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The 3D and 4D Economies

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

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Artificial Intelligence (the 4D economy) is replacing call center employees (the 3D economy). This is no longer a forecast. It's happening now.

Philippines should be concerned, but instead of shivering in their pants, Filipinos should bank on their innate 4D gifts which they don't fully realize and utilize yet, but which come to the forefront when disaster strikes: INTUITION and INNOVATION.

"Intuitive" and "innovative" are premium characteristics of Artificial Intelligence.

Filipinos are highly intuitive and innovative, but they shun their intuition, preferring to relegate it to the realm of faith healing and "arbularyos" or "airy fairy foo foo." They don't see intuition the way Artificial Intelligence sees it: as a bankable, lucrative, investible, marketable, premium asset that benefits the multitude.

If they deny their intuition, then how can Filipinos (and people like them) make their way to a 4D economy characterized by intuitive products and services? As a result of their denial, they will be forced to rely on the "slow way"-using hardship, manual labor and old-fashioned 3D intellect-to maintain antiquation, rather than leap-frog to a digitally-paced, profitable, millennial future that capitalizes on "intuitive."

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Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” "The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition." - Albert Einstein

Intuition is a gift of the Spirit that we are all born with. What separates the herd from creative geniuses like Jobs and Einstein is that, whilst the herd ostracized or exiled the gift, these two creative geniuses valued it, connected with it, used it, and allowed their intuition to do what it does best: guide us towards fulfilling our higher calling and life purpose.

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Integrating 3D and 4D Economies

3D is our 3rd dimensional reality, e.g., physical matter. It is our corporeal reality. Our 3D economy is the product of physical hands, e.g., manufacturing. It is labor-intensive, where things are accomplished step-by-step, supported by "assembly line" infrastructure.

4D is our 4th dimensional reality, e.g., Einstein's space-time. It is our incorporeal, virtual reality. Our 4D economy is the product of the non-physical, intuitive mind, e.g., Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is labor-efficient, where many things happen all at the same time, supported by network infrastructure. Example: #hashtags.

Oneness is about integrating 3D reality with 4D reality, and 3D economy with 4D economy. Here is an example of Oneness in motion that integrates 3D and 4D into a new retail experience which Chinese business conglomerate, Alibaba, calls "New Retail":

Note that "New Retail" was conceived in China, a country that originated the principle of TAO, which is the Oneness (union) of Yin and Yang.

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