Ascension Activation

ASCENSION means moving up the frequencies and embodying higher states of consciousness while still in the physical vehicle. It is your soul's ascent  towards apotheosis or deification. Kabbalistically speaking, it is an inner ascent up Jacob's Ladder (Fig. 1), starting from the Christ Office/Christ-consciousness (circle "S" in Figure 1) to the Seat of the Messiah or Metatron's Office in the Holy of Holies (circle "W" in Figure 1), and beyond that, to the top of Jacob's Ladder.


The 4 Ascension Worlds in Kabbalah


The 4 ascension worlds in Kabbalah are the 4 stages of human development as man moves up Jacob's ladder towards union with his Maker.  These 4 stages, each symbolized by a tree, are depicted in the extended tree of Kabbalah (also called Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1) and explained below:


   ASSIYAH: the Animal-Vegetable State (section A of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1).


This is the animal-vegetable life of Mankind.  It is the state where most incarnate, natural men live and work. It is our ordinary world, where mundane institutions have their power and reign. The root of this tree/world is the human-vegetable-animal kingdom, the heart is the ego-personality and the ego-life. The King of this tree/world is Self-realization. He who achieves Self-realization becomes King of this world. Symbol: the Bull (the physical or action).

 B  YEZIRAH: the Psycho-Spiritual State (section B of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1)


This is the psycho-spiritual world and life of humans.  It is an ethereal world compared to 

corporeal Assiyah. Incarnate, supernatural mankind resides in this tree/world. Many in the New Age movement, with their fascination for supernatural and occult phenomena, are found here. In this world, the physical body and ego-life are the roots, Self-realization is the heart, and the Christ Office/Christ-consciousness is King of this world/tree.  Symbol: the Lion (the formative or psychological).

 C   BERIAH: the Heavenly State (section C of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1)


This is the spiritual state of Eden, an edenic state of being. In this tree/world, divine consciousness is the hallmark.  This is the level where the "7 Heavens" (also known as the Promised Land or Israel) are found. As inner states of ascent, the "7 Heavens" are the greater spiritual states, because consciousness enters the world of Creation. Although this world may be visited sporadically or infrequently in peak meditative states, staying in this world while in physical embodiment requires a great accumulation of merit and assistance from Divine Grace.  This is the blessed state of the most highly realized human beings on earth. If the mind is in this world, one experiences Bliss of Knowing. If the body AND mind, together, live in this world, then one lives in a Paradise of his own creation. At the root of this tree is Self-realization, the heart of this tree is the Christ Office/Christ-consciousness (situated in the S-circle or Sefirah of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1), and the head or brain of this Tree is the Creator-Self, a God-realized man who sits at the Throne of Creation. The Throne is called the Seat of the Christ, also known as Metatron's Office (the W-circle or Sefirah of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1). Blocking inadvertent entry to the Throne is a Veil known as the Arc of the Covenant. This Throne is also guarded by the Holy Spirits of The Face, i.e., sentinels that guard The Presence. It is true that Divine Presence needs no protection. The sentinels are there to safeguard the unprepared from entering. One does not sit at the Throne until one is willing to merge his will with Divine Will, and this is where most men fall when they are tested. Even though they think they mean what they say, few can hold that level of sincerity that sings in praise, "Yes, Lord Thy Will be done!", for many a man possesses Ego and Shadow characters that sing otherwise.  Nonetheless, this Throne may be visited in meditation if the soul corrects all its imbalances so that an equilibrium is attained, then the Veil is drawn temporarily while holding the soul into account.   Penetrating the Veil is not an occult experience (and here is where supernatural powers are of no use) but a spiritual one that requires preparation and training for the service of God.  Symbol: the Eagle (spiritual or cosmic). 


 D   AZILUT: the Divine State (section D of Jacob's Ladder, Figure 1)


This is the world of Divine Emanation. Not much is said about this world because the experience of it defies description. This is the place of the "Holy of Holies". It is the Adam Kadmon level of being.  At the pinnacle of this Tree-world is the IAM THAT IAM.  Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, in his book, "The Work of the Kabbalist" (p. 205), explains, "Here, we are told, the Divine Atom that has been separated from Adam Kadmon since leaving the World of Emanation (Azilut) speaks the highest Holy Name IAM THAT I AM in the full consciousness of its meaning. This act begins the final process of becoming united with the ONE at the Crown of Crowns.  In this Union, the last vestige of separation dissolves and individuality disappears in the Divine Abyss of Holy Bliss, before passing out of all Existence into God."  Such an attainment happens when the soul's mission/task/work in the chain of destiny is complete.  This is, in Halevi's words, "when Adam Kadmon has absorbed and realized all the experience of everything that has been brought into being, then the image of the Divine knows who is within and without.  In this mirror, Face gazes upon Face, and total Union occurs."  Symbol: Man (the Divine).

The Lily Activation accelerates your soul's ascension by turning on the ascension codes, or the DNA program of Ascension, stored in the physical body. 

Figure 1: Jacob's Ladder.

The Ascension Activation was introduced into the Lily Activation Suite on April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday.  To receive this activation requires a commitment to Christ Consciousness and Christ Office.

Figure 2: Ascension of Man.