Diamond Lily Activation Suite

Activating the Diamond Light Body for Eternal Brilliance & Immortal Value

Prerequisite: White, Gold or Iridescent Lily Activation


The Diamond Lily Activation is best-suited for those on the path of ONENESS who are willing to surrender to God's Will.  We recommend taking a Diamond Lily Activation only if:


  • ONENESS is your spiritual path.

  • Your motives are pure, i.e., free of selfishness, self-aggrandizement and power-seeking.


The Diamond Lily Activation is for the teacher of teachers, healer of healers, and leader of leaders. It grants the receiver immense potency, acceleration and "extra abilities" far beyond ordinary man's reach. It also comes with heavier responsibilities.  


Eligibility Requirements


The Diamond Lily Activation requires a soul contract of full and complete surrender to Divine Will, not just lip service. In addition, the following commitment is required:



i.e., Union with God-self and Oneness with All


See Diamond Activations by Carats for other eligibility requirements.


If you are unwilling or unready to keep above commitments out of True Love and Service to the Creator, then do NOT take the Diamond Lily Activation.


Diamond Lily experiences the painful consequences of his own unconscious separations, and wrongdoings, swiftly and exponentially. If you are unwilling or unready to seek all possibilities of union even when there seems to be none, then do not take the Diamond Lily Activation.


What am I getting into?


The life of a Diamond Lily is vastly different from that of a White, Gold, or Iridescent Lily. Perhaps, testimonials from Diamond Lilies can shed some light, but even they will tell you it's beyond the ability of language to describe:

"I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say, it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy I took the Diamond Lily plunge!!!! The Diamond Lily transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle!!! I am beyond grateful!"

Chris Del Vesco, Writer

Miami, Florida, USA

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Although you may not fully understand what a Diamond Lily Activation will bring, or how it will change your life, you can nevertheless rest assured that God, who is the activating force, will deliver only the highest, wisest, finest, and best for you in any Diamond Lily Activation.


You will love who you become.

Choose Your Pill

  1. Time-release or

  2. Full Release, Full Integration


In the TIME-RELEASE option, the Diamond Lily powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you over time, proportionate to your level of preparation and personal development.


In FULL INTEGRATION, the Diamond Lily powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you all at once, in lump sum-lock, stock and barrel. 


Either choice will yield consequences that you are fully accountable for, so please choose responsibly.  


If you know yourself to be a "safe driver" even at high speeds, and you are willing to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full Release / Full Integration.  Otherwise, choose Time-release.


The ego-personality does not always make the safest, wises choices, so let your soul do the choosing. Let Spirit decide what pill to take.

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