Guanyin Core Healing

In 2006, Guan Yin Ma introduced a new healing modality through Katherine "Kim" Lopa. Kim named it "Guanyin Core Light Healing," in honor of the Bodhisattva of compassion and mercy.


Guanyin Core Light Healing (GCLH) is facilitated by a human intern, who is the channel for an intergalactic healthcare team of non-physical physicians, surgeons, angels, saints, and ascended masters (called Intergalactic Healers), descend from above to perform healing on a group of clients.


The intern opens a channel for the Intergalactic Healers to come, but the intern does not control the healing session. Hence, a human intern cannot make any promises or guarantees. Human interns are instructed to step aside and make way for the Intergalactic Healers to do their work undisturbed.



The Intergalactic Healers hear your prayers and govern themselves accordingly, so you may request them to heal and shift you in all levels (physical, mental, emotional, psychological). Your request gives them permission to do so. 


Request only what you can handle and take responsibility for.  For example, if you want rapid healing, make sure you can handle rapid detoxification also.  Rapid healing is usually accompanied by rapid detoxification. Rapid detoxification feels insufferably worst than the physical illness itself, and can bring about a healing crisis.  Thus, out of divine mercy, many Guanyin Core Light Healings are not instantaneous healing miracles, to allow the physical body time to detoxify with ease and minimal discomfort.


Several Guanyin Core Light Healings may be needed for the body to heal at a gradual and comfortable pace.

Rest for 24 Hours


The next 24 hours after a Guanyin Core Light Healing is a sensitive period. You may feel lethargic but not incapacitated, or you may feel joyful, energized and invigorated. Whatever the case, it is recommended that you keep things low-key for the next 24 hours and get some rest. 


Stay in stress-free surroundings and pamper yourself for the next 24 hours, e.g., take a relaxing aromatherapy bath at home, read an inspirational book, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest.

Don't push yourself for the next 24 hours. Doing so might only retard your healing.


If you are unable to be in peaceful, stress-free surroundings for the next 24 hours after the healing session, please ask your intergalactic healthcare team to take that into consideration so that they can make adjustments.

Stay In a Relaxing, Safe Space


After Guanyin Core Light Healing, your energy field will be re-organizing, re-integrating, and incorporating energies from your environment. So any vibrations you expose yourself to during this sensitive period will be incorporated into you. 


If you choose to be in a toxic environment, or around toxic people for the next 24 hours, that toxicity will be incorporated into you. 


Hence, we recommend being selective about your environment and the people you're with for the next 24 hours. For example, don't watch violent TV shows or horror movies. Preferably, be alone or limit your visitors, and choose your company wisely.


Driving A Vehicle


If you'd like to receive heavy-duty, deep Guanyin Core Light Healing, then we do not recommend that you drive a vehicle afterwards. Ask someone else to drive for you, or attend an online Guanyin Core Light Healing in the privacy of your home so you won't have to drive.


If you have no other option but to drive home by yourself, then request the Intergalactic Healers for the "time release option," and specify what time you would like the heavy-duty healing to take place later in the day. This gives your intergalactic healthcare team permission to perform a light healing on you until you get home, and continue the heavy-duty healing later, e.g., at bedtime.

Putting the Prosperity Buddha Back Into the Exchange 


In the spirit of mutual sharing and Prosperous Circulation, we gratefully accept Gratitude Donations or "Love Offerings" for the spiritual service we bestow.

If a spiritual service has contributed good fortune to you or your loved ones-in the form of a healing phenomenon, or cost savings, or profitability, or auspicious opportunities, for example-please consider offering ongoing Gratitude Donations to the ministers and healers who acted as tributaries of your good fortune. Doing so fertilizes the seeds of good fortune that they sow in you, and keeps your prosperity flowing.

Healthcare Advisory


Guanyin Core Light Healing is subtle but pure and highly potent. It may trigger peak spiritual experiences such as divine revelations, earth-shaking epiphanies, or miraculous healing. These are symptoms of spiritual awakening that must be balanced with proper education, grounding, and counseling. Consult a spiritual counselor, church pastor, or mental health counselor to help you balance and understand your spiritual experiences. See a medical professional for your physical healthcare needs.