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Over the course of 10+ years, we studied hundreds of clients to figure out why some gained more from a Lily Activation than others. Studies revealed that top gainers exhibited certain traits BEFORE their Lily Activation which enabled them to reap huge gains. We mention their TOP 5 Best Practices here to help you maximize results of a Lily Activation.

Are you strong on the TOP 5?


Clients with healthy egos gained more from a Lily Activation than those with inflated or damaged egos. Clients with healthy egos had a robust regard for self that was neither inflated nor deflated. A healthy ego exhibits the transparent attitude that “I am good and I am worthy.” The inflated ego harbors the pretentious belief that “I am above others” or "I am entitled." The deflated ego harbors the secret belief that “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy."


Clients who were free of deceit towards themselves and others gained more from a Lily Activation. The top gainers didn't lie to themselves about their self-worth and didn't hide their healthy ego from others.


Virtue is defined as neither a deficiency nor excess of a good trait, e.g., possessing neither a deficiency nor excess of honesty.  The more virtues a client personifies and embodies, the more gains a client receives from a Lily Activation.


Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided; marked by consistency of character, obedience to ethics, and personification of virtues. Top gainers of a Lily Activation had strong integrity compared to those who arbitrarily practiced ethics and virtues. See The True Meaning of Integrity.


Top gainers were willing and ready to forgive themselves and others, set things right by way of atonement, and let go of resentment and knots that bind offender and offended to each other.  Rather than trivialize or excuse the harm they caused others, they exhibited a readiness to atone for their wrongdoing or, as the case may be, a willingness to accept atonement from others.  Forgiveness and atonement were used to untie / let go of the knots that bound offender and offended to each other. Hence, no one was held prisoner afterwards.  And they brought this liberation with them to their Lily Activation.  (See Forgiveness Cured Cancer)

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Preparation Tips to Maximize Results of a Lily Activation

Here are some preparations you can make to maximize results of a Lily Activation:

  1. Observe the TOP 5 Best Practices tips that have brought huge gains for our best-performing clients.

  2. Get sufficient sleep the day before a Lily Activation so that you are not tired, unfocused, sleepy or lethargic during the live session.

  3. Wear loose, comfortable, respectable clothing.  A Lily Activation is your sacred time with the Creator so dress reverently for it.  We recommend wearing white.

  4. Have a light snack to munch on during break times so that you do not become weak from hunger.  We do not advice combining protein and carbohydrates (e.g., steak and potatoes or rice) as this combination tends to make you sleepy or lethargic afterwards.  Protein and vegetables would be a better food combination.  Foods rich in magnesium are also recommended.

  5. Bring a bottle or pitcher of drinking water to keep you hydrated.  Label the bottle or pitcher with your name so that no one else drinks the water.  The water will be blessed with sacred energies and healing properties that are uniquely for you, thus, others will not react favorably to your water should they drink it.

  6. FORGIVE.  Forgiving yourself and others will make the purification you undergo in a Lily Activation much smoother and faster.  Forgiveness means LETTING GO of all grudges, resentments, misgivings and knots you may have towards others. See Forgiveness Cured Cancer.

  7. In some weddings, have you noticed the bride and groom give a speech professing their love and commitments to each other?  We're not going to ask you to give a speech in your Lily Activation, but it would be a nice touch to write a short love note professing your TLC (True Love Commitments) to your Beloved Creator.  You get more mileage when you tug the Creator's heart strings.  Wondering what to write?  Get inspiration and ideas from your homework or Lily Workbook.  Bring your love note to the Lily Activation to be blessed.



“The God in Me bows to the God in You”