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DNA Activation

The Lily Activation Happens Down to the DNA Level

Owing to ancestral history, trauma and environmental factors, many people have some "broken DNA" which alters the expression of their innate potential and growth in many ways.  Despite damaged DNA, you can still grow up "normally" although not at your best.  Figure 1 illustrates examples of DNA damage. If you'll notice, broken DNA resembles broken train tracks.

Figure 1

The Lily Activation etherically repairs your broken train tracks so that your "soul train" can move full speed ahead on mended tracks. The result is a healthier body-mind that is better able to withstand environmental toxins.

For example, one of our Lilies claimed to succumb to the flu about every 2 months before her Lily Activation. After her Lily Activation, she has not had a bout of flu ever since.

In terms of spiritual growth, etheric DNA repair allows you to evolve full speed ahead on mended train tracks, so that your spiritual consciousness and energy system can run like a high-speed race car (in the case of a White or Gold Lily Activation), or a bullet train (in the case of a Platinum Lily Activation).

Within the framework of the Lily Activation Suite, the Antahkarana provides the  vertical expansion while DNA Activation provides the horizontal expansion. This horizontal expansion can be represented by an infinity loop (Figure 2).

Figure 2


Figure 2

Figure 3

Each of the figures in the infinity symbol (Figure 2) represents a different parallel existence. You might call them past lives, but from the viewpoint of eternal timelessness, our past lives are actually parallel lives, all occurring simultaneously in present time. You might think of each circle as a past self, but from the viewpoint of eternal timeless, all past and future selves are actually simultaneous selves in a parallel existence. 


The horizontal expansion of a Lily allows him to access advanced skills, abilities and knowledge from "past and future selves." This can explain certain mysterious occurrences, such as new skill sets and suprahuman abilities suddenly surfacing with unexplainable mastery, despite absence of prior training or rehearsal. These "instant skill sets" and suprahuman abilities are simply coming over from other aspects of the self within the infinity loop.

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