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Miracle of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the Most Powerful Healer and Karma Liberator


My Story

Cancer is a death sentence.

An acquaintance of mine called me from the hospital. She was scheduled for cancer surgery the next day, so she was wondering if I could do energy healing on her beforehand. She didn't want to bother me but that day was an exception. She was dying to live. So off I went to meet her at the hospital.

I tried every energy healing modality I knew to remove the thick, dark cloud of cancer energy all over her body, but nothing seemed to work. After 2 hours, I was growing weary and my back was starting to ache. Exasperated, I exclaimed to God in my head, "My God, isn't there an easier, faster way?!" 

God replied in my head, "Tell her to forgive."

So I reminded my friend that she is facing a terminal illness.  "At this terminal stage of your life, would you be willing to forgive everyone including yourself?," I asked her. 

She nodded.  For a few minutes, she closed her eyes and forgave everyone she knew, including her arch nemesis.  As she did so, the remaining thick, dark cloud of cancer energy that engulfed her body disappeared INSTANTLY.

"Gosh," I remember thinking, "Why didn't God mention forgiveness earlier? Would've saved me a lot of time and trouble."

Next, God told me to tell her she has no cancer.  So I said it, in front of all her family members in the room: "You have no cancer."


I thought everyone would be happy to hear the good news.  Instead, their faces were glum and deadpan.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked.

After an uncomfortable silence, my ill friend explained that her doctors were 99.99% sure her 27 tumors were malignant.  According to her doctors, when that many tumors appear, they are cancerous.  There simply was no exception to that in medical history.

I didn't know what to say. I felt like a fool for contradicting expert medical opinion. I pondered what to say next. Do I apologize for my mistake? Or do I say the truth? I decided to speak my truth.


"I do not wish to dispute the doctors' findings," I said apologetically. "I'm sure their lab results support their diagnosis. However, God told me to tell you that you have no cancer. You can take it or leave it." Then I left.

The next morning, after awaking from surgery and speaking to the doctors, I was the first person she called. She was crying uncontrollably over the phone. Her doctors had just delivered the news, blow by blow.  

All 27 tumors were benign. Not a single one was cancerous. It was a medical impossibility, and all the doctors could say was, "It's a miracle."

Author: Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Forgiveness Prayers to Restore the Union


At the root of all illness is the body's cry for Oneness.  Below are forgiveness prayers for restoring The Union. Choose your pill: begin the prayer (1) with sincere intent to restore Sacred Union within, or (2) as One with The Almighty Indivisible Beloved God.

Hawai’ian Prayer of Forgiveness

(always spoken present tense, with great passion)








Already I am standing in the Light of Absolution.

Already, I hear the calling to rise up, to free myself, to loosen myself and break into the Great Light of Mercy and Forgiveness.

Already, I am bursting forth, cracking open and breathing into me the Great River of Light.

Oh, to remove the barriers and remain in the Supreme Light, wrapped in the cloak of protection, bathing in the abundant Sea of Light and Mercy.

The profoundly Sacred Flow of Light, from the Source of All Light is gathering within me, folding around me, collecting within me, building within me.  The flow of the Light, gathering within me is liberating, releasing, and freeing me.

YES, I breath in the Light of At-onement.

YES, I am freed.

YES, I am forgiven, released, cracked open and bursting forth, overflowing and One with the Great Blissful Ocean of Eternal Light.

Ribono Shel Olam

Composed by Rabbi Ted Falcon

Ruling Spirit of the Universe, I now forgive all who have hurt me, all who have done me wrong, whether deliberately or by accident, whether by word, by deed, or by thought, whether against my pride, my person or my property. In this incarnation or in any other, may no one be punished on my account.

And may it be Thy Will, Eternal One, who is my God and the God of my fathers and mothers, that I be no more bound by the wrongs which I have committed; that I be free from patterns which cause pain to me and to others; that I no longer do that which is evil in Thy Sight.

May my past failings be wiped away in Your Great Mercy, Eternal One, and may they no longer manifest through suffering and illness. Let my words, my thoughts, my meditations, and my acts, flow from the fullness of Your Being, Eternal One, Source of my being and my Redeemer.

Ribono Shel Olam performed by Stephen Merrit from the CD: Journey to Katriel.

Sacred Alchemy: the Miracle of Transforming Old to Gold

When any kind of miracle happens, the hidden mechanism behind it is the precise application of these five pillars of Sacred Alchemy-Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  Through command of the energies of these 5 elements, one becomes a siddha, a supernatural saint. One can transform illness, sorrow, pain, and even transmute physical matter, through the synergy of these 5 elemental forces.

When one masters the 5 elements of Alchemy, one can transform anything "old" to "gold" through supra-normal means and channel Christ's miracles.


Sacred Alchemy is the conscious, co-creative application of the 5 elements which, if applied correctly, results in a miracle, or transmutation of matter, or transfiguration of matter, or transcendence by way of an innate capacity to surpass natural law.

Transform Old to Gold Through Our Sacred Alchemy Healing Suite
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