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The "Book" is a metaphor for the body-mind of the truth-seeker undergoing a Lily Activation. The first 6 seals of the Book are opened in the Iridescent Lily Activation.  The 7th seal is opened in the Diamond Lily Activation.

(NOTE: not just anyone can open the seals.  If not done correctly, the consequences are damaging).

In the context of an Iridescent Lily Activation, the first 6 seals of the Book are opened so that the Master of the House can enter the body temple.  The Master of the House is God.  The ego-personality becomes the butler. 


Internal power struggles within the truth-seeker may ensue if the ego-personality resists this demotion.  This power struggle became real to a group of 25 eager, spiritual aspirants who attended an Iridescent Lily Activation workshop.  A commotion ensued as all 25 ego-personalities protested against the Master of the House coming home.  The idea that God would be in charge of the House (body) was revolting to the butlers.  (It's amazing how much the ego will fight tooth-and-nail to defend it's sovereignty).

Opening 7 Seals of the Book

The 7 Seals of the Book correspond to the 7 spiritual centers (chakras) in the body which, in turn, correspond to the 7 churches in the Book of Revelations: 

To quell the infamous "Butler Rebellion," the Lily Activator (Kim Lopa) offered to terminate the workshop and give everyone their money back.  This jolted them and everyone acquiesced. To make a long story short, the butlers lost the battle.  Every butler (ego) in the room apologized to the Master (God) for their revolt and the Iridescent Lily Activation was allowed to proceed.

Moral of the story: if you want your ego-personality to be the star and continue running the show, do not go for an Iridescent Lily Activation.

The 6th seal corresponds to the Church of Philadelphia, or "City of Brotherly Love," located in the pineal center (crown chakra).  With the opening of this seal comes:

  • Remembrance of universal brotherly love

  • Divine Inspiration

  • Clarity of truth-consciousness

  • Luminous truth-knowing (or gnosis)

  • Compassion balanced with wisdom 

  • Integration of the transfigured self

  • Self-acceptance based on unification of polarities

The Diamond Lily Activation opens the 7th seal (3rd eye chakra), thereby, enabling the Master (God) to completely occupy the body temple.  With the activation of this seal comes super-conscious recall of divine gnosis, and a re-membering of at-onement with God.  All the cells in the body will be transformed to align with that memory.  (Circa April 22, 2013) ​

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