God-consciousness Healing


​Prior to my Akashic Consultation PLUS God-consciousness Healing, there was a slight disconnect. Kim was very kind and compassionate with the challenging information that was communicated to her from the Master, Teachers and Lords of the Akashic Records. Some of the most profound truths were graced with so much love. It was like feeling God’s embrace within each word.


The awareness, grounded connectedness, and the spark within my heart feel as if they have been re-ignited. Latent abilities have come forward with a new instinctive awareness and understanding. Where there was uncertainty, there is a clear precise knowing filled with LOVE. My connection to Source feels much more palpable, solid and whole. Air Hugs, Kim Lopa. ~ Thank you

Woke up one morning with a migraine headache that lasted till evening. Joined Kim for dinner in a restaurant. She performed a 3-minute God-consciousness Healing and my headache began to fade. Within 15 minutes the headache was completely, utterly gone! Then, in less than a minute, prosperity, good fortune and manna poured from Heaven in the form of complimentary dishes and special, sweet candies from the establishment.


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