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Caudate Nucleus


Part and parcel of any Lily Activation is the activation and energizing of the Caudate Nucleus (CN), an anatomical part of the brain partially responsible for learning and memory. When the CN is activated by a Lily Activation, it becomes capable of numerous paranormal feats, e.g., telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, bilocation, telekinesis, remote viewing, zapping biologicals (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites), transmuting toxins, neutralizing harmful EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies), mind-reading, etc.  An activated Caudate Nucleus can be very powerful, so treat it as you would a loaded gun-with respect.

Very little is known about the esoteric, supernatural abilities of the Caudate Nucleus (CN). Only one book explores the paranormal side of the CN, and it's out of print: "Through the Curtain" by Viola Petit Neil, PhD, and Shafica Karagulla, MD. Below are excerpts from the book.

Excerpts on the Caudate Nucleus from "Through the Curtain"

Fig. 1: Alta Major & Ajna

The lecturer explained that it should be in the caudate nucleus area that pranic energy should be changed into electrical energy to flow along the nervous system. In average man, at present, it is the carotid bodies that are associated with the alta major center (Fig. 1) and this change takes place largely in the carotid body rather than in the caudate nucleus. In more evolved man this change over takes place almost entirely in the caudate nucleus. Eventually, the alta major center will entirely express outwardly through the caudate nucleus instead of the carotid bodies. In Atlantis, the alta major center was used for purposes of magic and there was great misuse of pranic energy and disturbance of the physical body. (Pg. 149-150)

*  *  *

The caudate nucleus deals with the head anteannae–millions of antennae which in the future will deal with the ability of all the extrasensory perception abilities, such as the ability to see events at a distance and the ability for telepathic contact. The sending and receiving station for telepathic contact is located in the caudate nucleus. This caudate nucleus is the mechanism that would be activated and used as the race develops. Some people have a certain amount of development. The ability to read the planetary records (Akashic) has something to do with certain antennae activated in the caudate nucleus. This is the physical mechanism used by the interplay of the top head center and the Kundalini center (base of the spine or root center), with its outer focus in the ajna center (Fig. 1). This would be the physical mechanism for handling this ability from the etheric to the physical. This physical mechanism is the caudate nucleus. The ventricles of the brain act as a screen (like a screen for moving pictures). 


SK: Could you describe the caudate nucleus as you saw it in thought form presented in class?


VPN: This thought form was about three feet long and about two to three feet deep, depending upon which part of it, it was. The teacher projected it in midair but did not discuss it completely because there were a lot of things which were interesting in that large projection. There were innumerable lines like the radiation of the sun. There were different centers for higher sense perception (HSP of ESP).There were very fine lines, thousands of them, and the caudate nucleus is like a miniature brain for higher stages of development. The centers for higher sense perception were located in different points in this caudate nucleus and the antennae for these were focused at a point. There were certain foci which were pointed out in it that had to do with each higher sense development. In most people the circuits in the caudate nucleus are not connected. This is the best way to describe it. When the esoteric teaching talked about Antaskarana, or the bridge in the brain, it was really referring to the connecting of the caudate nucleus with the rest of the brain-at least the connecting of these antennae circuits. Each circuit has a sending and a receiving station. With some people, certain circuits are connected. For example, in those who have telepathic ability, the circuit is connected with higher hearing. In those who can see at a distance or can see the Akashic planetary records, the center is connected with the region of seeing in the brain. 


In many cases there are several of these centers already connected in a given human being. For example, those who can hear telepathically, not with their ears but telepathically, and also can see, have the hearing and seeing senses connected. The higher sense of smell is connected in some people. If this is connected, these persons find the word nostalgic has a very powerful meaning to them. The teacher did not explain this. At times, instead of tuning in on the pictures or information they tune in on the feeling tone of something. This, curiously, has to do with the sense of smell, which is odd, but he did not explain. The Antaskarana is built by the student, first, in the etheric brain and then in the physical brain and the caudate nucleus. Naturally, there is a circulation and nerve connection, but the actual use of this caudate nucleus is not known yet and has not been experienced except very slightly by some people who are students, who have gone ahead with their own development. In summary, it was stated that more will be found out about the lymphatic system, the caudate nucleus and the carotid bodies and their relationships. They have a chemical relationship which deals with the development and use of the caudate nucleus. Often students who experience a certain amount of this adjustment of the physical vehicle in the caudate nucleus area have tachycardia (rapid heart beat) of the type that is produced by a little imbalance in the carotid bodies which disturbs the function of  the heart, but it is not a pathological condition. This is due simply to the adjustment that is required for a careful chemical adjustment of the physical body, especially the digestive tract where all toxic conditions begin. In some overloading of the digestive system, he said, that certain foods contain those products which are most suited to the physical vehicle and others are not because of the hereditary makeup of the physical body. (Pg 86-89)


*  *  *

The Plutonians used a frequency band which affected the physical brains and astral bodies of earth humanity in such a way as to inhibit and delay their growth and development.  We may call it the first great "brainwashing."  Brainwashing is exclusively a Plutonian invention. 


The frequencies used by the Plutonians had little or no effect on Martians and Venusians. But earth humanity has been bewildered and confused and has been in the wilderness ever since.  The time is close at hand when . . . the "spell will be lifted."  The Plutonians use a first ray energy and the antidote is first ray energy wielded by the Christ on this planet.  Earth humanity will begin to make up for its long sleep in matter.  Venusians and Martians will give knowledge and assistance which can be quickly received and assimilated by earth humanity.


Plutonians, instead of achieving individual soul development and immortal self-consciousness, developed a very strong, powerful race group soul on the concrete mental plane.  Each individual is like a finger of this monster race group soul, which because of its very nature, is very powerful, integrated, one-pointed and one-purposed for long ages of time; to all intents and purposes it is immortal.  This is why the highly intelligent Plutonians have a feeling of being invincible and immortal, an attitude which impresses and awes ordinary earth humanity. They [Plutonians] consider earth humanity sturdier stock and more useful slaves.


The caudate nucleus in the brain of earth humanity was inhibited in its growth and function by the frequencies Plutonians used. This had a direct connection with the thymus gland which has a direct relationship with the heart center. So both the intellectual development of man and his love aspect were inhibited. Therefore, both the caudate nucleus and the thymus, which have a direct connection together, were inhibited. Humanity will begin to use the ability latent in the caudate nucleus. This development will bring energy into the heart center of humanity to bring about the development of wisdom and compassion along with a telepathic ability to contact the world of knowledge. The caudate nucleus is a latent radar system which will make possible very amazing direct contact with knowledge and the environment of man. The band of frequency which was directed by the Plutonians to humanity at the time of the Fifth Sub-race of Atlantis inhibited this development in earth humanity and largely directed their motivation toward the material things and sex. It did not have this effect on the Martian and Venusian groups as far as motivation and direction goes, but it has prevented their use of the caudate and thymus because there was no response from earth humanity. [Comments by KL: To use an analogy, the caudate nucleus can be likened to a wireless telephone. The caudate nucleus "telephones" of earth humanity were disconnected by the Plutonian frequencies. Hence, concerned Martians and Venusians, whose caudate nucleus "telephones" are still working, cannot contact Earthlings and assist humanity because most of humanity's caudate nucleus "telephones" are not working.] 


Today, Venusians and Martians are under a strenuous impact of energies to prepare them [Earthlings] also for a change on the planet and in the development of earth humanity. Those members of the human kingdom who remain in incarnation after the upheaval incidental to the removing of the Plutonians will very quickly begin to develop those faculties latent in and symbolized by the caudate nucleus and thymus. This is really a polarity established between the heart and top head center. The Plutonian polarity is between the base of the spine and the alta major center. In passing, the pineal gland is the activator of the caudate nucleus, but this function has been latent and dormant. (Pg. 237-238)

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