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THANK YOU to our clients and patrons for sharing their success stories and inspiring us with their results.

Toni Ann Hanna-Batista

FB Digital Consultant

My life has changed over the past few weeks since the Blessed Mother Healing Meditations began. The gifts and healings received are graciously divine and intimate. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation to the Blessed Mother, Kim Lopa, The Celestial Healthcare Team, Creator of All that is, and all aspects of me that allowed the healing to happen.


The amount of healing that took place in 1 hour is amazing! In just 1 hour, my life was completely transformed. I know this deeply. I’ve never felt a meditation with such tangible energies and tweaking in my energy field.


Upon reflection, layers of old programs were removed, ancestral patterns, inner child healing, along with guilt, shame, complexes released and much more. Every meditation revealed more and more God's glory within.

The presence of God, the Blessed Mother, the ascended masters and teachers were tangible and amazing. The prosperity and wealth that overflowed from the heart of the Mother and Creator are all glorious and full of splendor. Majestic Glory. Magnificence. God be the Glory.


The silence of God's embrace in the void was divine. I felt so loved, nurtured and embraced throughout the entire transmission. This meditation is God’s direct beam of light, potent, pure, real and life changing. If I could find the words, I would.


These meditation changed my life. Thank you, Kim Lopa, for your unending gift of eternal love. We are tremendously blessed. With all these gifts during this time, I feel so blessed, I just wanna give back and share the wealth with all my brothers and sisters.

The meditations were completely transformative. BEYOND this Universe! Unbelievably phenomenal! So much love, I am in Heaven on Earth! During the meditation, I witnessed pieces of me return home with immense speed. I can still feel the explosive fire of God’s love within my heart center. Thank you, Kim Lopa, for being the channel of Gods Infinite One Love. ToniAnn Hanna Batista and Felipe for your service, for making sure we were all connected and cared for. Thank you Our Beloved Creator, Blessed Mother Mary and Celestial Healthcare Team. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Thank you.

James Asprer, Reiki Master


Thank you for that wonderful healing meditation, Kim! In the part of the meditation where we were in the Creator's mansions, it felt like the energy was overlaying itself also on the physical structures of the resort I work in. And now the place feels transformed. For myself, I feel this very intense light shining from me. At the same time, I'm floating-completely immersed in that same light and love, like a fetus in the Creator's womb.

Monette M. Flores

Consultant for Book of Life Coaching and Ancestral Healing, In-depth Traveler, Ecotourism and Enterprise Development Expert, and Executive Director of a corporate disaster risk-reduction network in the Philippines

At the beginning of the Blessed Mother Healing Meditation, I felt an immense flow of light and warmth filling and enveloping me. It was so awesome right from the beginning. It is my favorite of all meditations to date. It is so beautiful, I feel complete and yet I would like to be there for all the remaining sessions because it feels sooo good. Each of us were assigned a team of celestial masters and healers. What I got is more than I could imagine. I was raised up to the Highest. I cannot thank you, enough, Kim, for facilitating that experience for many. I invite everyone to break bread with Divine Mother!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, O Most Holy Blessed Mother, Kim Lopa, Celestial Team, Admin team ToniAnn Hanna Batista and Felipe Batista, and participants. I was taken to and beheld my Home in Divine's place of many mansions. There is so much unutterable phenomena. I prostrated myself before the Divine because that is all i could do with my awe. It was the most beautiful meditation I have experienced. Deeply healing and enlightening. Full speed and straight to the Creator's Presence and Love. If you have not joined yet, come join us. The remaining sessions will be glorious! 

Weng Busteneyra, Registered Financial Consultant

Pru Life UK, Philippines

In the 6/30/2017 satsang meditation, I experienced God in me LIVE! I feel divine energy all over my body. I feel so connected! It was so profound that I’m choosing to now live my life in alignment with what God wants me to manifest in the world, with compassion for myself and humanity.


Best thing one could get in this life-I have dabbled in so many things to search for God, and it is only in this space (Satsang meditation) that I was given the ability to see and experience God in everything, even in darkness, ennui, uncertainty. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience Grace, Love and Christ on a physiological level.


The Healing Meditation of Blessed Mother was powerful in that it melted all resistance to God. It felt like a balm to my self-inflicted wounds. I felt the Celestial Hosts take out the burden I kept carrying. There was Divine Peace and Stillness in being with the Creator and welcomed Home. I am grateful that the Blessed Mother reached out to us, Her children, to aid in the healing and restoration of myself and others. Thank you, Kim, for being the conduit of God’s One Love.

Rina Lichtinger, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Miami, FL, USA

The depth of consciousness in the monthly Lily gatherings and Lily meditations is a level of super-consciousness and clarity very rare to find. I had not experienced it before in any other group in the 15 years that I have been doing hands-on energy healing, meditation and yoga. I truly recommend to become Lily-activated

Sergio J Taipe

Miami, FL, USA

I would like to mention that a good book, a great film, a birthday card can make me weep. Yet, during the series of satsangs, I become a major weeper in the presence of The Light. When we started the meditation, I was told to enter the temple and my body did an act of kneeling. Then, I was moved into an empty place like the universe and I still could see my body kneeling. While I was there, I was receiving different kinds of energy.

In another meditation, I was given so much love and peace, like an "embracing happiness." Very beautiful.

Then, in another meditation, I was humbled when The Light told me who I AM. Yet, I still have work to do.

In the last satsang, I was in a farm house were many cows were eating and looking healthy. Then, I left the farm house and I looked at a long field where so many cows ate from the pasture. 

Each time, I would return from a meditation with my eyelids well closed, with residues of having slept for a long time.

This is all I could remember from the series of satsangs. Thank you very much, Kim Lopa, for all the kindness.



Manila, Philippines

I had a wonderful experience during and after my 1st Divine Love Bliss Meditation. There was a moment during the meditation when I found myself in a very familiar place where there is only me and my confidant. I felt an intimate connection and the unconditional love. There was peace for being myself...all of me. At first, I felt unworthy but then I felt the embrace, acceptance and forgiveness. I noticed that the usual situations that irritate me no longer bother me after the meditation. I can let them pass easily and remain happy and calm while experiencing a sense of understanding and oneness with other people. There were things that didn't go as planned, yet a part of me was glad and seemed that the universe conspired in my favor.

I started crying a lot during the "Acts of Service" Love Language part of the 3rd Divine Love Bliss Meditation. I felt that I was well understood. Upon opening the golden chest, I cried more with gladness as my prayers are answered. It is amazing that the words that came from my conversation with Christ in my heart were uttered by Rev. Kim Lopa few minutes after. My heart is healed and I am free to give and receive love. It is an amazing grace indeed. A voice said you are here for one big reason...remember who you are...go and complete your journey...I am sending angels with you. My heart never felt light and free as this before. Thank you!

The 4th Divine Love Bliss Meditation was intense and so strong that my physical body felt electricity and tingling sensation throughout the meditation. My body also bent backwards and I was gasping for air upon the acceptance of the second gift. Words are not enough to express the wonderful moment I had when the star of Bethlehem came out from my heart; I never released that kind of breath before. I haven't experienced giving birth but there is a knowing in me that the air I breathed out with my heart is part of the process of giving birth. It felt like a new journey has begun.

Something unusual happened to my responses the day after the meditation to situations and events. My belly and my chest remained calm and there is a knowing in me that everything is right on track; not on my plans but on God's plan.