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Build the Future on a Foundation of Soul Purpose

Spirit is the architect.
Soul Purpose is the blueprint.
Mind is the builder.
Heaven on Earth is the physical result.

 Everyone has a Soul Purpose, although not everyone knows what it is. Denying your Soul Purpose is considered by Heaven to be the ultimate act of selfishness, so it brings the heaviest karma and prevents your ascension.   

"In order to ascend we first need to complete the mission we undertook for this life on Earth. Some people have an inner knowing that they are doing what they came in to do. Others may need to access in meditation the blueprint of their life. If you are not on your true life path, then it is important you take the decisions which get you onto it. Sometimes we have to take difficult decisions to ensure we are doing what we contracted to do before we came in." - Diana Cooper, "A New Light on Ascension"


So what is Soul Purpose and why?

In a TED talk on "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" that went mega-viral, Simon Sinek hit the nail on the head when he said, "Start with the WHY."

Your soul came to earth for a particular purpose. It's WHY you came here in the first place. Soul Purpose is your blueprint, your life plan, your unique brand, your raison d'etre. It is your WHY. So if you're planning to build a future that you'll love, then start with your WHY. Build on a foundation of Soul Purpose so you will love who you become.

If you don't know your soul purpose—or if you know your soul purpose only superficially—then you are rudder-less. You'll end up working for a false god, and giving backbone to someone else's purpose, someone else's rhetoric, someone else's life plan. You will adopt his ideas as your own instead of fulfilling your highest purpose.

In your search for meaning, you will end up making choices that are not aligned with your DNA makeup, de-synchronous with what you were created for. Instead, you become a fake Gucci. An Armani knock-off. A devil who wears Prada.

But if you know your soul purpose to the bone, then you stand on your WHY. You become unshakeable. Unstoppable. Because you are awake to your life meaning and love story all rolled into one rainbow. 


Then life begins to call you by your name.

Evergreen Blossom e-courses teach you how to consult Higher Power about your Soul Purpose.

Learn to access Divine Intelligence and communicate with the Creative Forces to help you build a future on a foundation of Soul Purpose. We teach you how in our Evergreen Blossom e-courses. Because the best way to predict the future is to build it on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

Soul Purpose will transform, galvanize, fertilize, and inspire you... and others.


Information does not change behavior, but Soul purpose does. Information does not have the power to transform, fertilize, and renew life, but Soul Purpose does. That is why Soul Purpose can create more value generation for your business than the information content you share.

Soul Purpose is inherently and organically prosperous. But seldom do you find knowledge of wealth generation and soul purpose combined. Filling the gap is financial wealth expert, Garrett Gunderson of Wealth Factory, a vocal proponent of wealth architecture built on a foundation of Soul Purpose. He has the know-how, experience, and financial success to prove he's right. Watch his videos below.

Build wealth architecture on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

The foundation of value generation, prosperity, and building the life you love is Soul Purpose.


Soul purpose inspires productivity and fuels activity that brings recurring income, cash flow, and a sustainable business. Soul Purpose is in your DNA and it guides you on where to invest your time, energy, money, and resources. 

What about branding? It's right under your nose. Your Soul Purpose is your brand. You are the brand ambassador. That's how practical your Soul Purpose is.

Best of all, when you build and brand your future on a foundation of Soul Purpose, then Providence does the heavy-lifting.

Still can't connect the dots?

Akashic Gold has the answers that connect you to your Soul Purpose.

In a private Akashic Gold Experience, "Higher Guidance" takes on an enlightened dimension because we combine mentoring and life coaching with a reading of your Book of Life. Unlike a psychic reading which attempts to predict the future, a Book of Life Reading helps clients co-create their future on a foundation of Soul Purpose. Because the best way to predict the future is to co-create it on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

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