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Build the Future on a Foundation of Soul Purpose

Spirit is the architect.
Soul Purpose is the blueprint.
Mind is the builder.
Heaven on Earth is the physical result.

Everyone has a Soul Purpose. Reneging on Soul Purpose is considered by Heaven to be the ultimate act of selfishness, so it brings the heaviest karma and prevents your ascension. 

The answer to uncertainty is Soul Purpose. Why?

Soul Purpose answers all your existential questions-past, present, and future. It's the answer to Who, What, When, Where, and most importantly, WHY. Soul Purpose is the definitive meaning and backbone of one's existence.

If you don't know your soul purpose-or if you know your soul purpose only in your head but not in your heart and bones-then you are rudder-less. You end up working for a false god. You end up giving backbone to someone else's rhetoric and ulterior motives, and you will adopt his ideas as your own instead of fulfilling your highest purpose.

In your search for meaning, you will end up making choices that are not aligned with your DNA makeup, i.e., not aligned with what God created you for. Instead, you become a fake Gucci. An Armani knock-off. A devil who wears Prada.

But if you know your soul purpose to the bone, then you have your WHY. You have met your WHO that knows WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT. You are awake to your existential history, meaning, and love story all rolled into one rainbow. You have met your Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth—the 5 pillars for creating miracles in your life.


Then life begins to call you by name.

Level Up

Akashic Gold Suite answers your questions about Soul Purpose.

Life coaching takes on an enlightened meaning when combined with a reading of your Book of Life. Unlike a psychic reading which attempts to predict the future, a Book of Life Reading helps clients co-create futures on a foundation of Soul Purpose. Because the best way to predict the future is to create it on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

So we help you reach decisions aligned with Soul Purpose.

Our Akashic Gold Service Suite combines 2 powerful systems of transformative care: Akashic Records plus Sacred Alchemy. In this private 1-on-1, you get a Book of Life Reading while Beloveds of the Christ Office transform your "old" to "gold" with God doing the heavy-lifting.

Soul Purpose powerfully transforms, fertilizes, and renews life.


Soul purpose creates more value generation for your business than information content. Information does not change behavior, Soul purpose does. Information does not have the power to transform, fertilize, and renew life. Soul purpose does.  That is why Soul Purpose is organically prosperous.


Seldom are soul purpose and wealth generation combined. Hence, we feature Garrett Gunderson of Wealth Factory (Figure 1 to 4), the only financial wealth expert we know who speaks from experience about wealth architecture on a foundation of soul purpose.

Figure 1

Figure 3

Build wealth architecture on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

The foundation of value generation, prosperity, and building the life you love is Soul Purpose. 

You are the brand ambassador fulfilling your soul missions, and soul purpose is your "branding." 


Soul purpose inspires productivity and fuels activity that brings recurring income, cash flow, and a sustainable business.  It guides you on where to invest your time, energy, money, and resources.


Best of all, when you build the future on a foundation of Soul Purpose, Providence does the heavy-lifting.

Figure 2

Figure 4