Lilies who neither toil nor spin

Lilies possess certain distinguishing marks as a result of the Lily Activation:

  • A white halo around their heads (see Figure 2)

  • An etheric white lily in their auras, representing purity.

  • A fully developed Kundalini, unobstructed and operating smoothly 24 x 7.

  • A fully developed and permanent Antahkarana, functioning 24 x 7 like a fiber optic HDTV cable connection to Higher Self and Source.

  • A permanently-assembled and fully functioning Merkabah vehicle, active 24 x 7 like an intelligent James Bond car that's ready for immediate use anytime, anywhere.

  • A super-conscious mind operating 24 x 7, not just in peak periods.

  • Able to sustain the high-altitude intuitional planes of cosmic consciousness and the non-intuitional plane of ordinary consciousness simultaneously, for extraordinarily long periods of time.

  • Closer access to Source as God's chosen people. Chosen by Creator to be the Creator's Lily. Chosen for the Creator's planetary mission. Chosen to be betrothed to the Christ.

And many more which are difficult to articulate for they are beyond language and beyond ordinary understanding.

Before and After


Figure 1 is an aura photo (unretouched) of a subject meditating, taken right before her Lily Activation.


Figure 2 is an aura photo of the same subject in Figure 1, taken right after her Lily Activation

Notice the white halo around the subject's head in Figure 2-it's standard issue in a Lily Activation, indicating an illumined, super-conscious mind. 

"Any man acting in complete super-consciousness, the implication is, would be as a god. This has been the goal of all mystics through the ages and the story of their seeking. This is the explanation of the state of Christhood."  ("Revelation: A Commentary Based on a Study of 23 Psychic Discourses by Edgar Cayce," A.R.E. Press, p. 256.

Results You'll Love

Below are some of the "perfections of deity" that Source shares with the Lily-activated. These results, although typical among Lilies, are not guaranteed because individuals are unique so results vary.


A Lily is transformed by The Infinite from a mere mortal molded by Earth into a deified being refined by Heaven. Life-changing.


Superconscious Mind

Source activates the super-conscious mind of a Lily. It stays on automatically for his/her immediate, full-time use. This enables him/her to attain Christhood faster.


Faster Manifestations

All manifestation (defined as making thoughts, wishes & desires a physical reality) requires potency, and a Lily has lots of it. Thus, a Lily is able to manifest his thoughts with powerful ease and astonishing speeds-as fast as 15 seconds sometimes.


Exponential Evolution

A Lily thinks s/he is evolving at a relaxed, cruising pace, but others watching him/her see a Ferrari speeding on the Autobahn.


Unfathomable Peace

It's the "undifferentiated peace" of Source that defies all understanding. Like the peace of immortals such as Jesus Christ or Buddha, felt by Lilies 24 x 7, even without meditation. Distress is rare and short-lived so life becomes easy-breezy.

christ-peace copy.jpg

Hi-voltage Potency

Source transforms the Lily into a high-voltage transformer, holding much divine power. S/he is much closer to Source, just as a high-voltage transformer is closer to the power plant.


Deified Abilities

A Lily becomes energy-sensitive and can exhibit supernatural abilities rooted in divinity.


The Creator's Embrace

We can go on and one about all the perks of being a Lily, but none of it will matter as much as God's constant, pronounced embrace... to remind you of where you came from.