Ascension Activation

ASCENSION means moving up the frequencies and embodying higher states of consciousness. This page offers only a brief synopsis of the Ascension path depicted in Kabbalah's extended Tree of Life.

In the context of a Lily Activation, Ascension is the process whereby one receives upgrades and empowerments through an Act of Grace rather than through accumulation of personal merit, until one is sanctified and deified by God, thereby, able to share in the perfections of deity.

In the context of
Christ-consciousness, Ascension is the process of ascending in consciousness, light-quotient, and Oneness with God until-having successfully passed the spiritual initiations of Crucifixion and Resurrection-one achieves the favored state of being God's "right hand man" sitting at the Right Hand of God.

The Beloveds of the Christ Office added the Ascension activation to the Lily Activation suites on April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday. To receive the Ascension activation requires a lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness. Later, we will introduce the various Lily Activations as they correspond to particular levels of Ascension depicted in Jacob's Ladder (Figure 1).  See Ascension Master Keys 🔑 for details.

The Lily Activation acts on your DNA codes to speed up your ascent to the top of Jacob's Ascension Ladder.

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The 4 Inner Worlds of Ascension

Jacob's Ladder is the Roadmap of Ascension to our Heavenly Home

Fig. 1: Jacob's Ladder of Ascension

​The 4 inner worlds of ascension correspond to the 4 stages of human development as man moves up the Ascension Ladder of Jacob (Figure 1) towards union with his Maker. This and the next 4 slides are only brief explanations of the 4 inner worlds of ascension depicted in Jacob's Ladder.

ASSIYAH: Our Animal-Vegetable Consciousness

Section A of Jacob's Ladder


This is the animal-vegetable plane of existence of mankind. It is the ordinary state wherein most incarnate, natural men live and work. It is our ordinary consciousness in the 3D world, where the corporeal holds power and reign.


FOUNDATION: the animal-vegetable consciousness of a human is at the foot of this world.


HEART: the ego-personality and physical life are at the heart of this world.


CROWN: Self-realization. He who attains self-realization is king of this world.


SYMBOL: the Bull.

How the 4 Inner Worlds of Ascension Show Up In Our Life

Assiyah is the stage of life in the 3D world where majority of humanity live. Inhabitants of this world go up and down the ladder of Assiyah (e.g., social climbing, or ascending the corporate ladder) pretty much all their lives. Personalities strive to reach the top of Maslow's pyramid and become king (e.g., "King of Pop",  "Queen of Songs", president of a country, emperor of an empire) until he or she is peacefully replaced, or violently overthrown by the next emerging king.

When the ego-personality reaches the top of Assiyah's ladder (M-circle), he revels for a time in the personal glory of Maslow's self-realization and self-actualization, until his glory fades and he is replaced by another self-realized king.


Then one of 2 things may happen: (1) if he is toppled from his throne or replaced, he lands somewhere at the bottom of the Ascension Ladder a.k.a. Tree of Life and, once again, he climbs his way up the ladder just as before; or (2) he begins to search for greater meaning and existential purpose. If this lost sheep chooses the road less traveled in pursuit of higher purpose, then God steps in to extend a helping hand.  

God's helping hand can come in the form of Beloveds of the Christ Office who aid the soul's ascent up the ladder of consciousness.  The serious truth-seeker is assisted to attain the highest psycho-spiritual consciousness in Yezirah, known as Christ-consciousness, so he can graduate to the next level.


Upon graduating Yezirah, he is further assisted by Beloved Source and his Inner Maggid to attain the highest heavenly consciousness in Beriah, known as God-realization, so he can graduate to the next level.

Upon graduating Beriah, his consciousness continues to ascend with the help of Beloved Source and his Inner Maggid, until he attains divine consciousness in Azilut. This was once his original state and his Home before The Fall. In this context, Ascension means "the journey Home."

Figure 3: Tree of Life / Ascension Ladder with God's Lightning Flash.


Lily Activations in Relation to Ascension Levels

 Ascension Path and Keys to Secret Chambers

Metaphorically speaking, each rung of Jacob's Ladder (Figure 1) is a floor in a building, representing levels of consciousness and being-ness. In every floor are secret doors to the inner chambers and offices of the Most High G-d. These doors are locked to prevent inadvertent entry. The secret doors are hidden within the symbolic circles (or sefira in Hebrew) of Jacob's Ladder. 

Each Lily Activation holds Master Keys that unlock secret passages to the Most High G-d so that you can enter and then ascend to upper levels of Jacob's Ladder by the Grace of God. See "Ascension Keys" for more info.


Entry into God's secret passages is contingent upon satisfying the Covenants of a Lily, and the willingness to be trained by Beloveds of the Christ Office for the service of God.

Ascension to the upper levels of Jacob's Ladder (circles M, N, and S) require more than accumulated merit.  An Act of Grace is needed. Hence, the White, Gold, Platinum, and Iridescent Lily Activations are offered for that purpose.

For the great majority, ascension to the uppermost levels (circles T, W, and topmost circle) also require an Act of Grace. Hence, the Diamond Lily Activations are offered for that purpose.

 Jacob's Ladder

(Figure 1)

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Ascension Master Keys 🔐

The  3-carat Diamond Lily Activation  holds Ascension Master Keys that unlock secret passages inside the Throne of Creation (W-circle) of Jacob's Ladder. Pre-requisites: lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness, Surrender to God's Will and Oneness with God....

The  1-carat Diamond Lily Activation  and  2-carat Diamond Lily Activation  hold the Ascension Keys that unlock secret passages from the T-circle to the W-circle of Jacob's Ladder. Pre-requisites: lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness, Surrender to God's Will, and Oneness with God.

The  Iridescent Lily Activation  holds Ascension Keys that unlock secret passages inside the S-circle of Jacob's Ladder. Pre-requisites: lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness and Surrender to God's Will.

The  Platinum Lily Activation  holds the Ascension Keys that unlock secret passages inside the N-circle of Jacob's Ladder. Pre-requisites: lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness.and Surrender to God's Will.

The  White  and  Gold  Lily Activations hold the Ascension Keys to unlock secret passages inside the M-circle of Jacob's Ladder. Pre-requisite: lifetime commitment to Christ-consciousness.

The Diamond Ascension Path


Circles T, W, and topmost circle of Jacob's Ladder comprise the Diamond Ascension Path.


The Inner Maggid (Inner Teacher)

The Inner Maggid is the true inner teacher. This should be none other than God-self. Any other teacher would be a pretender to the throne.


You will know you have met the Inner Maggid by these 2 telltale signs:

THE FOOL. This spiritual state is an irony of Godself-realization and halfwit. Similar to the feeling on graduation day, one is youthful and exuberant, knowledgeable yet innocent, confident yet unsure, accomplished yet inexperienced. The dawning of The Fool state is represented by the M-circle in Jacob's Ladder. This is when Christ-consciousness dawns on the initiate although he feels like a fool.

The Fool depicts a youth walking joyfully into the world. He is taking his first steps, and he is exuberant, joyful, excited. He carries nothing with him except a small sack, caring nothing for the possible dangers that lie in his path. Indeed, he is soon to encounter the first of these possible dangers, for if he takes just a step more, he topples over the cliff that he is reaching... The dog at his heels barks at him in warning, and if he does not become more aware of his surroundings soon, he may never see all the adventures that he dreams of encountering. - Labyrinthos


THE GURU LEAVES. When the Inner Maggid is realized, the external guru steps aside, and Beloveds of the Christ Office will let go of you. This is because any external guru, whether terrestrial or celestial, who comes between the student and his Inner Maggid will only retard the progress of both teacher and student. So, for everyone's welfare, Beloveds of the Christ Office will yank the apron strings, whether you like it or not, to give way to the Inner Maggid, i.e., the God-self who will steer the personality's destiny.

When the student is ready, the guru disappears. - Lao Tsu