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Enlightenment is the result of having transcended many levels of consciousness (see "Map of Consciousness" by Dr. David R. Hawkins below).

Transcendence is the natural evolution upwards towards Enlightenment-the word we give to Union with the Supreme Light. The ability to close the gap between self and Enlightenment-or Supreme Light- enl Enlightenment, Supreme Light persists as an innate urge, potential, and holy longing in everyone. The upward advancement is really as simple as removing the inner blocks to transcendence, and allowing what is natural to unfold from within and come forth. Simple as this may sound, it is not so simple for many people, for they have forgotten how to be natural and true to nature, hence, the need for instructions from a guru or spiritual Master Teacher.

Just the mere exposure to the presence of a spiritual Master Teacher, or his/her instructions, can quicken and raise one's level of consciousness a few notches, by virtue of the power of Divine Grace that emanates from the Master Teacher.

The guru, if he is a true Way Shower, assists by showing the student the way back to his Inner Teacher, the Instructor-superconsciousness. After the student has met his Inner Teacher, the guru must necessarily step out of the picture and allow the student's Inner Teacher to take over. If the guru does not step aside, then he retards the student's progress as well as his own. Such a guru is not a true teacher but a false messiah, a "Dr. Jekyll and Master Hyde" in the business of collecting souls versus showing them the way Home.

For instructions on transcending the levels of consciousness, the book, "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness" by Dr. David R. Hawkins is an acclaimed resource and practical guide.

If instructions from a guru or Master Teacher is the stairway to the top floor called Enlightenment, then the Sacred Lily Activation is the elevator lift.

QUICK TIP: Chanting "Om Namaha Shivaya" mantra, or listening to the music-version, can temporarily raise your Level of Consciousness (LOC) to 740, according to Dr. David Hawkins. 740 is the LOC of enlightened masters.

(Music: "Om Namaha Shivaya" by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song)

It must be noted that mantras and mudras are simply tools. Just because you hear the elevator music, which uplifts you, that doesn't mean you are an Enlightened Master living on the 740th floor of God's high rise mansion. Tools do not replace the instructions of a Master Teacher, or guru, or your own Inner Teacher.

Elevator music, as well as prayers, mantras and mudras, can give you a peak experience of enlightened states of consciousness, but not an attainment of it. Attainment takes commitment, effort, motivation, follow through, accumulation of merits, self-mastery and Divine Grace.

An Enlightened Master discards the tools, e.g., rituals, mantras, mudras or elevator music, for he no longer needs them. At the level of enlightened spiritual mastery, tools only inhibit progress.


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