It has been called many names: yoga (which means "to join" or "to unite"), Tao (which means union of Yin and Yang), non-duality, unity-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, inclusive consciousness, samadhi (which means "bring together" and "union with the divine"), unpolarization, etc.  Whatever the label, they all point to the same thing. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Teachings and teachers of Oneness abound in all major religions and cultures, attesting to its universality.  The message has been repeated countless times and symbolized countless ways through the ages, although it's meaning has been largely misinterpreted and misunderstood. However, it's essence hasn't been forgotten. At the end of the day, all hearts ache for union. All souls pine for it. So why isn't there enough of it going around?  Why is it slow to gain ground?

We identify a few common afflictions below that hinder individual and collective progress towards Oneness. And then we offer solutions.

Figure 1: Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul by John van Auken.

​1st Hindrance: Inequality

"To be one with the Father is to be equal with the Father.” - Edgar Cayce (900-331)


Jesus Christ taught that Oneness with God is being equal with God: "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God."  (Philippians 2:5-6​)

The incongruity of Christian belief is that followers do not heed their own Savior's advice. Jesus Christ's message of Oneness (as equal with God) was largely ignored, misunderstood and disavowed, then and now:

"I and my Father are ONE." Then they took up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them, "Many good works have I showed you from my Father; for which of these do you stone me?" They answered him, saying, "For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God." Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, Ye are gods.' "   (John 10:30-34)

However, Christianity and Catholicism maintain a schism of inequality between God and Man.  Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduisim, and the Kahuna religion of Hawaii does not harbor this inequality.

Tibetan Buddhism is not afflicted with inequality. His Holiness Trinley Thaye Dorje, 17th Gyalwa Karmapa of the Karma Kagyu lineage (equivalent to the Catholic Pope)-believed to be an emanation of Buddha-once remarked, "The only difference between you and me is that I know you are buddhas."

The Kahuna religion of Hawaii is not afflicted with inequality.  Its priests and shamans consider humanity as gods equal to the Most High.  Equality with a Supreme Power is what allows them to easily connect with the One Great Spirit and manifest the supernatural powers of deity. 

Hinduism is not afflicted with inequality.  I once asked a Hindu preacher, "Have your people ever crucified your Christ?"  The Hindu preacher replied, "No, never."  So I asked, "What in your religion or culture or belief systems prevents you from crucifying your Christ?"  The Hindu preacher replied, "In Hinduisim, we believe we (everyone) are all gods."

Have you noticed that peaceful religions believe in equality with deity, whereas religions with a history of violence do not?  Inequality breeds contempt, power plays, schisms, unfairness, violence, wars... and crucifixions.  

Inequality with deity is a human prejudice that prevents truth-seekers from realizing their Oneness with God.  If humans were awake to the truth of our integral oneness-that we are all gods equal with God, according to Jesus Christ-then would humans treat their fellow men so sacrilegiously?  Of course not.  But rather than wake up to their sacrilege so they can stop it, they hit the snooze button.

2nd Hindrance: Most People Don't Understand Non-duality


The world of duality has it's own culture.  So, too, does the world of non-duality (or Oneness).  The two cultures are polar opposites locked in a paradox of seemingly irreconcilable differences.  Making sense of both cultures can be a challenge because they have antithetical values, antithetical languages, antithetical viewpoints, antithetical terrain, antithetical practices.  

Choosing the path of Oneness means opening yourself up to the bizarro worlds of duality and non-duality.  The dualistic world is polarized, the non-dualistic world un-polarized.  Reconciling the two can be a head-scratcher.

The dualistic mind grieves over it's mistakes. To the non-dualistic mind, there are no mistakes. How can both be true?  (Scratch head)


From the polarized viewpoint, there is good and evil.  From the unpolarized viewpoint, it's all good. How can both be true?  (Scratch head again)


In the world of duality, there are angels and demons. In the world of non-duality, Lucifer is the light bringer.  How can both be true? (Another head scratcher)


Without a knowledgeable guide, crossing over from a dualistic to a non-dualistic context is incomprehensible and rather intimidating to many.


3rd Hindrance: Unconscious Separation or Otherizing


Being "conscious" is more than being awake to what you are doing.  Being CONSCIOUS means knowing WHAT you are doing and WHY in every choice you make.

When God separated His creation into male and female for procreation, God knew what He was doing and why. This is an example of Conscious Separation.

When a surgeon severs a gangrenous limb, he knows what he is doing and why.  He performs surgical dismemberment because it is the safe and responsible thing to do.  This is an example of Conscious Separation.  

Cutting ties with someone when the relationship has become gangrenous is another form of conscious separation.  For example, cutting ties with bullies, or distancing oneself from toxic narcissists, is healthier than taking their poison.  

Conscious separations are not harmful. They do not corrupt or fragment the soul, because separation is done for the purpose of preserving health and safety or else birthing new life. 

Unconscious separation, on the other hand, is subversive and corrosive to Oneness.  It has turned many a soul into Jekyll and Hyde.  Self-righteousness is an example of this duplicity.  A self-righteous person is quick on the trigger when it comes to the faults of others, but blind to his own.  Beneath his sanctimonious demeanor is a fallen angel posing as a false god.

Otherizing is the most prevalent form of unconscious separation.  


"Otherizing" (figure 2) is often done blindly, hence, it is a form of unconscious separation, often with regrettable consequences.

Xenophobia (i.e., fear of differences) is often the root cause of "otherizing", causing humans to unconsciously fear, not love, an-other.  When fear of differences is brought into any equation, results are ruinous.

Of all the obstacles to Oneness that exist, unconscious "otherizing" is the most insidious, because the perpetrator is unseen.

Figure 2: Elizabeth Lesser on "otherizing."

Hidden in the shadowed recesses of the unconscious mind are all the patterns of unconscious separations committed by our rejected dark side-how and why we unconsciously commit "otherizing," how and why we give our power away to others, how and why we trade with the devil.

Like the proverbial Jekyll and Hyde, unconscious "otherizing" travels under our internal radar as body-mind-soul splits.  They externalize as hurtful or hateful speech, bad behaviors such as bullying, abandonment, negligence, strife, etc.  

Instead of defending, preserving or restoring life, unconscious separations kill our joy and leave behind a trail of broken hearts and damages to life, health, safety, and property.   

Unconscious Separation is the common denominator and root cause of all man-made evil and inequality in the world.  It's insidiousness manifests in the physical body as disease, illness, pain, deformation, etc. 


When ignored and allowed to fester, the effects are corrosive . . . like ingesting toxic food and then expecting the "other" to die from it. 

From "Unconscious Otherizing" to "Conscious Coupling"


Those who practice "conscious coupling" of their polarities evolve much faster than those who don't. 

"Conscious coupling" means mending our unconscious separations until there is no "other."  It involves bridging our internal warring factions and seeking all the possibilities of union. 

There are many ways to "conscious coupling" of our painfully separated "other selves."  Elizabeth Lesser suggests a simple, practical approach to end "otherizing" and bridge chasms of disagreement (figure 3).

For stubborn, deep-seated splits and inner saboteurs, Shadow Work (figure 4) is the more effective approach.

Romancing the Shadow (figure 5) is a Jungian-based approach to soul work popularized by Connie Zweig and Dr. Steven Wolf.  It involves making the unconscious conscious, and mending the separations between your Conscious Self and Unconscious Self, until you become one integrated whole.  

People who do "shadow romancing" attain Oneness and wholeness much faster than those who do "shadow boxing."

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious ... Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."  - Carl Jung

Figure 4: Carolyn Myss and Andrew Harvey offer a free video series entitled "Discover Shadow Work"

Conscious Separation

(to be continued)



is the divine romance between two; the divine love bliss when two become one.



"I want both of us to start talking about this great love as if You and I, and the Sun were all married and living in a tiny room, helping each other to cook, do the wash, weave and sew, and care for our beautiful animals. We all leave each morning to labor on the earth's field. No one does not lift a great pack. I want both of us to start singing like two traveling minstrels about this extraordinary existence we share. As if you, I and God were all married and living in a tiny room."  ▪ Hafiz


1st Solution: Oneness Restoration

Restore to Oneness and Be a Light Unto Nations

The inner and outer work of self-reunification involves reconciling horizontal and vertical polarities at the heart and restoring their Sacred Union (figure 6), seeking all possibilities of union even when there seems to be none. 

The goal: an internal and behavioral shift, from being polarized in 4 directions to being the meeting at the heart of all 4 directions, in Sacred Union.

Reconciling one's polarities is accomplished by practicing Conscious Coupling of our polarities rather than "unconscious otherizing."

When Spirit is the architect and mind the builder, the physical result will be Oneness in body, mind, heart, and soul, characterized by unity in thought, action, speech, motive, and purpose.

Those who do Oneness Restoration with the help of a Jungian psychotherapist or counselor progress much faster, with less trial and error, compared to those who don't. 


Those who do Oneness Restoration after a Lily Activation grow much faster than those who don't.


Heaven (+)

our spiritual needs








 Earth (-)

our material needs

Figure 6

What "Be a Light Unto Nations" means in the context of Oneness Restoration


The outgrowth of Oneness Restoration is the attainment of Christ-consciousness-which, in the psycho-spiritual sense, is an integrated consciousness of our oneness with All That Is (i.e., God). 


Christ-consciousness is the internal realization of the miraculous inner messiah who is the humblest servant of all and who, like the sun, brightens a dark world in a way that 7 billion human light bulbs cannot do (figure 7).

Over 7 billion humans emit polarized light like incandescent bulbs. On the other hand, a human who attains Christ-consciousness radiates unpolarized light like the sun by default.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD., Phd (in his book "Power vs. Force"), the mere presence of this rare, enlightened individual on earth is enough to balance the darkness caused by millions of people, thereby, reducing the chances of planetary annihilation.

Figure 7 shows how the sun's unpolarized light brightens a dark world in a way that billions of polarized incandescent bulbs can't do.

I, the Lord, have called you to demonstrate my righteousness, and have taken hold of your hand, and submitted you as the people's promise, as a light unto nations.  (Isaiah 42:6)

And unto your light, nations shall walk, mighty kings will come to see your radiance.  (Isaiah 60:3)
2nd Solution: Unio Mystica

Jesus Christ attained a mystical union with God, known in Sanskit as paramananda, or Unio Mystica in Latin.  It is a supreme level of divine love bliss and oneness with God. 


His cross (figure 6) depicts the Sacred Union of his horizontal and vertical polarities at the heart, in unconditional love.

The antichrist, by definition, is the opposite of the Christ (see Antichrist: 666 Decoded).  If Christ is truth, then the antichrist is falsehood. If Christ is sharing, then the antichrists are greed, stinginess, unkindness. If Christ is One Love, then the antichrist would be the antithesis of "loving thy neighbor as thyself." 


Christ-consciousness is loving your neighbor as if he is you.  Antichrist-consciousness is loving your neighbor as if he is an-other.

Had Jesus viewed his oppressors as the "other" and himself as "victim," history would have evolved very differently for all of us. 

Therefore, his choice to be in Oneness with his naysayers, betrayers, and crucifiers (rather than succumb to the unconscious separation of the antichrist) was pivotal.

Despite excruciating physical pain and a bleeding heart, Jesus would not be thwarted from seeking the possibilities of union even when there seemed to be none.  Epitomizing Oneness, he forgave his crucifiers from a place of oneness with them, not separation from them. Thus, Jesus was able to maintain Unio Mystica

Unio Mystica is an impenetrable, invisible force shield capable of transmuting anything harmful or negative into nirvana.  The vitriol hurled by the angry mob at Jesus was automatically transmuted to divine love bliss, thereby, insulating Jesus from the pain and poisons inflicted on him by the antichrist in others.

Jesus died in divine love bliss and Oneness with The All. It was a decisive victory over the divisive antichrist. 

Figure 8 is an example of Mother Nature's Oneness-a Douglas Fir (left) and an Alligator Juniper tree (right) growing together. It's not that they don't like each other, but rather both trees have very different climate requirements. The Douglas Fir likes cool, damp climates and higher elevations, while the Alligator Juniper prefers hotter, drier temperatures.  To see the two of them growing together under the same conditions is very rare. As of now, both appear to be healthy and will live together in Pinetop- Lakeside Forest, Arizona for many years to come.

3rd Solution: the Second Coming

Eckhart Tolle, Paramahansa Yogananda, and Edgar Cayce talked about the Second Coming being a collective phenomenon.  In the 1930's, Edgar Cayce prophesied the following:

Questioner:  "Can there be given, in a way we may understand, an explanation of the meaning of the Second Coming of Christ?"

Cayce:  "He who was the Christ will return, will rule, and will teach on this plane. There are reasons, there are purposes for this which may easily be understood, that the greatest of the initiates will come in this day to complete the evolvement of those initiates who might be available for the occupying of this consciousness. There are others who will, at the same time of this reappearance, this Second Coming, be raised to this level so that in effect they will become the Christ in their own consciousness, in their own development.  These in this sense will become ONE together and they will become Christ in the Christ-consciousness. They will become one with God. This is what we seek. This is what we build toward."

The first Christ came in the perfection through Jesus. The 2nd Coming of Christ is portended to be a collective phenomenon-as the spirit of Christ born in imperfect human beings so that they may be made perfect and whole.


This could mean the spirit of Christ is no longer a memory of a deceased savior but a resurrected force coursing through the energy cords that connect us.  This could mean the spirit of Christ is no longer up in the skies, or in pages of a bible, but here on earth, performing prophetico-messianic deeds through enlightened human initiates, and leading people to a New Heaven and New Earth.

This could mean the Second Coming, this New Heaven and New Earth, will be happening through you.


Figure 9


Figure 10: John first described New Heaven New Earth as a marriage of heaven and earth—i.e., Oneness.


Author: Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa