The Beloveds of the Christ Office

In the context of The Lily and Beyond, when we speak of the Christ we are referring not to a man but to the universal spirit of God that wishes to dwell inside men.

Messiahs are not exclusively Jewish. The concept of 'the' Messiah as a single individual is strictly a post-Biblical tradition as it is not found in the Old Testament.


"Christ" is the English term for the Greek Khristos, meaning “one who is anointed or appointed by God with a unique purpose or mission on Earth." Christ Office is a body of these anointed ones (e.g., ascended masters, boddhisattvas, saints, etc.)


In Buddhism, Gautama Buddha and Guan Yin are examples of anointed ones. In Christianity, there's Jesus Christ, Enoch, Melchizedek, Blessed Virgin Mary, the Apostles, Mary Magdalene, et al. In Hinduism, there's Krishna, et al.  We mention only the popular ones although there are many of these anointed ones who are unknown and uncelebrated, albeit no less numinous. 

The attainment of these luminous beings is evident in their cosmic aura.  They radiate unpolarized light like the sun. Their energy bodies are like diamonds-hard and clear as a diamond, yet subtle, refined, brilliant, powerful, transformative, miraculous, whole, balanced, intelligent, wise, both merciful and just, unified, universal, virtuous and integrous, compassionate and loving. 


A better way to understand the Christ Office is to know it as a level of spiritual attainment. All the "insiders" in the Christ Office have achieved Christ Consciousness, which is a consciousness of God's Oneness and communion with All.

Hence, when we speak of the Christ Office, we are referring both to a level of spiritual attainment AND a body of such anointed ones.

Innumerable anointed ones (foremost are Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Guanyin, Goddess Isis, Goddess Athena, and other perfected masters who cannot be named) are responsible for designing and devising The Lily and Beyond energy system-of which Evergreen Blossoms, Lily Activations, and Diamond Lily Activations are integral parts-and then introducing this system on earth, for the "Age of the Lily," through Ramon Rodriguez and Katherine "Kim" Lopa →  This is their story