Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Meet Kim

Evolution Architect ▪ Super Soul Activator ▪ Transformative Thought Leader ▪ Akashic Records Consultant/Instructor ▪ Co-founder of The Lily & Beyond

My greatest super-power, and greatest joy, is being able to share the Creator's riches and perfections with my fellow men.

I work with fellow thought leaders, deep thinkers, action-takers, truth-seekers, torch-bearers, freedom-lovers, energy-sensitives, bodhisattvas, and alliances who are committed to a "planet healed, people awakened, life transformed," who are willing to build a new future on a foundation of Soul Purpose.

To fulfill my soul mission, I initiated grass-root movements to facilitate the collective journey of return to Oneness.

Central to my soul mission is transforming the evolution of consciousness to a higher octave, and transfiguring human light bulbs into game-chaning light pillars of the Creator's leading-edge design, so that they can fulfill their highest calling, their Soul Purpose.


At the behest of Source and under tutelage of the Christ Office, I co-birthed the following innovations for the Age of Enlightenment, also known as the Age of the Lily:

Sacred Lily Activations
Meditations and Beyond
Akashic Master Keys
God-consciousness Healing
Shekinah Blessings
Isis Pyramid Healing
Guanyin Core Light Healing
Psion Blessing
Evergreen Blossom
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The Salmon Who Made It Home

A salmon is the only fish who will swim against the current to make it's way home. 1994 was the year of the salmon for me. It was when I began swimming against the tide to make my way "Home." 

After a lucrative career in Information Technology, I made an about-face to pursue my higher calling. The turnaround required me to make 3 career changes: from computer systems analyst/ programmer to massage therapist/energy-healer, and finally to independent, entrepreneurial consultant.


I pursued training in the metaphysical healing arts: Hawaiian Lomilomi Sacred Bodywork, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Kinergetics, Body Talk, Theta Healing, Emmet Therapy, Kabbalah, Akashic Record Reading, Emei Qigong, etc.


I received numerous spiritual initiations, activations, attunements, and empowerments which accelerated my spiritual growth:


  1. Usui Reiki Master attunements from Reiki Master, Edith Rodriguez

  2. Kriya Yoga initiation from the Kriya Yoga Institute in Homestead, Florida, USA

  3. Emei Qigong attunements from 13th Lineage Holder, Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

  4. Hiyang Filipino Spiritual Healing attunements from Lemurian Healer, Dr. Joceline Bilasano

  5. Haring Bakal (Iron King) 1st and 2nd level initiatic attunements from "Utol Jess" Verallo

  6. Medicine Buddha, Amitabha, Dorje Sempa & Avalokiteshvara empowerments from His Holiness 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

  7. Manjushri empowerment from His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin

  8. Vajrakilaya activations from Lama David Montecillo

  9. Kurukulle (Red Tara) Initiation from Ven. Nedo Kuchung Rinpoche

As destiny would have it, in 2001 I met Ramon Rodriguez, a Kundalini master and psychic clairvoyant par excellence. It was a union that would forever alter our lives. The phenomenon now known as The Lily and Beyond was born from this union. It came like a baby we did not plan or expect to have.


How The Lily & Beyond Began


One auspicious day in 2004, a puzzling phenomenon happened. A white lily emerged in the energy fields of Ramon and I. 


Celestial masters and teachers explained to us that our etheric Lily had certain powers and gifts, one of which was "to open the gates of the New Consciousness in each of the 7 chakras." This explanation only perplexed us.


What we did not expect was the unfolding of something so new, so incomparable, so profound, so glorious, so elegant, and so inexplicably vast, which we came to call "The Lily and Beyond."  


In 2005, Providence arranged for Ramon and I to relocate to the remote town of Sylvania, Georgia, USA, where we would be far away from the distractions of city life. In seclusion, we were subjected to rigorous, intense training under the supervision of ascended masters and celestial bodhisattvas of the Christ Office to prepare us for the Creator's planetary mission.

In 2006, we were anointed by the Christ Office to administer Lily Activations to those who would share the Creator's vision-mission, His Glory, His Purity, and the bounty that the Lily is blessed with.


With the blessings of the Christ Office, Ramon and I marched forward with our designated mission until his passing on January 23, 2008.


But death did not cease our coupling. I continue to carry the torch on earth while Ramon assists me from the Other Side. 


The joys, tragedies, life lessons, spiritual training, and sacrifices of the last decade have led me to where I am now... HOME.


For me, Home is not a place on earth but a state of God-realization, union with my Twin Flame, Ramon Rodriguez, and Union with the Creator.

I Am God's Mirror Image with a Soul Purpose


I learned that Soul Purpose is not about "what you do" or "who you think you are" but about "who you truly are." It's about being True Self.


In being my True Self, I awakened to my Soul Purpose. In the awakening, I became a Soul Purpose Unstoppable. As a result, I fulfilled my soul mission with passion, joy and aplomb. That is infinitely better than marching forward, doing a million things for what I think is my soul mission, without ever knowing who I truly am.


I am a God-loving, energy-sensitive, pure and intuitive being, accomplishing God's purpose for me on earth, as an ambassador of the Christ Office for PEACEANDONEBROTHERHOODOFMAN.


As I make progress with my Soul Purpose, I remain the fortunate trainee, initiate, student, and humble servant of a Benevolent Creator and illustrious Masters in the universe. I am forever indebted to them for my attainments. They afford me my soul purpose and greatest accomplishment in life: that of sharing the Creator's perfections, riches and glory with my fellowmen.