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Buddha's Crown Halo


Buddha's Crown Halo is a throat chakra power, capable of transmuting matter. When the Buddha power of transmutation is combined with compassionate speech, it has the power to transform many lives.

Activation of Buddha's Crown Halo is a special dispensation from Metatron.

In the early stages, the potency of Buddha's Crown Halo will radiate outward from your head and heart up to 30 feet away. Those within a 30 feet radius may swarm to you and be mesmerized.


In time, the potency of Buddha's Crown Halo increases and can expand to the size of a football field, touching hundreds of lives.


Allow us to illustrate the extraordinary effect of the Buddha Crown Halo activation.

A super typhoon of unparalleled force had just hit the Philippine nation, leaving massive destruction in its wake. Another super typhoon, estimated to be far worst in impact, was poised to hit land in 3 days. Pandemonium gripped the country.


The nation's president summoned his cabinet members and generals for an emergency meeting. In front of live television, they debated and discussed emergency relief efforts. Tension in the room was thick. Government officials spoke with raised voices for they were running out of time.

As Providence would have it, this one Lily landed in the same room as the nation's president and government officials. She was neither experienced nor interested in disaster recovery, and yet she found herself in the thick of it. Compared to high-level government officials, she was a "nobody." Yet Providence arranged for her to be there.

Divine forces were stirring her to speak. Nervous, she began to utter words that were not hers. It was as if the Buddha himself was speaking.


As she spoke, to her amazement, tension in the room quickly dispelled. Arguing ceased and everyone in the room became quiet. Everyone listened to her intently, as if mesmerized. No one interrupted. No one argued. Such is the effect of the Buddha Crown Halo on an agitated audience. It's as if they were enchanted.

Only she knew that the words coming out of her mouth were not hers but Buddha's. When she finished, to her double amazement, government officials hastily adopted Buddha's recommendations uttered through her mouth, without resistance or arguments. (That's the Buddha Crown Halo effect again).

The Buddha Crown Halo activation tends to magnify the impact of one's words and actions. A few words by an Iridescent or Diamond Lily can seem like a lion's roar to others. One small step by an Iridescent or Diamond Lily can seem to others like the footstep of a giant. You can almost feel the ground shake, thanks to the Buddha Crown Halo effect.

If the charismatic power of the Buddha Crown Halo is misused, wilfully or unconsciously, consequences can be tragic. Hence, Beloveds of the Christ Office would like to issue this warning to those who have or will be receiving the Buddha Crown Halo activation through the Iridescent or Diamond Lily activation:

If the power of the Buddha Crown Halo is wielded in corrupt ways to harm or manipulate others or to gain unfair advantage, whether consciously or unconsciously, then the abuser will receive dire karmic consequences immediately and exponentially.

Dire karma will also rain on the abuser's loved ones (e.g., spouse, children, pets) due to it's ricochet effect. This can result in tragic consequences, such as hospitalization, terminal or incurable illness, or death. That's how karma works whether or not we believe it.


Choose Your Pill: Time-release or Full-release

When applying for the Iridescent Lily Activation, the client can choose to receive the Buddha Crown Halo activation on time-release or full-release.


In TIME-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of Buddha's Crown Halo are automatically dispensed to you incrementally over time (up to a 9- month stretch) in proportion to your level of preparation and personal development.


In FULL-RELEASE, the powers, rights, and responsibilities of Buddha's Crown Halo are given to you immediately, all at once, in lump sum, for you to integrate fully.


Either choice will yield consequences that you are accountable for so please choose responsibly. If you know yourself to be a "safe driver," especially at high speeds, and you are ready to go "full speed ahead," then choose Full-release. Otherwise, choose Time-release.

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