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Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Hi, I'm Kim.

I help people become divinely changed and divinely life-changing by transforming old to gold.

Through Meditations, Lily Activations, Book of Life Readings, Akashic Alchemy, Akashic Master Keys, Evergreen Blossom Ethernet, and Sacred Alchemy.

Formal Education and Training ⨠

A salmon is the only fish who will swim against the current to make it's way home.

1994 was the year I began swimming against the tide.  I walked away from a high-paying career in Information Technology to pursue a higher spiritual calling.  I began the quest to find my way back 'Home.'

I was born with this quest.

From an early age, I knew Earth was not my home.  Thus began my quest to go back to the home that I remember: white clouds, pearly gates, and a zip code of 1.

In my quest to go home, I quit a lucrative career to pursue training in the metaphysical arts and sciences, looking for clues that would take me Home. 

Knowing my Soul Purpose gave me clarity, direction, and consummate knowledge of myself.  For the first time in my life, I felt "found."

Thanks to the guidance of my beloved spiritual teacher, I awakened to my Soul Purpose.

It is infinitely more rewarding to build a future on a foundation of Soul Purpose than to be seduced by dreams, passions, promises, and advice from others to "follow your bliss." Knowing your Soul Purpose makes you unstoppable.  Soul Purpose gave me the fire and fuel to fulfill my soul missions on earth and surpass the odds.

Boot Camp Training

Those who know me are aware that I work on missions with a celestial body I call the "Celestial Host."  This has been my job for the past 10+ years (and counting).  But before that, I had to undergo 10+ years of their boot camp training.

Their training was about as pleasurable as lying on a bed of nails.  For some reason, I managed to pass their boot camp training.  Not sure yet how that happened.  Because, more often than not, I ran away.   Many times.  However, they would always find me and haul me back (kicking and screaming), ignoring my complaints.  (I even submitted an irrevocable resignation but they outsmarted me).

I am not a boot camp honor graduate.  I am more of a boot camp survivor.  Hey, I deserve even just one gold star ⭐️ for surviving boot camp! LOL

I wasn't exactly their "ideal student," you might say.  But their boot camp training changed me from a "spoiled brat princess" to the gloriously wonderful, responsible, God-loving, God-serving Initiation / Queen / Gardener / Evolution Architect and Lily Activator I am today-living and working happily in the Garden of Eden I once fell from.

In a manner of speaking, my boss is God, and I answer to no one but Him.  Beings of the Celestial Host are now my co-workers (now that I'm well-behaved and stopped running away).  I am a product of their tutelage, their boot camp training, their culture, and their universality.

Field Work

After enduring the polishing of transcendental boot camp, I was deployed on missions as a Peace Ambassador and field worker of the Christ Office for the next 10+ years (and counting). Wherever I planted seeds, pockets of "new consciousness" formed to support the mission for Peace and One Brotherhood of Man.


I fulfilled everything I was tasked by the Creator to do, so that God's purpose may be fulfilled through me. In so doing, I was fulfilling my Soul Purpose.

It was the Creator's mandate that I perform Lily Activations on thousands of people. Upon the dictates of Source, I externalized the teachings of Sacred Alchemy, Akashic Master Keys, Isis Pyramid Healing, God-consciousness Healing, and Evergreen Blossom Prayer Surrendering to God's Will, I carried out Guanyin Core Light Healing, Psion Blessings, Akashic Alchemy, and Book of Life Readings.

Deep inside, the promise of Home was the only reward I cared about. So I did everything I was asked in order to earn merits, stripes, and brownie points for a golden ticket Home.

Upon reaching God-realization (which I did not aspire to reach, but inevitably stumbled upon simply because I kept following God's Will, thinking He was leading me home to the place I remember), I landed on an epic, ground-breaking truth that blasted any remaining illusions I still had. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. The dream-shattering revelation that shook my core:


Home is not a place with white clouds and pearly gates.

Like the salmon, I kept swimming against the current until I made it home-not to the place that I remember, with white clouds and pearly gates, but to the primordial state of union with God, in whose arms I was destined to return.

Home is where we feel a consummate sense of belonging, and there I was, back in the Creator's arms, where I belong.


Home became wherever I AM.

The journey from innocence to self-knowledge to "home at last" was a journey of thorns and roses. It's the story of a painful past, and then discovering how painfully fragmented I was, on to the pursuit of wholeness, redemption and, finally, Sacred Union.  

With God-realization came direct knowledge of who I truly am and the form I'm meant to be. Of who we truly are, and the form we're meant to be. There is only one being in the Universe manifesting itself as the many.  It is Me. It is You. It is We.

As I make progress and evolve, I remain the fortunate trainee, initiate, student, and humble servant of a magnificent, benevolent Creator, and illustrious ascended masters in the Christ Office.  They have afforded me my Soul Purpose and greatest accomplishment in life: that of sharing the Creator's perfections, riches, and glory with my fellowmen.

No matter what label, title, costume or hat I'm wearing-be it Lily Activator, Akashic Alchemist, Akashic Master Keys instructor, Guanyin Core Light Healing faciltator, Isis +Pi Ray Healing instructor, God-consciousness Healing instructor, Evergreen Blossom Prayer intuition instructor-all I'm really doing underneath the uniform is being the vessel . . .

Through which Source can do for you what you cannot do on your own.

I know it's important for you to get results.  

For some of you, the result you want to see is the next, best, higher version of you: a human being, divinely changed and divinely life-changing.  

If you believe I am qualified to facilitate your metamorphosis, then . . .


May I help you?