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Shekinah Blessings

Shekinah Blessings is a brand of meditation-transmission wherein a group of people gather to receive a most sacred guest of honor: the Shekinah herself. Shekinah means "the glorious presence of God which descended to dwell among men." Synonyms for Shekinah : Gaia, or Holy Spirit in Hebrew Aramaic.


Whenever someone feels as though God is present, Kabbalists would say it is actually the Shekinahnot merely an aspect of God but a Divine Being in Her own right (source: Universal Kabbalah Network). She is our Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine Womb, the Divine Birth Canal of all creation.  Among Christians, the Shekinah in the New Testament is equivalent to the presence or indwelling of the Spirit of the Lord, generally referred to as the Spirit of Christ abiding in the believer (source: Wikipedia).


In Shekinah Blessings, the gentle, warm fire of Her Magnificent Presence descends from Heaven to embrace you, sanctify you, and nourish you with Her Love, Light and Healing. The experience defies description.


Attend this meditation only if you give Divine Mother permission to infuse you to the core.

Putting the Prosperity Buddha Back Into the Exchange


In the spirit of mutual sharing and Prosperous Circulation, we gratefully accept Gratitude Donations or "Love Offerings" for the spiritual service we bestow.

If a spiritual service has contributed good fortune to you or your loved ones-in the form of a healing phenomenon, cost savings, profitability, or auspicious opportunities, for example-please consider offering ongoing Gratitude Donations to the ministers and healers who acted as tributaries of your good fortune. Doing so fertilizes the seeds of good fortune that they sow in you, and keeps your prosperity flowing.

Healthcare Advisory


Shekinah Blessings is subtle but pure and highly potent. It may trigger peak spiritual experiences such as divine revelations, earth-shaking epiphanies, or miraculous healing. These are symptoms of spiritual awakening that must be balanced with proper education, grounding, and counseling. Consult a spiritual counselor, church pastor, or mental health counselor to help you balance and understand your spiritual experiences. See a medical professional for your physical healthcare needs.

Please see Full Disclaimers to help you manage expectations about our offers.

Love, Light & Healing from Divine Mother / Gaia / Holy Spirit

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