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patterns that help you maximize results of a lily activation

Over the course of 10+ years, we studied hundreds of clients to understand why some gained more from a Lily Activation than others. We observed that the top gainers exhibited certain patterns BEFORE their Lily Activation, which enabled them to reap huge gains. We mention their TOP 5 Best Practices below to help you get the best results from a Lily Activation.


Healthy Ego

People with healthy egos are able to gain more from a Lily Activation than those with inflated or deflated egos. Healthy egos have a robust regard for self that is neither inflated nor deflated.

Example of inflated ego: "I am above others" or "I am entitled." Example of deflated ego: "I am not good enough" or "I am not worthy." Example of healthy ego: "I am good and I am worthy."


Personification of Virtues

Virtue is defined as neither a deficiency or excess of a good trait. The more virtues an individual personifies, the higher his Light Quotient and luminosity. 


Light Quotient is the product of virtues over non-virtues.  People with higher Light Quotient, as a result of embodying more virtues, are able to gain more from a Lily Activation than those with lower Light Quotient.



People who are free of deceit are able to gain more from a Lily Activation than those who harbor some deceit. Top gainers didn't lie to themselves. Neither did they conceal their healthy ego from others.



Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. Traits of an integrous person: consistency of good character, obedience to ethics, and personification of virtues.  People who are highly integrous are able to gain more from a Lily Activation than those with low integrity. Read True Meaning of Integrity for more info.


Forgiveness and Letting Go

A major road block that can surface in a Lily Activation is the inability of a prospect to forgive and let go. The ideal applicant must be ready to forgive the unforgiveable so that the Lily Activation can consummate successfully.


By "forgive" we mean forgive and let go of all resentment, pardon all transgressions committed by you or against you, and surrender all trigger-happy feelings of guilt, hostility, blame, shame, anger, fear, avoidance, etc.) so that you can be forgiven by a just and merciful God.


These are some of the signs that one has indeed forgiven and let go:

➊ The wrongdoer or abuser can no longer trigger you.

➋ You have a "past", but the past no longer has a grip on you.

➌ You are grateful for painful past experiences rather than regretful or resentful.

Top gainers were willing and ready to forgive themselves and others. If they commit a wrongdoing, they readily atone and set things right.  

Rather than excuse their wrongdoing, they exhibit a readiness to atone and a willingness to accept atonement from others.  

Rather than trivialize the harm they cause to others, they untie the knots that bind offender and offendee, through the ways of mercy and atonement. Hence, no one is held hostage, and they bring this liberation with them to their Lily Activation 

Read The Miracle of Forgiveness.

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