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For over a decade, we have been serving clientele of integrity who seek nothing less than a pure connection to Source.  We offer transformative spiritual technologies so that truth-seekers can become divinely changed and divinely life-changing.  Love motivates us to offer exceptional value, beyond what money can buy, so you can have your Heaven on Earth soonest. 

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Lily Activations

Transfiguration by The Infinite

God is the activating force.

So you can be divinely changed and divinely life-changing.


You Will Love What You Become

What occurs in a Lily Activation is God's perfect and full penetration of the aspirant. God is the activating force. What follows is a metamorphosis infused with The Infinite. In the end, the client is speechless, unable to articulate his transformation. The return on investment is the inexplicable transfiguration of the client by The Infinite-from a mere mortal molded by Earth to a deified  being refined by Heaven-i.e., a "Lily" of the Creator's leading-edge design.

This "Lily" can journey faster and arrive soonest-cruising at high speeds like a Tesla roadster, or soaring to high altitudes like a rocket ship. Not even King Solomon, with all his riches, was so endowed with the priceless assets of Lilies of the Field that neither toil nor spin. The wealth of kings and billionaires cannot manufacture these lifetime treasures:

Say goodbye to the old "dial up" connection to God and hello to the latest quintessential wiring-fiber optic, HDTV, broadband, hi-speed from 4G, 5G, 12G, 144G up to warp speed. Transformative technologies all completely manufactured and assembled by Source. Not only will these quintessential technologies be switched on in a Lily Activation, they will be upgraded to the most leading-edge standards. Fully turbo-charged.

It would take a great many lifetimes to achieve all the technological advancements available in a Lily Activation. Without it's state-of-the-art energy-light-pillar technologies, one's evolutionary progress would be slow and handicapped.

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In a Lily Activation, the aspirant simply sits down in guided meditation to receive mega-watts of Source Light. No dogma. No indoctrination. No hypnosis. No dietary restrictions. No cult rituals. Just a Lily Activation in one sitting.

The alternative is a Lily Activation, implemented as a divine Act of Grace. It empowers you to ascend the proverbial Mount Everest like the proverbial "lily" without decades and lifetimes of "toil and spin."


Imagine a lifetime of rapid apotheosis, powered by done-for-you activations such as Kundalini, Merkaba, Antahkarana, Ascension DNA codes, and so much more beyond description. Imagine ascending Mount Everest like a phoenix, empowered to make exponential progress and blaze the way towards your ultimate renaissance, with the insane airlift of the Creator's Embrace beneath your wings.


Why make life's journey of a million miles on foot when you can drive a Ferrari? With a Lily Activation, you can spend less time hiking the dirt road and more time driving on life's autobahn today.


"I can go on and on with all the benefits I got from a Lily Activation... I experienced a tremendous shift in consciousness... I suddenly knew how to meditate (like a monk!)... I got 5 job offers in 10 days when I was not even looking for a job. My dreams are coming true one by one. Most importantly, I have found solace and happiness in the company of the Divine. I will forever be thankful for the miracle that is The Lily & Beyond. It changed my life and it will change yours, too."



"I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy that I took the Diamond plunge. The Diamond transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle! I am beyond grateful!


Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

"The depth of consciousness in the Lily gatherings and Lily meditations is a level of super-consciousness and clarity very rare to find. I had not experienced it before in any other group in the 15 years that I have been doing hands-on energy healing, meditation and yoga. I truly recommend to become Lily-activated."


Reiki Master

"Two weeks after my Lily Activation, I felt I had grown more in those 2 weeks without actively doing anything than in the last 8 years of attending workshops, seminars, meditations, and attunements."


Golden River of Alchemy and Prosperity

Alchemy: Transforms Old to Gold

When any kind of miracle happens, the hidden mechanism behind it is the precise application of these five pillars of Nature-Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Through command of these 5 elemental energies, one can transform "old" to "gold" supernaturally. This is what we call "Sacred Alchemy" wherein illness, sorrow, pain, and physical matter are transmuted into a higher form through the synergy of the 5 elemental forces.

Sacred Alchemy is the precise application of the 5 elements by way of an innate spiritual capacity to surpass so-called natural law. If applied correctly, the results are transmutation, transfiguration of matter, and transcendence.

Sacred Alchemy is for clients who wish to become divinely changed and divinely life-changing.

Akashic Records

Unlock the Secrets of Your Book of Life

The Akashic Gold Experience

Transform Old to Gold in a Private 1-on-1

A client hobbled into the room, leaning heavily on a walking cane he had depended on for years. After a 3-hour Akashic Old-to-Gold session, he was able to dance and walk without the cane. This illustrates the power of The Beloveds on High to transform "old" to "gold" and give new life through an Akashic Gold Experience.

The Akashic Gold Experience can be life-altering, because it combines in a single session 2 powerful energy systems of transformative care: Akashic Records PLUS Sacred Alchemy. You are guided by your Book of Life and Beloveds on High on how to transform your "old" patterns, programs, and conditions into "gold"... with God doing the heavy-lifting.

Rather than predict the future like psychic readings do, Akashic Gold helps clients create their future. Because the best way to predict the future is to create it.


I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pin point the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from, and only asked a few and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking... Thank you to the Akashic Lords and to Kim Lopa for your loving service.  ~ ToniAnn Hanna-Batista, FB Digital Consultant

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Evergreen Blossom Prayer


Evergreen Blossom Prayer


Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) is a simple yet powerful prayer that can help you connect with the Holy Spirit (also known as the Divine Mother) and other divinities in Heaven. When you recite the EBP, you are opening a channel of communication between yourself and the divine realm. This allows you to receive higher guidance, ingenious solutions, and the support you need to reclaim your joy.


The Holy Spirit (Divine Mother) speaks conversationally to those attuned to the Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP). To attune to EBP, either say the prayer 300,000 times or receive a one-time attunement through our EBP course. When you are attuned to EBP, you instantly enjoy these benefits... [more]

Evergreen Blossom Prayer... simple yet powerfully transformative, so you can create the life you love and love what you become. Isn't that paradise?

Step into the future.

Planet healed.

The Creator's Vision is Our Mission

P E A C E  A N D  O N E  B R O T H E R H O O D  O F  M A N

Welcome to The Lily & Beyond,

Katherine "Kim" Lopa


Co-founder of the Lily & Beyond

You can 100% count on us taking care of your energy.

If you are grateful for the Mission and assistance of The Lily and Beyond, you may give a Gratitude Donation and receive 3X-10X returns from Providence.


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