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Sadhguru explains Oneness in Google, although he calls it "Inclusiveness"-a term that corporate and hoi polloi can relate to. Two things I noted from his talk:

  1. In India, children are taught that they are one with the cosmos. Thus, a non-intellectual understanding of their Oneness with All-as an IDENTITY-is being developed at an early age. On the other side of the world, Westerners develop their intellect, which slices and dices and then tries to understand Oneness/Inclusiveness/Wholeness from dissected parts, which is like stitching things together with a knife, says Sadhguru. A great majority of Lilies are products of Western thinking, hence, they have a difficult time understanding Oneness/Inclusiveness, moreso living and breathing it. I was once a product of Western thought, which trapped me in dualistic thinking. To overcome my handicap, I studied reality through the eyes of the Hawaiian language, which stitches together seemingly irreconcilable meanings, rather than dissecting things to find meaning. In time, my mind learned to comprehend by connecting the dots and see everything as compatibly integrated, i.e., One, Singularity. Developing Oneness-consciousness (also known as Christ-consciousness) enabled me to know myself to the core without conflict, denial or confusion, to understand how God thinks and feels, to unveil His mysteries, and to fathom His universal laws.

  2. Sadhguru explains 4 dimensions of Mind. He calls the 4th dimension of mind chitta, or pure intelligence without memory, a.k.a. Cosmic Intelligence. He explains in a related post (entitled "The 4 Parts of the Mind" below) that if you have access to chitta, you have access to the source of creation. This is relevant to Lilies, especially Triple Diamond Lilies. There are Lilies who are too young to be forgetful, and yet they are starting to lose memory. They struggle to find words because their recall has slowed down. They start to judge themselves as woefully inarticulate or seemingly stupid. What is actually happening here is that the 4th dimension of their mind is activating. This is the mind of yogis. If this is happening to you, realize that you are progressing spiritually, your consciousness is expanding, and you are advancing intelligently-altho it is not your intelligence you are using now but the Creator's. This "4D" mind is not a chatterbox. Unlike the intellect, it is silent and "thought-less," thus, it can be misunderstood as "empty," a "nothingness" when indeed it is replete with information. 4D intelligence is characterized by a peculiar "knowingness" that cannot be adequately explained, because it intuits truth rather than grasps it. There is a vastness to the 4D mind that the circumscribed intellect cannot comprehend. This 4D mind does not think from memory. Unlike the intellect, the 4D mind does not need recollection to comprehend or create, because the 4D mind is not dictated by the past, nor does it create from the past. It thinks and creates from innocence. Just think how wonderfully refreshing that is! The 4D mind is driven by the present, and pulled by an evolving future that the intellect cannot yet see but which the God-self understands. When your 4D mind is activated, this does not mean you are losing your memory or your intellect. You'll still be able to access your intellect and memory by oscillating to them when you need. In time, you will learn to oscillate rapidly between all 4 dimensions of your mind. Rather than favor one dimension of mind over another, be all "inclusive."

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