for your ultimate renaissance.



"I can go on and on with all the benefits I got from a Lily Activation... I experienced a tremendous shift in consciousness... I suddenly knew how to meditate (like a monk!)... I got 5 job offers in 10 days when I was not even looking for a job. My dreams are coming true one by one. Most importantly, I have found solace and happiness in the company of the Divine. I will forever be thankful for the miracle that is The Lily & Beyond. It changed my life and it will change yours, too."



"I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy that I took the Diamond plunge. The Diamond transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle! I am beyond grateful!


Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

"The depth of consciousness in the Lily gatherings and Lily meditations is a level of super-consciousness and clarity very rare to find. I had not experienced it before in any other group in the 15 years that I have been doing hands-on energy healing, meditation and yoga. I truly recommend to become Lily-activated."


Reiki Master

"Two weeks after my Lily Activation, I felt I had grown more in those 2 weeks without actively doing anything than in the last 8 years of attending workshops, seminars, meditations, and attunements."

Step into the future.

Planet healed.

Human beings look for the journey.  They look for a path, something to follow that will take them to God.  But the truth is there is no path.  There is no journey.  God is here and now.  The issue is discernment.  "The true path to awakening is genuine discernment; it's the very opposite of belief," explains Trinlay Tulku Rinpoche.


When you do not discern, you surrender your mind to false messiahs.   When you discern the truth, then you make enlightened choices that bring Heaven on Earth.


In a planet of intense and misleading catalysts, we offer expert, professional assistance to help you discern the smoke from the sacred mirrors.  Whether you're a novice or advanced truth-seeker, we have transformative ways to help you become divinely changed and divinely life-changing.  So you can have your Heaven on Earth soonest.


We hope you're looking for value way beyond what money can buy.  If so, our offers will not disappoint.  We are a trusted name because we have been delivering exceptional, transformative value with purity and 100% integrity since 2006.  For 10+ years, we have been serving clientele of discriminating integrity who expect nothing less than divine.

Welcome to The Lily & Beyond,

Evolution Architect & Co-founder


You can 100% count on us taking care of your energy.