Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Akashic Alchemist

15+ years experience

Akashic Alchemy Session

From Old to Gold in a Private 1-on-1

An All-in-one Suite of Transformative Services

This Full Service starts from 2 up to 4 hours

Unlike the limited-service Book of Life Reading, whose raison d'etre is story-telling, the purpose of an Akashic Alchemy full service is transformation from "old" to "GOLD."  It maximizes your time by squeezing deep treatment or essential overhaul into a small window-like an express service but without the compromises of a rush job.

"Months of therapy wouldn't even have come close to what I got from Kim and Masters of the Akashic Records in just one session."  ▪ Jessica Suarez, Nurse, Florida, USA

Akashic Alchemy is a full-featured service suite that bunches together whatever The Beloveds deems fit to employ, e.g., counseling, mentoring, coaching, transcendental activations, alchemy, life healing, private tutoring, one-on-one training, etc.—all in one package.  "Hand holding" is included so that you don't have to walk through the Unknown alone.


This full-featured service is for you if you seek God's help on matters that you cannot do, solve, or heal on your own, and you are fit enough to bear the tension of rapid, transformative G-forces in one or a few sittings.

Akashic Alchemy is an all-in-one package deal that saves you considerable time, money, and heartache.  

CASE STUDY:  a client hobbled into an Akashic Alchemy session with a walking cane that he depended on for years.  3 hours later, he went home dancing—without a cane. That's an example of rapid transformation from "old" to "gold" wherein Providence does the heavy lifting. 

Akashic Alchemy combines Sacred Alchemy and Akashic Records into one, for a metamorphosis infused by The Infinite.

Full Service is for you if:
  • You don't want simply Q & A, you want a treasure map.  You don't want just a synopsis, you want the full story.

  • You have 3 to 4 issues you need help with.

  • Your issue is thorny and complex with a lot of moving parts.

  • You want to deep-dive into the heart and root of the matter with commitment and courage to follow through on solutions.

  • You need to make major, life-changing decisions. 

  • You want the bird's eye view plus a road map to get from point A to point B. Besides the big picture, you want to delve into pieces of the puzzle with the time and willingness for step-by-step solutions.


Here's How To Save Time and Money

The more complex your needs and challenges are, the longer the consultation will take, and overtime will be charged to your credit card in 30-minute increments. 

In order to maximize the consultation, and save time and money, consolidate all your questions and concerns into 3 or 4 prioritized topics with the help of our guide on How To Ask the Right Questions.  It's important to do this, otherwise, a lack of preparation will cost you more time and money.

Book an appointment as your budget allows. Any unused appointment time will be refunded in 30-minute increments. So you can feel confident about booking a 4-hour session on your credit card, for example, knowing any unused time will be refunded (in 30-minute increments).

Or book a 2-hour session on your credit card, knowing that any overtime will be charged later, in 30-minute increments. In any case, one session will not exceed 4 hours, so 4 hours is the maximum you will pay for.

We Begin with an Initial Free Assessment

We prefer making an initial assessment of your needs, concerns, and challenges, at no cost to you-before we even begin an Akashic Alchemy session.  The first 20 minutes of a session is FREE TIME that allows us to discover whether or not Akashic Alchemy is right for you (it usually is, because the hunch that guided you to us is righteous). If we discover in the first 20 minutes of a session that Akashic Alchemy is not the answer for you, we will not proceed with it, and your payment will be fully refunded. 

If you are a new customer, or an old client who has never tried Akashic Alchemy before, please request an Initial Free Assessment.  If we discover in the Initial Assessment that an Akashic Alchemy is the answer for you, we will make you an offer, and you will have the option to accept or decline.

So you can feel safe about booking Akashic Alchemy, knowing we start and end with what's honest and true for you.


Patrons who've had Akashic Alchemy before and would like to book another one may click any of the buttons below.
Full Service is not for you if:

  • You have a few simple questions that are not too thorny, deep, or complex. The matter that concerns you does not involve a lot of moving parts, drama, and intrigue.

  • You are a do-it-yourself(er) who wants solutions "from a bird's eye view" but not a "road map" of details.  You can be happy with the "big picture" instead of delving into pieces of the puzzle, or learning step-by-step solutions.

  • You are content with advice that fits into a 1.5 hour budget instead of an in-depth focus on information solutions.


Go for a Book of Life Reading instead-limited time and service, abbreviated features, but still saves you time, money, and heartache.

 R E S U L T S


ToniAnn Hannah-Batista

Florida, USA

Kim Lopa has always been my go-to for Akashic Readings. Choosing an Akashic Reader has always been an important selection as its such a personal experience. I felt safety, trustworthiness, acceptance and a space of love. In this specific reading, I received exactly what I needed to clearly pin point the source of many of my challenges. The Lords of Akasha clearly articulated and genuinely crafted their delivery to truly make the most impact and cover a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, even ancestral patterns. It was absolutely amazing, I must say. I had written down so many questions to choose from, and only asked a few and the Lords answered that along with several other questions without me even asking. They gave me the gift of self-discovery and clarity. I AM grateful. Thank you to the Akashic Lords, and to Kim Lopa for your loving service.




Kim's Akashic Reading showed me higher ground ... my session with her allowed me to not only see where I am headed, but also how I can consciously work to fuel my passions, my career, my faith, my relationships for the highest good. The reading allowed me to recognize how I am loved, guided and destined for only the good things when I couple my dreams with a commitment to stay loyal to God and His promise.


Jessica Suarez

Nurse, Florida, USA

You've inspired me to take an Akashic Records class, Kim, as a means of helping others, as you have helped me. Months of therapy wouldn't even have come close to what you (with the Masters and Teachers) gave me in only one session. I can't thank you enough! It's difficult putting such an amazing experience into just a few words. The gift you gave me is priceless and one I will cherish forever. Things seem much clearer now and I'm definitely more at peace. Thank you so much, Kim! Bless you!

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