Platinum Lily Activation Suite


22 Turnkey Activations in 1 Sitting for Speeds Up to 12 G

  1. Safe activation of a COMPLETELY EVOLVED Kundalini (an extremely rare phenomenon) for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.  (Circa 2005)  

  2. Activation of a permanent Antahkarana-the "express elevator" to the penthouse suite of Nirvana, and a direct-line "HDTV cable connection" to God.  (Circa 2005)  

  3. Activation of the 7x7 Oracle Pyramids switches on the ability to be an oracle through which divine knowledge is revealed. If we use the analogy of tall buildings to represent celestial academies of knowledge, then activation of the 7x7 Oracle Pyramids is what enables a truth-seeker to leap tall buildings.  (Circa 2005)

  4. Activation of a fully assembled, ready-to-go Merkabah vehicle.  You don't ever have to re-assemble this vehicle with mantras and mudras, or pump it with gas.  (Circa 2005)

  5. Activation of the Caudate Nucleus, which is responsible for myriad extrasensory perceptions, supernatural abilities and higher consciousness in more evolved man.  (Circa 2006)  

  6. DNA Activation so you can move full speed ahead onto a bigger, better, higher, brighter version of you.  (Circa 2008)  

  7. Christ Consciousness Activation for the externalization of the Christ Consciousness. Intended to aid the aspirant in attaining One Love and Universal Consciousness. Not intended for use in pursuit of power and vain glory.  (Circa Jan 2009)

  8. Activation of Ascension Light Codes turns on the lights codes of Ascension stored in your DNA. Also establishes the trail of ascent to the Holy of Holies, with safe entry into the Arc of the Covenant.  (Circa Apr 4, 2010 Easter) 

  9. Merging of the Lily and LotusThe wisdom and attainments of the Lily lineage (the Christ-Melchizedek lineage of the West) and the Lotus lineage (the Guanyin-Buddha lineage of the East) are merged into one stream of consciousness, and then downloaded to you as an integrated app. (Circa Jan 2011)

  10. Ankh of Isis Activation grants Power, Presence, Prosperity and Protection from Goddess Isis. Candidates must choose whether to receive this activation on (1) time-release, or (2) full release-full integration.  (Circa Feb 2011)

  11. Triune Synthesis brings into balance the Love, Wisdom, and Power received from the Christ, Guan Yin, and Isis.  (Circa Apr 2011)

  12. Activation of the Exomod, an interference-free communication line with cosmic beings and celestial academies of knowledge (analogous to having a dedicated hotline to the Oval Office, or having a Batphone to the Batcave).  It has the effect of removing the glass ceiling to cosmic levels of consciousness.  (Circa Apr 2011)

  13. Dispensations from Pallas Athena, who bestows some of her transcendent qualities, rooted in divinity: wisdom, strategic thinking, shapeshifting, protection, strength, courage, victory, etc.  (Circa May 2011)

  14. Dispensations from Madonna of the Lilies (also known as Mater Admirabilis). She dispenses power to heal wounds, courage to embrace the un-embraceable. Her dispensations aid the aspirant to unite opposites harmoniously. She activates a perennial "bouyancy of the heart" which can bring an end to pain and suffering. For the gifts of this activation to be experienced, the aspirant must first give up his old, human programming of holding on to pain and suffering.  (Circa Jun 2011)

  15. Adam Kadmon Activation activates the fast lane to attainment of the cosmic Adam Kadmon-i.e., the Cosmic Man in God's image.  (Circa July 2011)

  16. Divine Alchemy from Blessed Mary Mediatrix of Grace has the power to transmute matter. She offers the miraculous power of the White Rose to healers and stewards of humanity, nature and environment who are ready for the responsibilities.  (Circa Aug 2011)  Example: Blessed Mary Mediatrix delivered a miracle through an Iridescent Lily-activated obstetrician to save a dying woman's life. Click here for full story.

  17. Gift from Goddess Portia bestows the ability to remove blindfolds so that you can see the bigger picture, discern better, and make informed decisions. This activation also assists you to reconcile your polarities into harmonious union. She bestows these qualities as transcendent, supernal abilities, rooted in divinity.  (Circa Aug 2011)  

  18. The Paradise Field is an energy field, or atmosphere of paradise, that emanates from the One Heart Consciousness, permeates the entire body and flows outwards to all dimensions of being. This activation will make you feel as if paradise is in you and around you. As carrier of the Paradise Field, you become like an oasis through which others may taste Eden, and a torch that lights the candles of others.  (Circa Sep 2011)

  19. Activation of 12C x 12G x 12D and Beyond is an unprecedented booster that allows the aspirant to reach the 12th plane Consciousness (12C) and beyond, with the speed of 12G and beyond. Vision is extended upto the 12th Dimension (12D) and beyond.  (Circa Sep 2011)

  20. With activation of the Platinum Cosmic Cross, there is no longer a hit or miss. Though the "here and now" is a moving target, this activation grants the aspirant the ability to focus his 12C x 12G x 12D super-consciousness on a moving target, and engage the creative forces of the universe with laser-like precision. Heaven and Earth meet at the center of the Platinum Cosmic Cross in the heart.  (Circa Sep 2011)

  21. King David walked in the paths of righteousness and trusted the Lord completely throughout his life. Activation of the Platinum Cosmic Star of David brings COMPLETE TRUST in the Divine-like a strong fortress towering above the world. It is an unprecedented level of KNOWING that you are supported unequivocally by the “Powers That Be” and you are never alone. Unlike faith, it is a confident, unperturbed knowingness and certitude that transcends humanness for it is rooted in Divinity.  (Circa Sep 2011)

  22. In exchange for keeping the Covenants of a Lily, the Christ Office will conditionally "hold back" some of your negative karma so that you can have more free time to serve All Creation as God's Peace Emissary and, thereby, pay back your karmic debt through compassionate service (rather than through catalysts and karmic "debt collectors").

To get started, get the treasure map to a Lily Activation.  We'll email you everything you need to know-who, what, when, where, why and price tag-so you can make an informed decision.

WARNING:  If you misuse or abuse the powers you gain from this particular Lily Activation, whether willfully or unconsciously, whether for harm or to gain unfair advantage over others, you will meet regrettable karmic consequences swiftly and exponentially.  Not only shall painful karma befall you as the wrongdoer, your negative karma will also ricochet to your innocent loved ones (e.g., spouse, children, parents, pets). That's just how karma works, whether or not we believe it.

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