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Are You Getting the Results You Want?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

If not, a reframing of Karma might help.

I would like to de-mistify Karma for you, strip it of its moralistic human interpretations, and present it in a scientific context so you can use Karma to your advantage to create the results you desire--CONSISTENTLY.

Karma can be illustrated this simply:

If you want to create water, you must combine 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. There is no other way.

If you try to combine 2 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms, you will get a different result but it won't be water.

Karma is your guarantee that whenever you combine 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, the result will be water repeatedly, consistently, reliably, dependably, forever and ever.

(Credits to Annie Besant for this explanation)


This is the inviolable Karmic Law that is universal, objective, and scientific. There is no human moral judgement in it. No punishment. Just results.

The interpretation of Karma as a moral precept or spiritual debt/indebtedness is not universal, because morality (moral good) is cultural, regional, and relative to an era or age group.

But an objective, universal understanding of Karma can help you create the energetic results and/or material "good" you desire.

Use the Law of Karma to help you get results faster.

By working with the law, not against it.

For example...

Without the energy of Commitment, your immaterial dreams will never materialize. If you want to materialize a particular result, Commitment (Earth element) is an essential ingredient in the alchemical formula.

If you desire to materialize a soul-purpose-driven business that is prosperous, and you combine:

dreams (Air) + desire/passion/love (Fire) + networking (Water)

minus commitment (Earth)

you will get immaterial or transient results, but not the materialization of your desire (which in this example is a prosperous business).

Your results will not have staying power because you omitted the Earth element (Commitment) in your alchemical formula.

If you add Commitment (Earth element) to the formula, then you can physically manifest a prosperous business with staying power. (*see footnote)

Earth is the element with staying power. Take a look at any mountain. How long has that mountain been around? That's staying power.

So to build the life you dream of, use Karma and the 5 elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit) to your advantage.

Not to your detriment.

That's what the Universe means by "Create Good Karma."



* This is an oversimplified example. Due to time and space limits, I purposely did not elaborate on other essential Earth ingredients of a business such as bank account, incorporation papers, investors, lawyers, accountants, etc.

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