For Christ-consciousness, Prosperity, Healing, Protection



In the beginning was the Light

and the Light overpowered the Darkness (3x).


And the Light has chosen us.

The hand of God delivered His Chosen People to the Promised Land.

Remind us, O Lord, of our Covenant with You.

For our hearts are crying out:

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God,

Alpha and Omega,

Make your Chosen People ONE.

Shield us from our enemies

With the might and strength

Of the armies of Angels

Of the Heavenly Hosts.

Deliver us to the Promised Land.




Light be in the Beginning.

Light overpower the Dark.

Light gather your Chosen Ones.

Light be in us and in all.

Light keep us all safe and whole.

Light lead us to our New Home.

Light make our Covenant known.

How To Pray the Psion Prayer


Do not modify the prayer. Do not add, change, improvise, or skip a word.  The first 2 lines of the prayer (in italics) must be repeated 3 times. The rest of the lines in the prayer are recited only once.


  • Pray it every morning or evening. Best time is at dusk.

  • Pray it as needed.

  • Pray it on the first Sabbath of every month.

  • Pray it whenever the Chosen People are gathered.

Reciting the prayer aloud is more effective than reciting it silently.

The Psion Prayer Bestows:


  • Prosperity for you and your family lineage.

  • Protection from evil forces. The first sentence of the Psion Prayer in italics, when repeated aloud 3 times, can purify spaces and cast out satanic or antichrist forces both inside and outside you.

  • Healing of the sick.

  • Awakens Christ-consciousness within, to foster Oneness and forge unity.

How To Make the Prayer More Powerful


Get a Psion Prayer Blessing. It's equivalent to saying the Psion Prayer 300,000 times for increased potency.

Psion Prayer Minister Conferrers stand ready to confer Psion Prayer Blessings to groups upon request.  Psion ministers are non-ecumenical, non-denominational, and non-profit. They are allowed to charge a nominal fee to defray costs, or receive modest donations for their service from grateful donors.

Please use the Psion Prayer ethically and responsibly. Exercise caution and discernment especially when praying over people with terminal illness or mental disorders.



Elizabeth T., Architect

"Thank you for this Psion Prayer. It is so powerful! I used it for the first time at dusk today and it instantaneously cleared my apartment of some negative stuff that had been collecting and trying to hang around. I am grateful."

Sandra G., Lawyer

"When I pray the Psion Prayer, I "know and see" a light surrounding me, and it brings a sense of calmness and security. I sleep well after praying it."

Pauli, Philippines

"I woke up with a severe leg cramp and the pain was excruciating!  I remembered the Psion Prayer but I couldn't even recite the first line.  All I could muster was, 'Psion Prayer!  Psion Prayer!'  while i placed my right hand on my leg.  The cramp and pain was gone instantly!"

Thank you for the Psion Blessing. I had an amazing experience. I felt so much joy, love and bliss. The presence of God. I felt it all and that was truly a gift in itself. Grateful for our moving forward in greater leaps to oneness within.  ▪ Reverend Toni-Ann Hanna, USA

▪  ▪  ▪


I prayed the Psion Prayer before the start of my one-day workshops and I noticed amazing transformations happen even in my toughest workshops. I also observed that when I prayed the Psion Prayer with a particular person, the concerns of that person eased up and his relationships improved.  ▪ Carmen Leonor Diokno, CEG, Founder & CEO, Organisational and Executive Coach, i-CLD Consulting, Philippines

▪  ▪  ▪


While receiving the Psion Blessing this weekend, I felt calm and peaceful.  I noticed a benevolent presence on my right side while the Minister Conferrer stood in front of me.  After the Psion Blessing, I had a feeling something beautiful was about to happen.  My fiance's mother has been undergoing medical tests and the initial prognosis was discouraging.  I felt sad knowing he was very troubled.  Since he lives far away, I thought the best thing I could do is to pray the Psion Prayer.  He called over the weekend to tell me a miracle happened!  The new test results are favorable and overuled the initial findings!  L..V., Professional Make-Up Artist, Philippines

▪  ▪  ▪


I woke up with low vitality probably due to lack of sleep for four days straight since I was conducting extensive training out of town.   I played the YouTube version of the Psion Prayer while preparing my things in my room.  When I reached the training venue, I felt much lighter and better.  I also received another training assignment!   Reden Cerrer, Personal Meta-Coach on Resilience

▪  ▪  ▪

I did a little experiment using the Psion prayer. My son had been having terrible tantrums for two days already. He was inconsolable and nothing I or my husband did could pacify him. He would cry even in his sleep and then wake up continually throughout the night to cry some more. I couldn't get any sleep and I was willing to try anything so I thought of praying the Psion prayer over him, just in case some bad energy was bothering him. I asked permission from my baby's Higher Self and then prayed. After that, he only cried in his sleep once, briefly, and slept through the night! He woke up smiling the next day too! He was in a good mood and he's been his old happy self since. Still no tantrums as of today.   Jaymie L. , Philippines

▪  ▪  ▪

During the Psion Blessing, I felt a loving protective energy surround my entire being. I felt being lifted into a high vibration space. Calmness and peace enveloped me.  Over the next two days, the disappointments and frustrations I've experienced for not "making the cut" on spiritual pursuits I've made in the past few months eased away. The jealousy I felt towards peers who made the cut gradually dissipated and was replaced with a deeper understanding of why I was where I was, and why I had to go through such experiences.

Since receiving the Psion Blessing, I have been at peace. I continue to recite it daily to maintain my peace. Thank you for generously sharing this blessing to the world. 
M. Abella, Project Manager, Philippines

▪  ▪  ▪

As the Psion Blessing was being conferred to my associate, she began to cry. At the end of the Psion Blessing, I asked her what was the matter. She reported: first, she saw red light, and then a white light bright as the sun. Jesus Christ appeared to her, wearing a white robe bright as the sun, arms outstretched to her. He said, "Your prayers are answered. Your daughter will be well." Her daughter had been sick of an ailment that just wouldn't go away despite medication. The day after my associate's Psion Blessing, her daughter was completely well, just as Jesus Christ said. Realizing the power of the Psion Prayer, my associate has been praying it daily ever since.  ▪ Rev. Katherine Lopa

▪  ▪  ▪