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Corona Virus

If you haven't watched this video yet, I encourage you to watch it. It's less than 2 mins. long.

If you connect the dots between this video and Covid-19, you will understand why I say Covid-19 is en evolutionary catalyst designed to raise the self-awareness of humanity to a higher level of consciousness (homo luminous). Those who make the leap to a higher consciousness (or super-consciousness) will develop an immune system that is resistant to illness and plagues. Those who do not make the leap will perish by way of illness, famine, war, etc. Since Lilies already have super-conscious minds, I'm not too worried about them catching Covid, as long as they remain aligned with their Spirit/Higher Self/Source. This means a Lily who, for example, cons or steals can succumb to Covid despite having a super-conscious mind, for he has lowered his consciousness to that of a varmint, thereby, compromising the integrity of his immune system. Covid-19 is an evolutionary catalyst meant to raise consciousness of humanity to a greater awareness of his spiritual being-ness. And Covid-19 is accomplishing just that. It is making people more spiritually aware. Those who resist the leap of consciousness that Covid-19 facilitates will go the way of the dinosaurs. They will become irrelevant, and eventually extinct. Covid-19 will not be the last evolutionary catalyst. More will come until 2023, the year the Tribulation ends. This is how Evolution will improve the human race.



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