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Prosperity Flows

To be in Prosperity's flow, put your money where you want your thanks to go.

Figure 1: a Tale of Two Seas: the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

Then Providence gives back 333% ROI or more.

PROSPERITY is the capacity for wealth.  Prosperity is an energy flow that looks like a river of gold light. There is an in-flow, an out-flow, and circulation. When one of these 3 factors is missing, prosperous energy stagnates, and eventually dies down like the Dead Sea, instead of teeming with marine life like the Sea of Galilee.

To be in Prosperity's flow, invest your {money, time, energy, labor, assets, talents} where you want your thanks to go. When you do, then three times (3X) more prosperous energy returns to you as the giver-i.e., 333% ROI or more from Providence.  We call this ROI from Providence: PROI. The "P" stands for "Providence", "ROI" stands for "Return On Investment."


333%or more
3X or more

✔ When you invest your time, money, and value where you want your thanks to go.

✔ When you share with gratitude for Prosperous Circulation.

✔ When you align with joy and prosperous well-being.

PROI is the measure of Providence's generosity that accrues to the giver in an energy exchange. Returns from Providence come in myriad forms: good fortune, auspicious "coincidences"; financial windfall, salary raise or wage increase, profitability, cost savings, cash bonus; miracles, healing, divine protection, divine intervention, divine revelations; bountiful harvest; free meals; helpful people, opportune connections, lucky opportunities (e.g., getting your foot in the door); synchronicities wherein the universe facilitates things for you; etc.


PROI accrues to the giver and the giver's family. So even the family prospers. In a testimonial, SB, Philippines, told us: "My mother-in-law has tried to create many business ventures with no substantial success. After the June Meditation Satsangs, prosperity began circulating within my family. In the last 4 weeks, my mother-in-law has been able to close 4 real estate deals worth 16 million pesos or USD $320,000. I am so thankful to God for this!"

Whenever money changes hands, a fluid-like energy exchange occurs between giver and receiver. From energy reading tests and quantifiable experiments, we were able to deduce that a clean, mutually beneficial energy exchange between 2 individuals results in at least 333% ROI, although some experiments showed quantifiable returns in excess of that, upto 8000% PROI.

If the recipient is clean and pure, the PROI that accrues to the giver is greater. For example, giving a Gratitude Donation to a holy person (e.g., a reverend, cardinal, pope) can bring 10 times more yield, i.e., 1000% ROI. The purer the receiver, the more PROI to the giver.

However, spiritual entities are not created equal. Spiritual organizations with a high degree of corruption yield little to no PROI.


If the recipient is corrupt, no PROI accrues to the giver. For example, if you give money to a gambler or embezzler, aside from throwing money away, you are actually exchanging energy with a Dead Sea specimen. (That's what occurs energetically). As long as you're unaware of this toxic energy exchange, some of the embezzler's corrupt energy transfers to you. If you are drinking liquid energy from a pitcher containing Dead Sea water, what kind of PROI do you expect?

Conversely, if you are drinking liquid energy from a vessel containing filtered water from the Sea of Galilee, what kind of PROI do you think you will get? 

If you are drinking liquid energy from a vessel containing Evian water from Saint Catherine Springs in France, what kind of PROI do you think you will get?

You become what you drink. By virtue of exchanging energy with Dead Sea varieties, you become a Dead Sea yourself. Then who will want to drink your bitter, toxic water? No one. But if you are pure and clean as Evian water from Saint Catherine springs, people will pay a premium for what you have to offer.

So, for better PROI and a healthier life, discern who you are willing to have energy exchanges with-Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, or Saint Catherine springs?-and then put your money where you want your thanks to go. The purer both parties are in the energy exchange, the better return (PROI) both will get from Providence, and the more prosperous both giver and receiver will be.

where sharing with gratitude goes

Proof of PROI


Sherab Chosang, Feng Shui Consultant,

For Prosperous Circulation, I lovingly shared ₱40,000 for the entire Satsang meditation series. Afterwards, I received projects worth ₱160,000. That's 400% in return (or 4 times). And then additional income came from the same project, in the amount of ₱800,000. The total amount of ₱960,000 is 2,400% ROI (or 24 times) from Providence. I'm so, so grateful. Thanks a gazillion!


Priscilla M. Wheeler, Life Balance Specialist,

Before the Satsang meditations, I'd have 1-2 clients a month. After the Satsang meditations, I immediately was gifted a radio segment to promote my business, and shortly after I noticed a consistent flow of clients one to two a week. Clients I have not heard from in almost two years started calling for healing sessions. From the beautiful gifting of the Golden River of Prosperity, if I were to place a figure, I have received about 18.5 times on what I had donated.

I think the most profound experience is with my family. Their finances have increased and they have shifted to a more loving generous relationship with prosperity.
Thank you, God, for this beautiful gift, and to
Kim Lopa for being a pure channel of One Love in facilitating such a phenomenal gem from Source.


Claudine Mangasing, Akashic Consultant & Instructor,


To affirm that the Golden River of Prosperity is real: for the whole Satsang meditation series, I gratefully shared Php5500 for Prosperous Circulation. Soon after, prosperity began flowing in. All in all, if I total gross revenue against the gratitude sharing I made, my Gratitude Share multiplied 17.4 times over what I gave. The Golden River of Prosperity works! Much gratitude to God! At the same time that I feel gratitude and elation, I am also humbled by the generosity of our Creator, and my heart is filled with LOVE. I would also like to thank Kim, for being the channel that facilitated the Golden River to make it available to those who attended the Satsangs— feeling grateful ♥️


SB, Philippines

My mother-in-law has tried to create many business ventures with no substantial success. After the June Meditation Satsangs, prosperity began circulating within my family. In the last 4 weeks, my mother-in-law has been able to close 4 real estate deals worth 16 Million Pesos or USD $320,000. I am so thankful to God for this!


Monette M. Flores, Philippines

In-depth Traveler, Ecotourism and Enterprise Development Expert, and Executive Director of a corporate disaster risk-reduction network

Something happened today. Unexpectedly, manna came. We had planned for a trip with tickets bought 8 months ago. But, with the circumstances that accompanied our year, the prospects of financing the trip was dimming. Yet, I was at peace and knew it was going to come through without knowing yet how. After all, it was Divine who called for this date once again, and, this time with my husband. At the last minute of applying for visa, the gift came. It was unmistakable. It didn't come from any compensation for work done. The Golden River of Prosperity that was activated at the Satsang Meditation came with an initial gift of 1700% ROI for the gratitude donation that I sèeded. Thank you, Kim Lopa for the gift of the Satsang.

The following case studies do not offer PROI % stats. Nevertheless, they demonstrate PROI albeit unquantified:

HB, Philippines

I can go on with all the benefits of a Lily Activation but suffice it to say... I got 5 job offers in 10 days when I was not looking for a job. My dreams are coming true one by one." Most importantly, I have found solace and happiness in the company of the Divine.

Jackie Verano, Lawyer, Philippines

Three weeks after my Lily Activation, all the manifestations began to happen continuously. I closed 11 contracts in the past month, 7 of them in just 4 days! I was blown away!

A. Scott, USA

I wanted to share my story of Prosperous Circulation. Since my donation to the 1st "Touching Divine Love Bliss" global online meditation, and another $44.44 donation for a Psion Blessing, I received a free appetizer of green beans when I picked up a food order. I thought this was odd so I asked Source what I should do with these beans. Source told me to eat 1 bean and put the rest in the fridge. Within a few days, I dreamt of receiving lots of money. The next day, I got a full time job offer that starts right after my current job ends! Prosperity definitely circulates in miraculous ways! After the week is over, I will plant the beans on the ground, as Source advised, to be harvested later.


Keys to Prosperity:

Thanks-giving for Prosperous Circulation

THANKS-GIVING is putting your money, time, and energy where you want your thanks to go. It involves sharing a small portion of your gains with an attitude of gratitude. Thanksgiving holiday exemplifies this. Thanksgiving is a time when loved ones (family and friends) pool their money, energy, time, and talents to produce a joyful, festive cornucopia that is shared with everyone gathered.

In our informal case studies, when we compared the response of Providence to Thanks-giving vis-a-vis charitable donations, payments, compensation, barter, tipping, lending, borrowing, and debt repayment, Thanks-giving topped the list in terms of PROI. We discovered that Thanks-giving even out-ranked charitable giving. This came as a surprise to us and we had to ask, "Why?"  

The reason is simple but profound in consequence. In charitable giving, Generosity meets Need. In Thanks-giving, Love meets Beloved.  

The energy of charitable giving (Generosity meets Need) is similar to pouring money into a hole in the ground (i.e., a  money pit, symbolizing something that costs a lot of money over time, more than was originally intended) and expecting something to grow. No wonder repetitions of charitable giving result in "donor fatigue!"

Not so with Thanks-giving (Love meets Beloved). The energy of Thanks-giving is similar to sowing seeds for a new harvest. It is an energy exchange of Love. Gratitude, like Love, fertilizes any mutual exchange. Gratitude, like Love, fertilizes the soil for seeding, harvesting, and abundance, so that seeds can grow and flourish. Best of all, cultivating Gratitude (like cultivating Love) brings abounding Joy.


So, for an abundant harvest, seed Gratitude by putting your money where you want your thanks to go. Not only is this prosperous, it also works like a good luck charm. 


Gratitude turns on the tap so that mana from Heaven can flow through you. If you have an earth vessel to capture the rainfall from Heaven-e.g., a career, profession, or home-based business that you love-then you have a Love-Meets-Beloved vehicle for asset production and income generation that can harness provisions from Providence.


Opens the tap of Heaven.



Prosperous Circulation
and shared prosperity on Earth.

Ultimate Result:

Figure 2: the Nile River Delta fed all of Egypt.

PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION occurs when you share a portion of your gains out of gratitude. The hydraulic force that powers Prosperous Circulation is Thanks-giving (Love meets Beloved). When you put your money where you want your thanks to go, prosperity is shared. Marine life begins to thrive abundantly in your tributary system. Income streams become rivers of abundance. Rivers become deltas (Figure 2). The delta phase is when wealth proliferates because abundance is shared, resulting in prosperity for all. An example of this is the Nile River delta in Figure 2. The Nile delta was able to feed the entire Egypt.

Sadly, our global economy is not a model of Prosperous Circulation. In the current global economic system, the dominant hydraulic forces are extraction of wealth, accumulation of wealth, hoarding of wealth, concentration of wealth, appropriation of wealth, and misappropriation of wealth. The result has been economic inequality between the haves and have-nots, not prosperity for all.


A paradigm shift to an organic model of Prosperous Circulation is much needed, wherein money flows where sharing with gratitude goes. Imagine if we were to inject an organic culture of hydraulic Thanks-giving and Prosperous Circulation into financial systems, business models, economic models, budget models, career models, global infrastructure models, and distribution channels.


Imagine a world where sharing with gratitude proliferates, where river deltas abound, and futures are built on a foundation of Soul Purpose. Imagine a global economy where the Spirit of Thanks-giving (Love meets Beloved) is the architect, Soul Purpose is the blueprint, and Mind is the builder... Eden on Earth will be the physical result.

Prosprous Circulatn

Thanks-giving Is Not the Same As Charitable Giving

Charity cannot be sustained and it is against human dignity. The person who receives it in some way falls.”  ~ Sadhguru

Charitable giving is like pouring money into a hole in the ground (i.e., a money pit) and expecting something to grow. Charity has not worked and yet we keep doing it instead of re-thinking it. We forego the lucrative alternative: sharing prosperity with gratitude for Prosperous Circulation, which yields better PROI for both giver and receiver.


Figure 4 explains why billions in humanitarian aid has neither alleviated poverty nor contributed to shared prosperity. So why not give Prosperous Circulation a chance?

Figure 3: Anik Singal gives empirical proof of why charity has not worked to transform the status quo.

Anik Singal makes a compelling case against charitable giving. He explains why charity has not worked, and statistics prove it.

This reinforces our finding that charitable giving is not prosperous.  It is helpful, but not prosperous for the giver. Charitable giving does not foster Prosperous Circulation. Except for rare exceptions, PROI to giver is next to none. It's not much help to the receiver either, who learns to eat fish but does not learn how to catch fish.

Anik Singal (Figure 3) paints a clear picture of why charity and "free help" are actually counterproductive, and why the contrarian view of "No to charity, No to free," is actually more compassionate and transformative.

Figure 4: The untold truth about humanitarian aid.


What is Prosperous and What is Not?


  • Putting money where you want your thanks to go.

  • Sharing with an attitude of gratitude, e.g., Gratitude Gifts or Gratitude Donations to pastors, ministers, and healers who work for God.

  • Mutually beneficial relationships in the spirit of grateful sharing and exchange.

  • Building the future on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

  • Any business, trade, or investment that brings Gratitude and Joy.

  • Business and investments that promote Prosperous Circulation.

  • Thanks-giving. See also "Seeding Gratitude in the Prosperous Zone."

  • Giving to God's anointed ones. Anointed ones are rare and hard to find, but they are the best tributaries of prosperity and good fortune, and they provide the highest PROI. The concept of giving to God's anointed ones is not new.  In the book, "God's Prosperity Plan," authors Rod Nichols and Tim Johnson explain, "We see a great example of this in 1st Kings 17, when during a great drought, the prophet Elijah approaches a widow and asks her for a cup of water and a break cake. She tells him that she only has enough cake for herself and her son and then they would die. Elijah tells the widow to make a cake for him, and then makes cakes for her and her son. She is obedient and her flour and water did not run out until the drought was over. The widow understood how to enter the flow of God's prosperity-by giving to God's anointed people. Are you giving the same way? So many people would like to partner with Bill Gates... but there is no one richer or more powerful than God, so... begin partnering with Him today."

  • If a spiritual service has contributed good fortune to you or your loved ones-e.g., a healing phenomenon, cost savings, profitability, auspicious encounters, etc.-consider offering Gratitude Donations to the ministers, healers and spiritual teachers who acted as tributaries of your good fortune. Doing so circulates prosperity and multiplies your PROI.


  • Corruption; lack or absence of integrity.

  • Free help.

  • Frugality, hoarding, attitude of scarcity.

  • Money exchanges rooted in lack, greed, entitlement, poverty-consciousness, etc.

  • Investments or trades made out of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

  • Low-vibration energies are PROI inhibitors, e.g., envy, vengeful-ness, snub, fear, grief, "power over", hubris or arrogance, pride, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, lying, cheating, stealing, misappropriation, selfishness, greed, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), manipulation to gain unfair advantage.

  • Feelings or states beneath human dignity prevailing over or underlying any kind of compensation or exchange.

  • Money Pits - "Money pit" is an idiom for a hole in the ground that a man is digging to throw money into. The idiom is used to describe something that costs a lot over time (more money than was first expected) with little to no ROI.  See for examples of money pits.


What's Your Currency?

Try swapping the word "money" with "love."  If you can't make the swap, then "money" and "love" don't mean the same thing to you. So what does money mean to you if not love?  If not love, then what kind of energies are you accepting from others when you accept their money?  If not love, then what kind of energies are you giving to others when you give money?  What energies govern the exchange if not love?


Try changing your vocabulary from "donation" to "Gratitude Donation" or "Love offering."  Did the name change shift your attitude to gratitude?  Did your inner melody switch to Love?

In an economy of Prosperous Circulation, the currency is LOVE, not money. Money is simply a token of exchange, but what is exchanged in energy and essence is LOVE.


An economy of Gratitude and Love can be realized if we willingly change the way we think about money-e.g., shifting our mindset from scarcity and alleviating poverty to "sharing prosperity." 

Just as where you invest your money impacts your ROI, where you invest your love affects your PROI also. Where you invest your thoughts impacts your PROI.  Unloving thoughts and corrupt energy exchanges with others pollute your interior canal, inhibit PROI, and eventually convert you into a Dead Sea sample. Hence, the flow of Prosperity inside you stops. 

Gratitude restores the flow. Sharing with Gratitude restores Prosperous Circulation.

To cultivate Prosperity with Providence on your side, metaphorically speaking, you need to put the buddha back into the exchange of money, goods, and services. This means thanks-giving exchanges (Love Meets Beloved) must be clean, integrous, no strings attached, and hypocrisy-free. You don't take the buddha out of the transaction because it's the Prosperity Buddha (Figure 5) in the transaction that keeps your river canal clean, un-littered, and unobstructed. When you contain pure, clean water, your intrinsic market value increases and, like Evian water from Saint Catherine Springs, people will pay a premium for what you offer.

Figure 5: Prosperity Buddha