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The Chosen Ones

Few doctrines have incited more virulent criticism than the idea of a chosen people.

The Akashic Records gave this definition of "chosen people" through renowned "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce:


"… as a chosen peoples, as a people with a definite mission, a definite purpose, called of the Divine to establish the NAME in a given place, a given purpose…"  (Edgar Cayce 454-2)

Time and again, the Beloveds on High have referred to Lilies as a "chosen people." By above definition, it is true. Lilies are chosen and anointed by God to be his chosen, his betrothed, his elect, with a God-given mission and purpose. Their God-given mission: Peace and One Brotherhood of Man.  Their God-given purpose: restore the Chosen Ones to Oneness and be a light unto nations.



Peace and One Brotherhood

of Man


Restore the Chosen Ones to Oneness and Be a Light Unto Nations​

In the Matrix movie, the hero, Neo, doubted he was "the one." He was predisposed to deny that he was the "chosen one."

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret," said the Oracle to Neo.

"Being the 'the one' is just like being in love. No one can tell you you're in love. You just know it."

Let's repeat that . . . "Being the [chosen] one is just like being in love."

You are free to deny that you are "chosen." You are free to deny three times as Peter the Apostle did.  Just be aware of what you are also denying... the LOVE.



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