Results You'll Love

Through a Lily Activation, you are deified and transformed by Divine Source into the proverbial Lily who "... toil not... spin not... Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Luke 12:27)

The return on investment (ROI) is a lifetime of phenomenal returns.

Figure 1

The ROI of a Lily:

Not just inner peace but "the Peace of Immortals," transfused into the Lily 24x7 by Source. Life becomes easy-breezy. Distress is rare and short-lived.

Transform to deity through God's Grace. God is the activating force of a Lily Activation and transforms you from a mere mortal molded by Earth into a luminous being deified by Heaven.

Source activates the super-conscious mind of the Lily for immediate, full-time use.

Source transforms the Lily into a figurative, hi-voltage "transformer"-positioned nearer to Source like an electrical transformer is closer to the power plant.

The activated Lily becomes energy-sensitive and can exhibit supernatural abilities rooted in divinity.

The activated Lily is now able to manifest phenomenally with astonishing speed, power, and ease.

The activated Lily will think he's just cruising but fence-sitters observing him see a Tesla speeding on the Autobahn.

The list goes on and yet, as many Lilies will attest, none of it matters more than this:

Experience Source as a constant, intimate embrace-to remind you where you came from.

​Our testimonials illustrate real and actual results, but that is not a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. ​Individuals are unique so results vary. We offer no guaranties or warranties of any kind. 

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Hi-Voltage Potency

What's It Like?

In an anlogous sense, a Lily is an electromagnetic voltage transformer in that he is empowered to transform people and spaces.

Naturally-evolved humans are analogous to 120v-240v appliances-sometimes they're plugged in to Source (God) and sometimes they're not. They are more like power consumers than power transformers.

A Lily, on the other hand, is energetically "wired" to be a "high-voltage transformer" (Figure 1):

  1. He is closer to Divine Source like a voltage transformer is closer to the power plant than a 120v-240v appliance.

  2. He is configured to safely carry mega-volts of divine power (potency).

  3. He is used by Source to step down extra high voltage signals and provide a low voltage signal to others less endowed.

  4. He is used by Source for transmission and distribution of step-down divine currents.

Role of Transformers on Planet Earth

According to former CIA director James Woolsey, "An electric grid without transformers is like a human being without a heart. It doesn't work." 


A Lily is a high-voltage transformer powering up the Christ-consciousness grid surrounding the earth. As such, they make important contributions to planetary consciousness and evolution:

  • The power distribution grid of Christ depends on Lily Transformers. 

  • Lily Transformers convert the Christ's voltage (in the tens or hundreds of thousands of volts range) for long distance transmission on the planetary Christ grid.

  • Lily Transformers step transmission voltages (in the tens or hundreds of thousands of volts range) down to distribution voltages (typically less than 10,000 volts), and further down to 110-240 volts for human and household consumption.


(Reference: How Power Grid Works)