What do we mean by "chosen"?

Allow us to clear up the mockery and common misconceptions around the word, "chosen," or else you will not allow youself to be "Chosen."


Most likely, you have heard sarcastic remarks and negative connotations about being a "chosen one." But there is one positive connotation you probably did not learn... an important nuance that can make all the difference.

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret," says the Oracle to Neo in "The Matrix". Being the [Chosen] One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you're in love, you just know it."



So if you deny that you are being "chosen," then remember what you are also denying-the LOVE.

"Who am I to be chosen?"

Actually, who are you NOT to be?

Chosen to Be His Betrothed


In the context of God's Love, "chosen" means He has chosen you to be His Betrothed, the person to whom He is engaged to wed.  Remember, when you marry the Divine King, you marry into His job. Thus, the Bride of God must be willing to serve His Kingdom, His Mission, His Purpose.


Through renowned Edgar Cayce, the Akashic Records gives this definition of "Chosen":


"… as a chosen peoples, as a people with a definite mission, a definite purpose, called of the Divine to establish the NAME in a given place, a given purpose…"  (Edgar Cayce 454-2)


The Chosen People are those who meet both these criteria: 


  1. They have willingly chosen to perform a definite mission, a definite purpose for God.

  2. They are anointed by God to perform a definite mission, a definite purpose in His Name.

Those 2 criteria will reveal whether or not you want to be "Chosen" to be the bride of a King.

Lilies are anointed by God to be His Chosen People


As the Chosen, Lilies are commissioned by God for a definite mission and purpose:





Restore the Chosen Ones to Oneness and Be a Light Unto Nations​

Are you the One?

Who are you not to be? The Creator made you, and that's as perfect as it gets. You are a perfect being having an imperfect experience.


Perhaps you don't believe you're perfect, so let's talk your language and address the voice in your head that says you're not worthy, not perfect enough to be chosen. 


The Creator is not looking for the perfect mate. He's looking for the "One" who is willing to be made perfect and whole through His Help, His Love, and His Grace.

In exchange for their willingness to lovingly serve His Kingdom, His Mission and Purpose, God shares with Lilies His powers, His excellence, His perfections, so that they may capably serve His people as Ambassadors of Peace for the Age of The Lily.  


Through a Lily Activation, God empowers His Chosen People with abilities beyond ordinary man's reach, and embraces them as His betrothedOne such Lily attests:

"During the Lily Activation, you will realize your worth, and feel what it is like to be Chosen. And that is true. After my Lily Activation, I felt so loved, so prized, as if I were worth the most expensive dowry.


While the joy I felt after each Lily Activation was out of this world, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the Joy I am experiencing now."  Paul T.

“Ye too find thyselves chosen. Have ye chosen Him?  For as was given, 'If ye will by my people, I will be thy God' ."  ~ Edgar Cayce 3976-21

Will you be His Chosen One

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