Akashic Gold

Transform Old to Gold in a Private 1-on-1

Available as a Limited Service or Full Service Suite (1½ to 4 hours)

Akashic Gold


combines Book of Life Reading and Sacred Alchemy to deliver a suite of transformative services for healing and enlightenment. It's transformative care wherein Beloveds of the Christ Office do the heavy lifting, so that you can transform from "old" to "gold."

C A S E   S T U D Y


A client hobbled into an Akashic Gold session with a walking cane that she depended on for years. Three hours later, she went home dancing—without her cane. This illustrates the ability of a client to transform his or her condition from "old" to "gold" with the help of Divinities of the Christ Office who do the heavy lifting.

"Months of therapy wouldn't even have come close to what I got from Kim and Masters of the Akashic Records in just one session." 

▪ Jessica Suarez, USA

Choose the Gold service that fits your needs and budget.


Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Akashic Alchemist

15+ years experience

Design Book

Akashic Gold Limited Service

Book of Life Reading Only


1.5 Hours*




or 2 payments of $135 usd


* Overtime is billed in 30-minute increments.

Book of Life Reading is a private consultation wherein a client consults the Beloveds of the Christ Office and Akashic Records for advice, guidance, healing, or enlightenment. The client's Book of Life is accessed for input, which deepens the conversation to the level of causality at the mind-body-spirit nexus.


Communication and cooperation between Client and The Beloveds is facilitated by Akashic Liason Consultant,

Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa.

Akashic Gold Limited Service is for clients who want only a Book of Life Reading without extra add-on services. Duration is 1.5 hours on the average, but can stretch to 2 hours if a client has many questions or requests for additional assistance.


  • See both the forest and the trees.

  • Know where you are in your soul journey, and where you're headed.

  • Practical do-it-yourself solutions for everyday living.

Limited Service is for you if:

  • You have a few simple questions, not very complicated or thorny, and you want to consult your Book of Life for guidance.

  • You are a do-it-yourself personality who wants big-picture answers but not a detailed "road map".  

  • You are content with Q & A information that can fit in a 1.5-hour budget, without an in-depth focus on information solutions.

  • You have only 1 or 2 issues you need help with, i.e., 2 topics you would like to cover superficially, or 1 topic in-depth.

Limited Service is not for you if:

  • You need to make major, life-changing decisions.  

  • Your situation or challenges are complex and thorny.

  • You want to deep-dive into the heart of the matter or root cause with the aim of learning step-by-step solutions.

  • You seek counseling, mentoring, transformation, life healing, training, private tutoring, and even a bit of hand-holding.  

Akashic Gold Full Service

Book of Life Reading + Alchemy + Add-ons


2 to 4 Hours*


$160 / hour


Payment Plans Available


* Overtime is billed in 30-minute increments.

Unused time is refunded in 30-minute increments.

Akashic Gold Full Service is for clients who want a Book of Life Reading plus add-on services. Duration is anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and here's why.  

Add-ons are extra services that Beloveds of the Christ Office may provide in addition to regular care, such as: counseling, mentoring, coaching, private tutoring, how-to training, Sacred Alchemy healing, spiritual reconstructive surgery (includes pre-op & post-op care), energy medicine, ascension activations, etc.


  • Transformation and healing from "old" to "gold" via Sacred Alchemy.

  • Enlightenment and ascension of the soul because consciousness is raised.

  • God does the heavy-lifting, not you.

Full Service is for you if:

  • You want more than Q & A, you want a road map.  

  • You have 3 to 4 issues you need help with.

  • Your issue is thorny and complex with a lot of moving parts.

  • You need to make major, life-changing decisions.  

  • You want to deep-dive into the heart and root cause of the matter. You want not just a synopsis but the full story.

  • You want to get from point A to point B with a road map, a bird's eye view, and a willingness to learn step-by-step, actionable solutions.

Full Service is not for you if:

  • Your questions are few or simple.

  • Your situation or concerns have a few moving parts with very little drama, intrigue or complexity.

  • You are a do-it-yourself personality who seeks big-picture solutions and not a detailed "road map".  

  • You' prefer to skim the surface of an issue rather than dive deep to the root cause.


H0w You Can Save Time and Money

​The more questions you have, or the more complex your needs and challenges are, the longer the consultation will take, and overtime will be charged to your account in 30-minute increments. 

So to maximize the session for savings, follow our time-saving tips in "How To Ask the Right Questions." It's your homework guide.


Consolidate, organize, and prioritize your questions, sorted by less than a handful of topics, with the help of the homework guide. Ignore this advice and your lack of preparation will cost you more time and money.

If we discover in the first 20 minutes of your paid session that Akashic Gold service is not what you need, we will not proceed, and your payment will be refunded in full.

In the case of Akashic Gold Full Service, a session can take longer than anticipated, and we explain why here. In the event a service extends beyond our best hopes, overtime will be charged to your account in 30-minute increments. 

Service rarely exceeds 4 hours though, so 4 hours is the most you will pay for.  If service extends beyond 4 hours, you may compensate with a Gratitude Donation if you like.

In fairness, we will also refund any pre-paid, unused appointment time in 30-minute increments (minus transaction fees, if any). 

So you can feel safe booking a session knowing you pay only for the time and service you need.

Book a 4-hour session on your credit card knowing that any unused time will be refunded in 30-minute increments. 

Or book a 2-hour session on your credit card knowing any overtime will be charged to you afterwards in 30-minute increments, only up to 4 hours max.

Pay Only for the Service Hours You Use

"Kim's Akashic Reading showed me higher ground... my session with her allowed me to not only see where I am headed, but also how I can consciously work to fuel my passions, my career, my faith, my relationships, for the highest good." - Hera, Philippines

"Kim Lopa has always been my go-to for Akashic Readings. Choosing an Akashic Reader has always been an important selection because an Akashic Reading is such a personal experience.  I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance, and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pinpoint the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of tipics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking. They gave me the gift of self-discovery and clarity. Thank you to the Akashic Lords and to Kim Lopa for your loving service."  ToniAnn Hannah-Batista, USA

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