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Miracle of the White Rose

Mama Mary's White Rose & the Power of Alchemy

By Dr. Christina Fabella, MD

This is my magical experience with Mother Mary's gift of the White Rose and the Power of Alchemy.


This week, my resident-trainee had a walk-in service (charity) admission at the hospital, in labor, who neither had prenatal care nor vitamin supplements for this pregnancy. Her baby was dead in the womb, she was having severe fluctuations in blood pressure, and was extremely anemic with a dangerously low hemoglobin level of 4.9 (the average for females is 12), for which blood transfusion was immediately started. 

This patient had all the ingredients for all possible complications any woman may develop during labor, delivery, and even onto the immediate post-delivery period, the embodiment of everything an obstetrician would pray she will never encounter in her whole obstetrical practice. Such patients may have a deranged blood clotting mechanism, and could exsanguinate or bleed to death during childbirth. 


True enough, after the dead baby had been delivered, blood just kept gushing out like from a broken faucet; literally, blood being transfused was just passing through her -- blood in, blood out. The resident then decided to remove the uterus. After the hysterectomy, there were still uncontrollable bleeders all over the surgical field. 

That was when I got the desperate SOS call at 4:30 in the morning. The resident's voice was shaking. I told her to also call the consultant who could get there the fastest. My reflex reaction was to jump up and go as we doctors have been programmed for years on how to react in emergency situations, but then something would pull me back, prompting me to do something else instead. But my rational mind would say, "Hurry up, you've got no time to lose! Every minute that passes is a lot of blood lost! Get up and run to the hospital now!" But wait, I needed to say the powerful Hiyang Filipino mantra/prayer to stop profuse bleeding taught to us by Ate Jo (which I haven't yet stored in my memory bank). I was shifting back-and-forth between adrenaline mode and calm mode, not realizing that I was not only losing precious time but also losing control of the situation. Finally, I decided to center myself and recited the powerful Hiyang Filipino prayer for bleeding patients.

While driving to the hospital, I invoked the Fire of Isis to disintegrate any accumulating fear, anxiety, and the tension brought about by the whole situation. Then I was unusually calm. In addition, I held the White Rose close to my chest, and then waving it like a magical wand in my hand, used its power of alchemy to zap the bleeding blood vessels with "ethereal wax" to seal them. 


When I got to the operating room, another consultant has scrubbed in. I looked at the patient, prostrate on the operating table. She was paper-white and hooked to several intravenous lines, one of which was to the last available bag of blood transfusion, already empty. Blood in, blood out. She definitely needed lots more blood. Unfortunately, I was informed that the blood bank has run out! Right then and there, I desperately made a bargain with God, "Dear God, if it is Your Will that this patient were to die young, please, not in this operating table, and not under our care."  And pleaded to Mama Mary, "Please, if she was to die young, not during childbirth!" 


But without the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, her heart could fail, she could go into irreversible coma, her kidneys could shut down, could have multiple-organ failure, and eventually die. But in a low-resource government hospital where the blood bank perennially runs out after serving a multitude of bleeding and trauma patients, operative patients, dengue patients, what's new? I've seen this scenario several times before, and it was always up to the doctors to perform miracles to let patients survive. It was time to do some miracle...


During our activation of Mama Mary's White Rose and the Power of Alchemy through Kim Lopa in our outing with Lilies in Lucban (see footnote), I was shown white glowing etheric fluid with small round "corpuscles" flowing through all the veins of my body up to the smallest capillaries in my toes, like I was undergoing an "exchange transfusion". I was made a conduit of this fluid flowing from Mama Mary's heavenly garden and grounding me to earth. During the post-meditation sharing I hadn't the least idea what it meant. It was only at the operating room, with this patient, when I realized how I may use the power of the White Rose. 


I decided that I was going to perform "etheric transfusion" on this patient. 


Discretely holding the White Rose with one hand close to my chest while assuming Mama Mary's hand pose with the other, I touched the patient's fingertips with mine and passed onto her the "etheric blood" flowing from the Divine through me, imagining it actively flowing to her system, preventing circulatory collapse, providing enough volume to sustain her, giving her the oxygen to survive, and more. Meanwhile, the surgical team placed an intra-abdominal pack to compress the bleeders, to be removed the following day. They were busy doing their physical surgery, while I was busy with mine. This "etheric transfusion" transpired in only less than a minute.


The following day, I was expecting to hear updates from the resident of a moribund, intubated patient sustained artificially by a respirator. Instead, the resident said she was conscious, eating, and smiling! The pack was also removed the following day. I asked the resident if the abdominal pack was blood-soaked upon removal. She said, actually it was soaked, yes, but not with red blood, but with a whitish fluid! 


At present she is okay. Despite being clinically severely anemic still, she is the most actively normal paper-white-looking, post near-miss / near-death patient, who did not have to go through intensive care post-operatively. But she is still queued for additional blood transfusion. According to medical knowledge, severe clinical pallor equals severe anemia, warranting blood transfusion -- the pathetic mindset borne out of years of learning 3rd dimensional medicine. Little do they know that human blood is the least that she needs right now; that the "blood" currently running through her veins cannot be purchased from any blood bank, the hemodynamic fluid that is sustaining her is from Divine Alchemy, giving her much more than any human blood can provide. She may have lost a fetus in the womb, but she has gained "new blood" and has just been through a miracle.


I had to journal this experience because the beauty of this story is so hard to contain. This is a wonderful example showing us that where 3rd dimensional (physical) healing meets a dead-end, 5th dimension healing takes over.


The author, Dr. Christina Fabella, MD, is a Lily who received her Iridescent Lily Activation through Lily Activator, Rev. Katherine "Kim" Lopa. The Sacred Alchemy of Mary Mediatrix of Grace is now standard issue in the Platinum, Iridescent, and all Diamond Lily Activations.

Sacred Alchemy: the Miracle of Transforming Old to Gold

When any kind of miracle happens, the hidden mechanism behind it is the precise application of these five pillars of Sacred Alchemy-Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  Through command of the energies of these 5 elements, one becomes a siddha, a supernatural saint. One can transform illness, sorrow, pain, and even transmute physical matter, through the synergy of these 5 elemental forces.

When one masters the 5 elements of Alchemy, one can transform "old" to "gold" through supranormal means.  Sacred Alchemy is not about turning base metals into gold bars, as fiction would have you believe. It's not "miracles on demand" either. The power to do miracles rests upon God's discretion, not the alchemist's. So miracles-on-demand are not subject to negotiation with the alchemist.

Sacred Alchemy is used in the energy healing modalities below when needed.

Transform Old to Gold Through Our Sacred Alchemy Healing Suite
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