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I can't say I was ever a peaceful or calm person, but I used to be an extremely happy person.


That kind of changed in 2016. My family and I experienced trauma after trauma, from my dad falling ill while traveling alone (and us not knowing about it for 5 days), to him being in the hospital for 2.5 months and all of us nursing him back to health, only to have his heart stop on the day he was supposed to come home from the hospital, to having to take over a business in an industry I don't understand or fit in, to having employees that loved my dad but, having no loyalty to the rest of us, and therefore have been stealing from us for the past 3 years, to having to fight for dad's entire life's work in the company he owned and built over 30 years because his brother stole his shares in the corporation, to achieving my dream of a regional posting only to fail miserably, twice.

The smile or cheeky grin I always had on was lost, replaced by a perpetual scowl. And I started keeping my heart caged so it wouldn't fly too high. I felt like anger was safer than joy because if I didn't soar, I couldn't fall again.

The Evergreen Blossom Prayer (EBP) has helped me feel like me again. I randomly catch myself smiling, to my utter shock. My scowl comes back because my face is just used to it by now but, inch by inch, my smile is fighting it's way back. And my heart is challenging me to let it soar. I'm starting to feel happiness in my bones, effortlessly.

Not to say there hasn't been issues. There are still wounds, issues, and fights in my life but I feel like the fights have become healing fights. For example, a few nights ago, my sister and I were yelling at each other in the car. My mom was afraid we would crash because it was such an intense yelling match and I was at the wheel while yelling. And while I was deeply angry at what she was saying to me, after a while, I realized that I had let the words seep in but not the pain or anger attached to the words... I understood her without being as offended as I normally would be. I didn't feel the need to fight back anymore. All I was thinking was, "Ok we are fighting. So be it." And rather than feeling like I'm at war, I felt calm. The cut she dealt me was not infested by bacteria. It did not fester for days or start oozing pus. The cut let some bad blood out and then it healed beautifully. Within less than 24 hours, we were speaking and laughing again (which is rare after a big yelling match).

I wasn't a believer of EBP when I first heard about it. In fact, I didn't immediately take the course. But one day, out of the blue, without actually planning or intending it, I asked to stay home from work (rare for workaholics). Then after everyone left, I heard the first few words of the prayer. I recognized it from the free trial Kim gave out ages ago and, for the first time, I was drawn to it. I was being called by the Blessed Mother. But I set a condition. I told her I had to finish my work first then I would make time for her but that at 2:30 pm I had to leave. A task that had taken me over 6 hours the day before, I was able to do in less than 3 hours. And so I had 2.5 hours for my EBP training that day.

I felt compelled to write this testimony. Not to convince anyone to take the EBP themselves, but because I have such gratitude for finally feeling like myself again. In less than 1 week the EBP started to heal 3 years of trauma.

Don't take my word for it though. You will know, in your gut, when the EBP summons you for your own healing and transformation. Just listen and trust.

Ever Grateful,

Anonymous Introvert

P.S., I have this weird urge to tell everyone I love them, so if you're reading this, I love you!! Free hugs for everyone!

Monette M. Flores

Consultant for Book of Life Coaching and Ancestral Healing, In-depth Traveler, Ecotourism and Enterprise Development Expert, and Executive Director of a corporate disaster risk-reduction network in the Philippines

I am without words to express my deepest gratitude and love to Source, to the Blessed Mother, to the Celestial Host and to Beloved Kim.

Evergreen Blossom Meditations are priceless, soul shifting, beyond this world. The Sukkot Wish List was like a lei (garland) making journey by ourselves with the loving overlight and guidance by the Divinities, so up close and personal, and spiritually transformative.

The fulfillment of some items in my Sukkot Wish List have already happened. Some have started and continue to happen everyday, in relationships, at work in deliverables, in solutions to issues, with health and healing, shifts within self, as I write. It's beautiful...

The conversations that I experienced were like love letters to and from Source... they reflect Moments of God's Breath and Love coming amongst us.

Each session of the 8 meditations was a precious and different experience. To me before the EBP Meditation series started, it looked like a closed bud that held inside secrets, surprises, gifts for my heart and soul and I was looking forward to it. In each session, a petal of the bud unfolds and reveals scents and a view of the promise of the beautiful flower. Through the series, 8 petals, one at a time, unfolded to reveal the fullness of the flower. The flower took me inside its sweetness, its marvel, its wisdom, its secrets, its promise, its heart, its love, its paradise.

At the end of the meditations, it felt like ripples have started and that giant waves of Source are yet to come. Awed and humbled and grateful. Love and thanks to all.

Ianah Olanan


Before, I would need to go on retreat or go to a "sacred place" to feel Divine Presence to receive healing, guidance & support. With the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, I felt so aligned and in tune with the Divine Intelligence. The subtle loving presence of the Blessed Mother addressed my spiritual needs in a profound way.



The Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Intuition Tutorials projected me to a level where my communication with God became instantaneous. Whatever I think I want to ask, God answers-even in times I have not yet said the Prayer. FANTASTIC! Also being able to contact the Ascended Masters who are my guides, through the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, has provided me the most incredible way to have personal conversations with the Heavens, Creation and the Universe.

Kim, as you can imagine, I feel very blessed that Virgin Mary, who has been at my side since I was a baby, has come to offer this magnificent connection to the Cosmos for healing and guidance. She has provided the means so that we can all progress and truly move on in our journeys, to help as Divine Instruments at this moment in human time when Mother Earth is crying from its core for help to change the negativity that man has created. This is the path to follow in order to help humanity to rise to the level of consciousness needed by Creation at this time.

Thank you, you are a beautiful instrument for showing us the bounty to be received if we follow our hearts. Love you.

Priscilla Wheeler

Life Balance Specialist

I was guided to listen to the Evergreen Blossom Free Trial, which I did everyday, and then followed that up with the Evergreen Intuition Tutorials. The Evergreen Blossom Prayer has been and is transformative. Thank you, Kim.


Last night, after saying the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, Blessed Mother Mary sat on my left side, caressed my hand, and shared the same memory of being with Creator in Heaven. I could feel this indescribable love from the Blessed Mother. 


She said, ”I will sit with you as you have sat with our dearly beloved Creator in Heaven many times. You are not ever alone, Heaven is here and now. We are here to support you on this journey to The Oneness of God’s Love, Heaven On Earth. As difficult as it may be to believe, your prayers of healing and rebirth are being answered.” 


When I asked further clarification, I was shown a phoenix. I was provided a little homework and things to do as I continue to heal. I’m feeling and seeing the progress on all levels of consciousness, down to the physical body. 


Creator/Divinity, along with having a solid foundation in the basics, were the missing elements for COMPLETE Oneness Restoration. I am still in recovery but at the same time I am excited to get up and LIVE. Little by little changes are happening, improving, and No Words can describe the Love and Gratitude that I feel! 

Raquel C.


Evergreen Blossom Prayer and Intuition Tutorials have significantly made a difference in my week-from feeling anxious, scared, afraid and angry last week to having more inner spaciousness and calm to be able to be in a neutral space, and be able to give and share more of myself with others.

I’ve had many breakthroughs! The Evergreen Blossom Prayer is subtle and potent at the same time... like I have an extra voice in my consciousness that allows me to come from a Space of Love and neutrality. Its awesome! Thank you, Blessed Mother, for the redeeming power of Love!

Wow! I said the Evergreen Blossom Prayer before going to bed. I just said the prayer once. Initially, I didn’t feel anything, but as I was about to repeat the prayer, I felt a burst of Joy and Light from the heart radiate outward. I didn’t know how to call IT so I asked, “How do I call You?“ IT answered, “Beloved.” So I asked, “Why Beloved?" IT answered by referring to the first few words of the prayer: “May I that is You..." because IT and I are One, hence, we are both the Beloved. I could sense-perceive the Blessed Mother’s energy somewhere in the background (there’s this “sweetness” about the energy which is how I know it’s Her), but the feeling is as if the whole energy is a composite of different Divine energies.

M. M. Flores, Akashic Consultant

Manila, Philippines

I prayed the Evergreen Blossom Prayer before going to bed. When I awoke this morning, I felt Blessed Mother's light wrapped around me. She confirmed that I was being healed during my sleep.


The homework of the Evergreen Intuition Tutorial took me soul deep... I felt God within my body and heart-IT minced no words. The words were at once cutting and at the same time profoundly illuminating for my soul.


I have never before experienced such flow of conversation with the Divine. I could almost write a book with the abundance of valuable material IT is giving me… so very beautiful and profound, complete in thought and wisdom, yet very grounded as to what I am to do.


I was given very concrete steps to take. I was shown how these guidelines fit within a universal context. They wrap around my individual issues and universally speak into other people’s experiences about the same issues as well. The answers were so replete with wisdom. My gratitude to the Blessed Mother and to you, Kim, is eternal. Thank you very much.

Priscilla Mae Wheeler, Life Balance Specialist

Florida, USA

After participating in the Evergreen Blossom Free Trial, I was guided to do the free video everyday until the first Evergreen Intuition Tutorial class. First initial thing I noticed: things that used to stir up emotions of anger and sadness, I’m now able to address quickly or I see the humor and love within it. A continuous pattern showed up where I was feeling sadness, despair. After I did the Evergreen Blossom Prayer, which I was guided to follow up with inner work and journaling, I was feeling peace, joy, and love within 5-7 mins. Woke up the next morning with this burning fire of Love, Joy and Excitement, with a SOLID, unshakable knowing of Unconditional LOVE within my heart.

I was deeply inspired by a recent testimonial (in an Evergreen Blossom Tutorial) of singing to the Creator. I used to sing and dance with the Creator in my room. I had not done this in quite some time and tried it this week. I also sang to Blessed Mother Mary, all of the Celestial Hosts, Guides, Masters and Teachers. It quickly turned into a karaoke/dance party in my living room. I was laughing, crying, fully rejoiced in One Love. Energetically the last two days my Caudate Nucleus and chakras within my hands have been more active, almost back to full capacity since recent injuries. Was even inspired to paint for the first time in 4 years.


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