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The Beloveds of the Christ Office

God + Ascended Masters, Divinities, Saints & Anointed Ones

"Christ" is the English term for the Greek Khristos, meaning “one who is anointed or appointed by God with a unique purpose or mission on Earth."

Hence, in our inference, Christ Office is a collective body of anointed ones—a celestial host composed of ascended masters (figure 1), divinities, saints, et al.—who are anointed and appointed God with a unique purpose or mission on Earth.


Examples of anointed ones in Buddhism are Gautama Buddha and Guan Yin. In Christianity, we have Jesus Christ, Enoch, Melchizedek, Virgin Mary, and Apostle Saints. In Hinduism, Krishna. These are the more famous ones, although there are many others who are unknown.

In the context of The Lily and Beyond, when we speak of the Christ we are referring not to a man but to the universal spirit of God that wishes to dwell inside men.


Figure 1

Christ Office
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