Prosperous Circulation

Prosperous Circulation is about putting your money where you want your thanks to go.

The Master Keys:

Gratitude & Sharing

Return on Investment:

333% or more

Fig. 2: Nile River Delta

Fig. 1: A Tale of Two Seas: the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

Prosperity is the capacity for wealth. Prosperity is an energy that moves exactly like water-there is an in-flow and an out-flow. It must circulate and flow to an outlet. Otherwise, it stagnates and eventually dies like the Dead Sea.


When prosperity-energy circulates, that is what we call PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION.


In today's world, PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION is not practiced. The world economic system is based on extraction of wealth, accumulation of wealth, and concentration of wealth. Not circulation of wealth. No wonder there is economic inequality in the world.


In order to circulate wealth, a paradigm shift is needed, i.e., a change in mindset to an organic model of prosperous circulation that feeds all.


PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION occurs when money, goods or services are exchanged in the spirit of gratitude and sharing. Let's call this gratitude sharing. This promotes a flow of good fortune between all parties concerned, as opposed to extraction of wealth where only one party benefits.

In an organic model, wealth is allowed to circulate, creating multiple income streams and river deltas that can feed many people. The Nile River delta (Fig. 2) is a case in point-it fed the entire Egypt. 

Money Changing Hands is an Energy Exchange

Whenever money changes hands, there is always a fluidic energy exchange between giver and receiver, whether or not you're aware of it. For example, if you give money to a gambler or embezzler, you are actually sharing yourself energetically with a Dead Sea.


  • If you exchange money with someone who is a "Dead Sea," what kind of energy exchange will you get in return? 

  • If you exchange money with someone who is a "Sea of Galilee," what kind of energy exchange will you get in return?

  • If you exchange money with someone who is a "St. Catherine Springs" (the source of Evian water in France), what kind of energy exchange will you get in return?

If you become a Dead Sea by virtue of exchanging with other Dead Seas, who will want to drink your bitter, toxic water?  But if you're a Sea of Galilee, teeming with marine life, people will swarm to you.  If you are flowing like Evian water from Saint Catherine springs, people will pay a premium for what you have to offer.  

For a better ROI, discern who are the "Dead Seas" and "Seas of Galilee" and "Saint Catherine springs" you are willing to exchange with, and then put your money where you want your thanks to go.  The purer the other party, the higher the ROI from Providence.

Yes, there is an ROI from Providence. It is the measure of generosity of Providence that accrues to the giver, receiver, and their families.  We call this waterfall of gain:


Prosperity Mantra from St. Germaine

God in me is the Keeper of my Treasure House; then I know God produces for my visible use, great abundance, money as fast as I require its use, and that it is never late, and that all my seeming obligations are taken care of on time.


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PROI is "Providence's Return On Investment" for sharing with an "altitude of gratitude." When you pay or donate in the spirit of GRATITUDE and SHARING-let's call it "grateful sharing"  for short-then you are "seeding gratitude" for the harvest. There is nothing immoral about seeding and harvesting.


Our informal studies revealed that grateful sharing yields at least 333% PROI, which is pretty impressive.  Testimonials we collected from our experiments show returns in excess of that, hitting as high as 8000+% PROI.

For Prosperous Circulation, I lovingly shared P40,000 for the entire Satsang meditation series. Afterwards, I received projects worth P160,000. That's 400% in return (or 4 times). And then additional income came from the same project, in the amount of P800,000. The total amount of P960,000 is 2,400% ROI (or 24 times) from Providence. I'm so, so grateful. Thanks a gazillion!

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From our experiments, we learned:

WHAT IS PROSPEROUS:  sharing with an "altitude of gratitude," and putting your money where you want your thanks to go. PROI is at least 333% or more.

WHAT IS NOT PROSPEROUS: a sense of scarcity, lack, loss, grief, entitlement, charity, or any feeling beneath human dignity prevailing over any kind of compensation or exchange. PROI is 0%.

Where there's love, there's sharing. When you love someone, sharing comes naturally, and gratitude flows. Where there's no love, sharing becomes an act of "giving up" or "giving away," a "sacrifice," which is an energy of internal grieving. 

There's a Better Way to Pay or Donate

In our informal studies, when we compared the response of Providence to donating, paying, compensating, bartering, tipping, lending, and debt repayment vis-a-vis grateful sharing, we discovered that grateful sharing topped the list. It yielded the highest PROI, winning over and above charitableness.  We had to ask ourselves, "Why?"  

The answer: with charitable donations, generosity meets need. With grateful sharing, Love meets beloved.


In grateful sharing, there is an energy exchange of love. Love is more fertile soil for seeding and harvesting. Love makes everything grow and flourish. Need does not.

Gratitude is an expression of love which predisposes you to share with gratitude. Sharing is the organic, 2-way connection for prosperous exchange to occur.


Gratitude turns on the faucet so that kind provisions from Providence can flow through you.


What inhibits, pollutes or stops the flow of Providence through you are feelings or states beneath human dignity, e.g., doubt, lack, ingratitude, greed and entitlement.  


Even charity can inhibit, pollute or stop the flow because charity is beneath human dignity. Sadhguru's wisdom supports this: "Charity cannot be sustained and it is against human dignity. The person who receives it in some way falls.”  

In Fig. 3, Anik Singal presents convincing arguments that charity has not worked, why "free help" is actually counterproductive, and the contrarian mindset of "NO to charity, NO to free," often judged as not compassionate, is actually more transformative.

Fig. 3: Anik singal: the case against charitable giving is that it has not worked.

Instead of charity, try turning your donation into a "Gratitude Donation."


Instead of compensation, try turning your payment into a "Gratitude Payment."


Instead  of trading, try turning your mutually beneficial exchange into a "Gratitude Exchange."


For triple or more ROI.


When you give out of gratitude to and sharing with Divine Source, your good fortune grows exponentially, and it shows as high yield from the harvest.

What Is Your Currency ?

In an economy of Prosperous Circulation, the currency is LOVE, not money. Money is simply a token.

Try swapping the word "money" with "love."  If you can't make the swap, then "money" and "love" don't mean the same thing to you. So what does money mean to you if not love?

What's your energy currency?


What is the energy you exchange with another when you exchange money?  What kind of energies are you accepting from others when you accept their money?

PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION involves a shift in the way we think about money-from "alleviating poverty" to "seeding prosperity."  In the example of charitable giving, you can change "donation" to "gratitude donation" or "love offering."  The name change switches your attitude to gratitude, and your inner melody switches to Love.

Any exchange that is not loving pollutes your flow, inhibits your PROI, creates "marine-litter" in your channel, and eventually turns you into a Dead Sea.  Examples of PROI inhibitors are fear, doubt, ingratitude, miserliness, maliciousness, hoarding, unworthiness, low self-esteem, selfishness, poverty-consciousness, inequality, greed, entitlement, etc. The list goes on. They all have one thing in common: they clog your channel and stop the flow of prosperity through you. 

Gratitude restores the flow.

Just as where you invest your money impacts your ROI, where you invest your love affects your PROI also.  In our experiments, we discovered that Gratitude Donations to pristine spiritual organizations and lineage holders offer some of the best PROI around.  The PROI comes in the form of increased earnings, auspicious opportunities, healing, a peaceful family, a joyful life, etc.

"Cultivating Gratitude and Joy is the way home. There is no joy without gratitude." - Oprah

Fig. 4: Oprah and Dr. Brene Brown on Gratitude and Joy.

Fig. 5: Prosperity Buddha

Putting Prosperity Buddha Back Into the Exchange

PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION occurs when there is mutually beneficial exchange in the spirit of grateful sharing.  It entails putting the buddha back into the exchange, hence, it is NOT an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" transaction.


When you pay or donate with an internal energy of grateful sharing, it triggers a "payback" response from Providence, in the form of triple or more gain and good fortune.


Good fortune has many marine treasures.  Here are a few examples of marine treasures that Providence can bring: 

  • a healing phenomenon in the family

  • cost savings

  • financial profit or profitability

  • wish-fulfillment

  • auspicious opportunities and open doors (e.g., getting one's foot in the door)

  • helpful people

  • opportune connections

  • synchronicities and fortunate "coincidences"

  • extra cash


Many if not most monetary exchanges are not prosperous for the one spending or giving because they are ONE-WAY energy exchanges (only the receiver profits).  There's no love in the exchange. There's no sharing of buddha or christos (i.e., love personified) in the exchange.  When the exchange of money involves deception, manipulation, greed, entitlement, grief (I'm parting with my money"), loss ("This money isn't coming back"), poverty-consciousness, etc., then the exchange is unclean. 


Putting the Prosperity Buddha (Fig. 5) back into the exchange cleans the River of Prosperity that flows through you, which in turn increases your intrinsic value.

How To Bring Prosperity Buddha Into the Exchange
  • Turn your donation into a "Gratitude Donation" or "Love Offering." 

  • Turn your payment into a "Gratitude Payment" or "Love Exchange."

  • If you're thankful to your parents or a sibling, give them a "Gratitude Gift" or "Love Offering" in cash or kind, service or time.

  • If you're afraid to part with your money and tend to hoard, then move into gratitude. 

  • Give Prosperously. See "How To Seed in the Zone-Give Prosperously" below. 

  • Give to God's anointed ones. Offer Gratitude Donations to ministers, healers, and prophets. The anointed ones are rare but they are the best tributaries of good fortune and offer some of the highest PROI around.

The concept of giving to God's anointed ones is not new.  In the book, "God's Prosperity Plan," authors Rod Nichols and Tim Johnson explain, "We see a great example of this in 1st Kings 17, when during a great drought, the prophet Elijah approaches a widow and asks her for a cup of water and a break cake. She tells him that she only has enough cake for herself and her son and then they would die. Elijah tells the widow to make a cake for him, and then makes cakes for her and her son. She is obedient and her flour and water did not run out until the drought was over. The widow understood how to enter the flow of God's prosperity-by giving to God's anointed people. Are you giving the same way? So many people would like to partner with Bill Gates... but there is no one richer or more powerful than God, so... begin partnering with Him today."


Not all spiritual organizations are equal, however. In our experiments, corrupt spiritual organizations yielded little to no PROI. From this we learned: when you share/seed a Gratitude Donation, the purer and cleaner the other party is, the more good fortune Providence returns to you for your seed investment.


If a spiritual service has contributed good fortune to you or your loved ones-in the form of a healing phenomenon, or cost savings, or profitability, or auspicious opportunities, for example-consider offering ongoing Gratitude Donations to the ministers, healers and spiritual teachers who acted as tributaries of your good fortune. Doing so fertilizes the seeds of good fortune that they sow in you and keeps your prosperity flowing.

Harnessing Prosperity

To harness gains from Providence, you'll need a water vessel to contain the rainfall from heaven. In the context of prosperity, this means harnessing wealth.  Modern-day examples of water vessels that harness wealth tokens are: a career profession, entrepreneurship,  a corporation, school, academy, home-based business, service agency etc. 

To cultivate prosperity with Providence on your side, simply put the buddha or christos back into the transaction/exchange of money, goods, and services. 


The video in Fig. 6 is about marrying the spirituality of buddha or christos with a career or business, as re-contextualized by renowned psychiatrist, Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Phd.

Fig. 6: Marrying spirituality and business, by Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Phd.

So inject an organic culture of PROSPEROUS CIRCULATION into your business model, investment strategies, budgeting, career path, etc. You'll be "lucky" you did.

To Seed in the "Zone," Give Prosperously


Our video (Fig. 7) demonstrates a way to give a payment or donation prosperously. The aim of the breathing exercise in the video is to put you in the FLOW of prosperity by raising your vibrations while neutralizing the insidiousness of personal money issues (e.g., insecurity, lack, guilt, fear, entitlement, poverty-consciousness). Let's call this inner space of prosperous flow and return the Prosperous Zone.

In our video, we use a prosperity mantra or affirmation, combined with deep breathing, to get you into the Prosperous Zone.  Once you feel the prosperous flow coursing through your body, you're ready to give money prosperously and unblocked. 

Fig. 7: Getting into the Prosperous Zone.

As you do the exercise in the video, you may feel movements in your energy body.  They are signals that your energy anatomy is reorganizing. Discomfort while repeating your prosperity mantra or affirmation is a sign that you are blocked in your intention to be prosperous.


You will know that you are unblocked in your intention to be prosperous when the words of your mantra or affirmation roll out of your mouth like honey, and your breathing flows easily, rhythmically. This is the most auspicious time to make a donation and surrender your petitions to Source. We observed that Source is more likely to grant petitions in the Prosperous Zone than at any other time.


Keep practicing our video exercise until the Prosperous Zone becomes your new "normal."  One gentleman we know, who practiced daily, was able to pay off a 7-year debt in 6 months with change to spare.


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