Thy Will Be Done

The Parable of Surrender


The Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records had this to say to an aspirant:


Masters: Let us imagine for a moment that an alligator is near you, eyeing you for lunch. What would you do?


Aspirant: I would jump up a tree and grab a branch.


Masters: Then what would you do when you get tired of hanging on to the branch of a tree? You would fall right into the mouth of the alligator, wouldn’t you?


Aspirant: Hmmm… if I fall to the ground, I shall play dead, then maybe it won’t eat me.


Masters: To the alligator, you are the ripened Fruit of Life, fallen from the Tree of Knowledge. It will eat you.


Aspirant: Hmmm… I will use a duck as decoy so that the alligator goes after the duck instead of me.


Masters: So you will sacrifice another life to save your own? You will incur karma for that. For someone who strives for ascension to Heaven, you keep making choices that are earth-bound.


Aspirant: Funny that you should bring this up, Master. I have been hunted and attacked by alligators in the corporate world, to the point that I have recurring nightmares of alligators going after me.


Masters: Go into your heart and connect to the Christ that is there. Let’s start all over again. There is an alligator that is eyeing you for lunch. What would the Christ in you do?


Aspirant: Christ-me would surrender. Christ-me will lie still on the ground in surrender.**


Masters: And what if the alligator tries to eat you?


Aspirant: Then Christ-me will rise up swiftly, grab a wooden plank and put it inside the alligator's open mouth so that it cannot devour me.**


Masters: Very good. Now tell us about the surrender you felt. Was there fear or grief in it?


Aspirant: Hmmm… no.


Masters: Were you alert when you surrendered?


Aspirant: Yes.

Masters: Were you fully conscious when you surrendered?


Aspirant: Yes, very much so.


Masters: What did your surrender inform you to do?


Aspirant: To grab a wooden plank and put it in the alligator’s mouth.


Masters: Did your surrender immobilize you?


Aspirant: No.


Masters: Was there defeat or loss in your surrender?


Aspirant: No.


Masters: Good. That is how you surrender to the Will of God.

** Note that "Christ-me will lie still on the ground in surrender" is only half the meaning of Surrender. If the alligator were to try and eat you, the other half-meaning of Surrender would be: "Then Christ-me will rise up swiftly, grab a wooden plank and put it inside the alligator's open mouth so that it cannot devour me."

Unite the 2 half-meanings of Surrender into one whole and you'll get the complete picture on how to Surrender to God's Will. You'll need both halves as one to get through life unscathed. - Kim