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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We all have God-given superpowers-some natural and some supernatural. In one's evolution towards New Heaven New Earth (NHNE), latent supernatural powers can surface "out of nowhere."

When I asked the Powers-that-be above what are the superpowers of man (the species), they replied, "There are as many superpowers as there are people." Hence, to list all the superpowers would be a Herculean feat in itself.

Here's Wikia's list (click on image for details) :

Bear in mind that one's natural, true Home is the Divine World, from whence all of us originally came. To live in that world, one must give up all attachment to power, and surrender all superpowers. Superpowers are not needed in the Divine World.

From an Evolution perspective, a soul must first pass through the lower world of superpowers and graduate before gaining permanent residency in the Divine World. In the lower world of super heroes, you are the superpower. In the Divine World, you COMMAND the superpowers.

All the worlds below the Divine World are schools to refine the Ego through sandpapering. A soul must pass all the tests on Ego before graduating to the Divine World. To pass the tests, a soul must exercise superpowers only upon God's Command, and not just because some people need a miracle, otherwise, you fail and fall. Case in point, Moses failed the final exam when he performed the miracle of extracting water out of a rock because, in the final analysis, he performed the miracle out of ego.

When a soul is done learning his lessons in the world of superpowers, then he can be invited by God to reside with Him in the Divine World as a permanent resident. A condition of accepting God's invitation is the giving up of all superpowers. You can't take the super powers to Heaven.

To enter Heaven, you must be buck NAKED. You cannot take any possessions with you, not even spiritual possessions such as superpowers. In the Divine World, there is no such thing as "mine."

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