Christ Office

The Celestial Host

In the context of The Lily and Beyond, when we speak of the Christ we are referring to a Celestial Host, not to a man but to a non-ecumenical, non-denominational, universal Christ Office. "Christ" is the English term for the Greek Khristos, meaning “one who is anointed or appointed by God with a unique purpose or mission on Earth," hence, Christ Office is a body of these "anointed ones."  In Buddhism, Gautama Buddha and Guan Yin are examples of anointed ones. In Christianity, we have Jesus Christ, Enoch, Melchizedek, Blessed Virgin Mary, et al. In Sufism, there's Meher Baba. In Hinduism: Krishna, Shirdi Sai Baba, et al.  Other anointed ones are uncelebrated and unknown, although no less esteemed and numinous. 


A more mature definition of the Christ Office is to know it as a level of spiritual attainment. All the "insiders" in the Christ Office have achieved Christ Consciousness. That attainment is evident in their auras. They possess not just any white light but a Christ Light like the sun-a shield of unpolarized white light, densely concentrated and yet refined, subtle, impervious, powerful, unified, transformative and universally loving. It is the light of embodied Oneness.

Thus, when we speak of the Christ Office, we are referring both to a level of spiritual attainment AND a body of such anointed ones (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Anointed ones in the Christ Office.