Subscription Plan

Paying for a series of programs in one lump sum may be a hefty investment for some. Hence, we offer subscription plans billed to your credit card so you can pay in weekly or monthly installments instead of lump sum. Its easier on your cash flow.

PRO: a subscription plan is easier on the budget when cash flow is tight.

CON: there are additional fees charged by creditors for extending recurring credit to you: (1) a one-time fee of $15, which is added to your 1st payment at checkout, and (2) a small transaction fee (approx 5 - 6%) added to your installment payments.

If a subscription plan is the budget-friendly alternative for you:


STEP 1: head over to our Gift Store to purchase the subscription plan that fits your budget.

STEP 2: when you book your appointment, you can pay with just your email address (see Figure 1).

STEP 3: at the booking confirmation page, register for an account so you can (1) recover from a failed charge, or (2) change your credit card info before it expires (see Figure 3).

Fig. 1: pay with just your email address or certificate code.


For Example


Let's say the admission ticket price of a 6-week event is $45 per week. When you enroll in a weekly subscription plan, you will first be charged $45 admission price + $2.70 transaction fee + $15 one-time setup fee (total: $62.70). This will be followed by weekly charges of $47.70. You pay weekly (or monthly if your credit card allows) instead of lump sum, so it's easier on your cash flow.

  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY SCHEDULE: a $15 one-time fee + $47.70 automatically billed weekly to your credit card or Paypal.

  • CONVENIENT: you can book your appointments and pay with just your email address or certificate code (see Figure 1).

  • LIMITS & EXCLUSIONS: Non-refundable. Unused balance cannot be redeemed for other products and services.

If your credit card billing cycle is 21 days, then in your next billing cycle, you may be billed:

$62.70 on week 1

$47.70 on week 2

$47.70 on week 3

In a subsequent billing cycle, your credit card may bill you:

$47.70 on week 4

$47.70 on week 5

$47.70 on week 6


IMPORTANT: Register for an Account to Secure Your Credit Card Info


In the Appointment Confirmation page of your Client Scheduling Page, click on Register for an Account (see example in Figure 2).

Fig. 2: example of an Appointment Confirmation page with a button to Register for an Account on a subscription plan.

It is highly recommended that you Register for an Account. This puts your credit card info in a vault, away from prying eyes. It's an added security layer for your protection. We will not be able to see or access your credit card info, which means we won't be able to help you in case of a Failed Charge, but you will be able to help yourself if you click here to learn how.

Having your own account will allow you to:

  • Access your credit card info later and make changes.

  • Bypass any forms you’ve already filled out when scheduling future appointments.

  • View all upcoming and past appointments that have been scheduled while logged into your account.

  • See any active Certificate Codes on your account, as well as what they can be used for.

  • Reschedule or cancel existing appointments.

If you've already scheduled an appointment, then another way for you to create an account is to click on the "Change/Cancel Appointment" link within the schedule confirmation email. This link will direct you to your appointment confirmation page where a "Register for an Account" button will be.

Failed Charges


Since we do not have access to your credit card account, we won't be able to help you in case of a Failed Charge, but here's what you can do to help yourself:

When a charge fails the subscription will be canceled and you will receive a Subscription Cancelled email with the reason for the failure. You can then go to the subscription management page to update your credit card and reactivate your subscription (see Figure 3).

Any owed payment on the subscription will be charged within about an hour of the subscription reactivation. As confirmation, a Subscription Paid email will be sent to you.

How You Can Update or Change Your Credit Card Info on a Subscription

You can log into your client account on the Client's Scheduling Page, click on the subscription (Figure 3), then click change next to the current credit card on file (Figure 3) to change the credit card on your subscription. Click Update Card Info to save this information!



Fig. 3: How to update or change your credit card information on a subscription plan.