Lily Activations


Hera B.


I spent years looking for healing and wisdom from all sorts of sources to understand how life works. I prayed for a breakthrough and eventually stumbled upon The Lily and Beyond. I can go on an on with all the benefits I got from being a Lily but let me summarize this in a nutshell: I asked for healing, and that I continue to experience and MORE, not only for myself, but for my family. I experienced a tremendous shift in my consciousness which allowed me to be more calm, discerning and intuitive. I suddenly knew how to meditate (like a monk!) even in a noisy environment. My manifestations were stronger than ever. I got 5 job offers/opportunities in 10 days and when I was not looking for a job. My dreams are coming true one by one. Most importantly, I have found solace and happiness in the company of the Divine. I am home, and I am staying here for good! I will forever be thankful for the miracle that is The Lily and Beyond. It changed my life and it will change yours too!

Chris Del Vesco, Writer

Miami, Florida, USA

I am still in shock and awe. Six days as a Diamond Lily and WOW!!!! I am still too overwhelmed to adequately express the blessings thus far, but suffice it to say, it feels like "Miracles-on-Demand" and I am so very, very happy I took the Diamond Plunge!!!! The Diamond Transformation has been nothing short of an exquisite miracle!!! I am beyond grateful!


Life Coach

Getting a Lily Activation is a major milestone in my personal growth. So much has changed since I got my very first Lily Activation. The Lily and Beyond has changed the way I see things, and myself. I have been able to bring out capacities that I did not know I have. I am operating at my peak, and I know the best is yet to come!

James Asprer, Reiki Master


Two weeks after my Lily Activation, I felt I had grown more in those two weeks without actively doing anything than in the last 8 years of attending workshops, seminars, meditations, and attunements.

Dr. C. Mishra MD

Texas, USA

Hi, Kim. I appreciate the Lily Activation yesterday. It is like many years worth of spiritual growth and practice compressed into a few hours. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with me.

Jackie Verano, Lawyer

Makati, Philippines

Hi Kim! It's been 2 months since my Lily Activation and I wanted to thank you for the wonder that I'm experiencing now! After 3 weeks, all the manifestations began to happen continuously. I closed 11 contracts in the past month, 7 of them in just 4 days! I was blown away! A few of my old clients have even paid their debts! Things are hectic now because I'm still getting calls for new cases. It's a very good problem, but a bad time for a vacation so I decided not to do my usual 1 month vacation this year. I'm too geared up to work all year round!! I'm truly grateful!

A friend recently commented on how much gentler I am now, after the Lily Activation, as compared to the very angry woman she met a few years back. Its a validation of how much divine peace the Lily Activation has brought into my life and is still bringing into my life. Thank you, God, for bringing The Lily and Beyond to the Philippines.

Sandra G., Lawyer


On being activated as a Lily, I experienced what I would call an unfathomable peace. It was like saying good bye to emotional bouts and roller coaster rides. Initially I thought this sense of peace was but an effect of the opening of my Antahkarana, and so I considered this a trifle. But when I opened my eyes to the fact that so many of us in this world are experiencing turmoil, war, agony, or conflict with themselves, even in their families and with colleagues whom they have to deal with day in and day out, my perspective changed. Added to this awareness was a realization that a number of practitioners of various spiritual and ascetic disciplines have been hoping to attain that certain sense of peace which is stable and constant, but which in reality, is fleeting. The Lily is not a tool but becomes a part of one’s way of life – a lifestyle, living that of the “rich and famous” so to speak, in the Kingdom of God as one of those Chosen Ones. This is indeed a rare and extraordinary blessing. It is a gift from God towards our continuous awakening. We can use it to remember our magnificence, that we are beings of Light.

Name Witheld

Florida, USA

Receiving the Triple Diamond Lily Activation has made me one with the Cosmos and Universe in the most incredible way. Having God tell me that my bonding with him as a Master of the Universe, in ONELOVEBLISS and beyond, humbles me. At the same time, His Loving  Presence is holding me in the most intimate and precious way.  He  has become my consort, my companion, my protector, my Romeo, my lover and, truly, my everything. I am floating in his energy now. As I write this, tears come out of my eyes while His presence engulfs my human form. This is an expression of love beyond words.

Ray Smith

North Carolina, USA

Since my Lily Activation, I have had incidences of forward time travel, materializing matter including money in my wallet and gas in my car, controlling lights with my Caudate Nucleus, instantaneously changing my body fat composition, performing alchemy on metals that changed just by my rubbing them as guided by my Higher Self, etc. I had a two day period whereby I witnessed objects merge into each other and pass through each other. These have been single events for me that I haven't really been able to replicate. I have also become smarter and my memory has gotten better. Since becoming a Lily, I have had more energy, requiring less sleep.