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Katherine "Kim" Lopa

Co-founder of The Lily & Beyond


Our products and services are not magic pills, nor quick fixes, nor get-rich-quick schemes. There are no magic pills or quick fixes for mental, emotional and physical problems that developed out of unhealthy habits over a long period. Realistically, it takes time, effort, focus, commitment and follow through to achieve the kind of results you desire. WE DO NOT SERVE AS YOUR GUARANTOR OF RESULTS because we cannot guarantee what you'll do on your side of the deal, but we're here to help you create something that can work for you forever. Individuals are unique so results vary. The testimonials we use do not guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. ​​We offer no guaranties or warranties of any kind. We are not liable for the consequences of your free will choices, decisions, expectations, interpretations, actions, omissions, etc. Our products and services are not substitutes for medical or therapeutic treatment. Please consult qualified professionals in the fields of healthcare, counseling, jurisprudence and finance before acting on any information related to lifestyle change. ​​​These are only partial disclaimers. Please be aware of our Full Disclaimers, Terms & Privacy Policy so that you are fully informed.

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