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THANK YOU to our clients and patrons for sharing your success stories and inspiring us with your results.

ToniAnn Hanna - Batista

FB Digital Consultant

Kim Lopa has always been my go-to for Akashic Readings. Choosing an Akashic Reader has always been an important selection as its such a personal experience. I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pin point the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from, and only asked a few and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking. They gave me the gift of self-discovery and clarity. I AM grateful. Thank you to the Akashic Lords and to Kim Lopa for your loving service.

Prior to my Akashic Consultation PLUS God-consciousness Healing, there was a slight disconnect. Kim was very kind and compassionate with the challenging information that was communicated to her from the Master, Teachers and Lords of the Akashic Records. Some of the most profound truths were graced with so much love. It was like feeling God’s embrace within each word.


The awareness, grounded connectedness, and the spark within my heart feel as if they have been re-ignited. Latent abilities have come forward with a new instinctive awareness and understanding. Where there was uncertainty, there is a clear precise knowing filled with LOVE. My connection to Source feels much more palpable, solid and whole. Air Hugs, Kim Lopa. ~ Thank you

Hera B.

Manila, Philippines

Kim's Akashic Reading showed me higher ground. I have always wanted to be aligned to my soul purpose and my session with her allowed me to not only see where I am headed, but also how I can consciously work to fuel my passions, my career, my faith, my relationships for the highest good. The reading allowed me to recognize how I am loved, guided and destined for only the good things when I couple my dreams with a commitment to stay loyal to God and His promise.

M. Abella

Manila, Philippines

It was a beautiful, powerful reading. It delivered the truth straight to my heart. I winced and almost cried--almost, because I attempted to hold back, as I was used to doing. However, when the session was over, I found that I could no longer hold back the tears, and I allowed them to fall. In a span of one hour, my soul's journey of several lifetimes was revealed to me. Thank you, Kim. Your Akashic Reading nudged me to open my heart more. Thank you, I love you. My soul is eternally grateful.


Metro Manila, Philippines

It's taken me months to create this testimonial if only because the depth and potency of the mentoring session I had with Kim. The Akashic Consultation was so great that I am still processing it and re-processing it every few months. It took me some time to understand the guidance from my Book of Life but the more I think about it, the more I realize how absolutely spot on it was and continues to be, not just for a specific area of my life but overall. I think it definitely could be one of those life-changing readings if I do it justice in application. Kim, I'll always be grateful for the Akashic Consultation because it came at exactly the right time and it may not be what I thought I would hear but it's definitely what I needed to hear to make a difference in my own life.

Aves Avecilla, Akashic Reader

Manila, Philippines

I had questions about my life’s path. The signs weren’t clear and I seemed to be veering away from what I understood was my life’s mission. After the Akashic Consultation, I had an experience of being found. Not like a “There you are!” kind of experience but one that felt like a nudge to look within. When I did, I saw that I had an inner compass/map/itinerary/GPRS: my God-center. So as I fulfill my mission, when the roads seem foggy and blurry again, I can refer back to that and keep paving (not finding) my path. For someone who keeps 'getting lost', this realization is PRICELESS. After the Akashic Consultation, I felt that I could walk with confidence in all the uncertainty that I was surrounded with, and that came from something that the reading unearthed from within me. Thank you for the Akashic ConsultationKim. I believe the very practical advise I was given created a huge foundation for my efforts to fulfill my mission.


Manila, Philippines

There comes a time in one's life when one feels like being at a crossroads, hence, we look for guidance.  I was at that time in my life... Kim's Akashic Reading shed light on crucial things. The buck stops with me, hence, what I got from the Akashic Oracle Reading is another variable to carefully consider when planning out my life. Thank you, Kim, and thank you ascended masters for helping to show me the path to walk on.

My eternal gratitude to the Masters & Teachers of the Akashic realm, to my teacher, Kim, and to God for having had the opportunity to learn Akashic Reading! It has helped me immensely in my life when I needed guidance, encouragement, healing, and answers to questions I had — all within the Love of the Divine. It has helped shape who I am now. I enjoin anyone who is in the spiritual path and would like to grow in God's Grace to take up Akashic Reading classes! They are a great companion and tool for knowing oneself.

Toni-Ann Hanna

Rhode Island, USA

Kim Lopa is an amazing teacher, beautiful soul and pure channel of the Masters & Teachers. I had a delightful experience in connecting on a much deeper and intimate level with the Akashic Records Level 3: Metatron's Palace. I am eternally grateful beyond words and feelings for the gift of connection given to me. Blessings to you, Kim.

Name Witheld

Florida, USA

Akashic Level 3: Metatron's Palace put me in another level of consciousness. Now that I have learned to connect and communicate with God after the class, it has been incredible to just sit and have a personal conversation with Him whenever I choose to. Absolutely incredible! I am fascinated! To be in connection and constant communication with Him permanently cannot be put into words. Pure bliss.


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