Crown Lei

The Crown Lei of Buddha activation is a special empowerment from Metatron. It grants Buddha's legacy of joy, serenity and enlightenment. At the start, it will radiate from your heart up to 30 feet away. Those within your radius may feel mesmerized, and people may swarm to you. The Crown Lei of Buddha is, among other things, a throat chakra power. Combined with speech, this activation has the power to touch many lives, hence, it is properly used for service.


If you allow the Buddha-in-you (or the God-in-you) to speak so that others are touched by the Buddha/God presence, your radius of power and influence will expand beyond 30 feet to touch hundreds of people. Allow us to illustrate with a story.


There was this one Lily who was neither experienced nor interested in disaster relief, yet Providence arranged for her to be in the same room as the country's president, generals and cabinet members-in front of live television cameras. Compared to these government officials, she was a "nobody."

A super typhoon of unparalleled force had just hit the country, leaving massive destruction in its wake, and another one, estimated to be far worst in impact, was poised to reach land in 3 days. Tension in the room was thick. Government officials were arguing. Voices were getting louder, competing for attention. They were running out of time.

Nervous at first, the camera-shy Lily began to focus and allow the Buddha-in-her to speak. To her amazement, tension in the room suddenly dispelled. Everyone in the room became calm and quiet.

Government officials listened intently to her, as if Buddha himself was speaking. The recommendations that came out of her mouth were not hers but God's. When she finished, to everyone's surprise, government officials united and adopted her recommendations without further ado.

of Buddha

Since then, Providence has taken her

around the world to talk to governments and United Nations.  She continues to use the Crown Lei of Buddha power for service to the Christ Office, promoting it's Oneness agenda through disaster-recovery efforts. 

Due to the Crown Lei of Buddha activation, one small step by an Iridescent or Diamond Lily may be the equivalent of a giant step to earthlings. Note that giants who misuse power fall harder than lilliputians. History has many examples of giants who fell hard due to misguided power. The most epic example is Adolf Hitler. So to those who aspire to be an Iridescent or Diamond Lily, and to those who already are, we must give fair warning:


He who corrupts the power of Crown Lei of Buddha, knowingly or unknowingly, will fall hard and experience his consequences swiftly and exponentially.

Choose Your Pill

  1. Time-release

  2. Full Integration (Full Release)

The Crown Lei of Buddha can be dispensed on time-release or full release-full integration. Please choose responsibly. 


In the TIME-RELEASE option, the powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you over time, commensurate to your level of preparation and development.


In FULL INTEGRATION, the powers, rights and responsibilities are given to you all at once, in lump sum. 


Either choice will yield consequences that you are fully responsible for. If you misuse your free will or abuse power, not only will you meet the karmic consequences swiftly and exponentially, but your negative karma will also ricochet to your innocent loved ones as well, thereby increasing your karmic debt.