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Sacred Alchemy
Transforms Old to Gold

When any kind of miracle happens, the hidden mechanism behind it is the precise application of these five pillars of alchemy-Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Through command of these 5 elemental energies, the alchemist can transform "old" to "gold" supernaturally, i.e., the alchemist can transmute illness, sorrow, pain, and physical matter into higher states or higher forms through the synergy of these 5 elemental forces.

Sacred Alchemy is the precise application of the 5 elements by way of an innate spiritual capacity to surpass so-called natural law. If applied correctly, the results are transmutation, transfiguration of matter, or transcendence.

Upon mastering the 5 elements, one becomes a siddha, a supernatural saint who is able to perform miracles rooted in The Divine.

Sacred Alchemy Healing is for clients who wish to become divinely-changed and divinely life-changing.

A client hobbled into an Akashic Old-to-Gold Experience with a walking cane that he depended on for years. After the 3-hour session, he went home dancing-without his cane. This true story demonstrates the power of Divine Grace to transform "old" to "gold" through Sacred Alchemy. For our client, the result was GOLD.

Not all results of Sacred Alchemy are dramatic. Results vary and can be non-physical, transpersonal, intravenous, or subtle yet deep. Transformative effects can linger for days, weeks, or up to 9 months.

Your intentions play a large role in manifesting the changes you desire, so be careful what you wish for. Biting more than you can chew has proven to increase stress levels or trigger a healing crisis.

You will most likely have to make some lifestyle changes to support your healing and renewal. That may include renouncing old habits, especially if they are self-defeating and counter-productive. For example:


  • If you want to transform to a more wholesome you, then be prepared to give up the self-abuse that fragmented you.

  • If you want to transform to a more healthy you, then be prepared to give up old habits that made you sick.

  • If you want to transform to a more powerful you, then be prepared to give up the old programs that dis-empowered you.

Transform Old to Gold Through Our Sacred Alchemy Healing Suite

God-consciousness Healing

ankh-isis copy.gif 2015-7-24-20:56:23

Isis Pyramid (+Pi Ray) Healing


Guanyin Core Light Healing


Meditations and Beyond


Akashic Old-to-Gold Experience

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Evergreen Blossom Prayer

Safety Advisories


Any of our energy healing modalities may trigger symptoms of spiritual awakening, such as divine revelations, epiphanies, psychic visions, or miraculous healing. These symptoms should be balanced and grounded with proper education and counseling. Consulting a mental health counselor and/or seeking medical advice are recommended. Please see Full Disclaimers to help you manage expectations about our offers.

Rest in safe, clean, stress-free surroundings for the first 24 hours.


All of the above energy modalities provide heavy-duty energy healing, and your energy field will be re-organizing for the next 24-48 hours.  If you choose to be in an energetically toxic environment during this sensitive period, that toxicity will be incorporated into you.  

Hence, we recommend being selective about your environment and the people you're with for the next 24-48 hours.  If you are unable to be in peaceful, stress-free surroundings during that time, then you must read "Protect Yourself from Toxic Energy for 48 Hours."

After any heavy-duty healing, you may feel lethargic, or you may feel joyful, energized, and invigorated.  Whatever the case, it is recommended that you keep things low-key for the next 24 hours. This means:

❶ Stay in clean, stress-free surroundings, with positive, supportive people. 

❷ Pamper yourself, e.g., take a relaxing aromatherapy bath at home; add sea salt to your bath water (sea salt draws out toxins from the body).  Read an inspirational or spiritual book.  Eat healthy and get plenty of rest.  Surround yourself with soothing music.  Watch movies about love, not horror or violence.  

❸ Don't push yourself for the next 24 hours. Doing so might only retard your healing.

❹ Refrain from watching horror movies or violence on TV for the next 24 hours.  Otherwise, their toxic, negative energies will be incorporated into you.  Avoid hospitals and funerals.  Gossip is toxic energy so stay away from that, too.

❺ If you intend to receive heavy-duty, deep energy healing, then we do not recommend that you drive a vehicle afterwards. Ask someone else to drive for you, or attend an online energy healing in the privacy of your home so you don't have to drive. If you have no other option but to drive home by yourself, then request for a Time-release healing session, to be completed at bedtime.  This gives your celestial healthcare team permission to perform a light healing on you until you get home, and then continue the heavy-duty healing later when you're in bed.

Avoid toxic energies for the first 72 hours.


If you must enter a toxic environment during the first 72 hours that your energy field is reorganizing, then practice some form of protection. For example:


➀ Say prayers of protection, e.g., Psion Prayer.

➁ Wear a crystal pendant that absorbs negative energy (e.g., black tourmaline) and then clean your pendant at the end of the day.

➂ Purify your space with Gregorian chants, or Tibetan chants, e.g., Buddhist Throat Singing Monks (1 hour).

➃ Repeat "Om" over and over in your head while you are surrounded by toxic energy.  If you do not resonate with "Om," you can choose whatever word or mantra connects you directly to Source, e.g., repeating the Lord's Prayer.

➄ Practice Tong Len (WARNING: this is not safe for everyone to do without proper training). 

➅ Wear a scarf that has been blessed by the Pope or Cardinal, or Karmapa, or a high priest of your religion, or an anointed one. Based on tests I've conducted in the past, objects that have been blessed by high priests or anointed ones or heads of churches provide the strongest form of protection against toxic energies and evil forces. Their potency surpasses that of most amulets.

➆ Spray yourself with a solution of sea salt (not iodized salt) dissolved in water as needed.

➇ Put rock salt in a small pouch and hang around your neck with a string. Pouch must cover your solar plexus chakra to protect this power center.  Throw the rock salt away at the end of the day. 

Alchemy Healing
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